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Sunday, July 13, 2008

High Speed Internet

I am so bored and just chat with my old friend who own a site where we can watch tv for free! I try to watch ESPN, AXN, Halmark, Nickleodeon, Animal Planet from internet for free but my connection is not so smooth. It keeps on buffering. I guess I need Charter internet to get a high speed internet with only as fast as up to 5Mbps for only 14.99/month. I have to sign up soon because this limited offer will be expired on July 31. You see, they have so much to offer including 30 days-risk free trials and a $25 Shell Gas Gift card when an order is purchased online from this page.
My hubby will be very happy to be able to see his favorite tv program for free now.. hahaha

Sponsored by Charter

My computer will fly soon...

My hubby has sacrificed his sleep time for me, he fixed my PC until 3 AM and have to wake up at 5.30 AM to go to work to Jakarta... PC make a very loud sound, as if it will take off soon and fly.... hehehe.. Just before hubby left home, he told me how to continue the back up restore and so on...and so on.. and thanks to him, I still can blog now with a new system, I think, new hardisc as well... but........... the sound still loud as far as I'm concern! I can't differentiate anymore, which one is normal sound and which one is loud... *doh* I have to wait for 2 days until my hubby gets home to check this out.

Anyway, I got a new compact flash for my camera. I love taking so many pictures during holidays or weekends. Now I have spare space... yay!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Help but Waste?

Sometimes it's annoying to have someone who try to sell insurances. Not because the insurance is not important but my family is already covered by cheap term life insurance. I think the insurance agents should try to find someone who has no insurance yet and leave us alone. However, I often (several times) have to buy the insurance because those agents begged ask my hubby to help them...aaargggh.. some friends of mine has offered me too but I always can refuse them softly, because I really have been covered. Why should we buy several insurances? I think those are expenses, not investment. If we need to invest our money, don't invest it in insurances... what do you think?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Johann Strauss Serial Movie...

I've been searching and browsing about Johann Strauss Biography Movie today. When I was a kid, this serial was on TV and my parents loved to watch it. My dad even made a record on the betamax video tape. I was too young to watch until late at night that day, so I watched the series from the recorded tape instead.

Now, Clay is learning to play Blue Danube on the piano, that makes me eager to watch the TV series again! Do you know about this? Did you happen to watch the film as well? I still can't get it from the youtube, amazon, and google...don't know the title at all... I am thinking of downloading or buying it online, my computer is already equipped by video cards ready to watch it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Talk About My Car..

I am a kind of wife who has to take care my own car by myself, from insurances, oil change schedule, check the wheels' air and tune it up regularly. My hubby is so busy that he doesn't have enough time to do many things at home. It is not a complaint *grin* I don't mind doing this because I have maids to help me with house chores anyway. I don't mean to be a superwoman who is able to do many things by myself either (let's talk about this interesting topic later).

Back to the car, I use 2001 Toyota Kijang, just like minibus... and it uses solar fuel. It has been more than 2 years since I sent my car to the body repair service since I need the car every single day. Scratches are found almost everywhere including the Bullet wheels *sobs* poor car... I see this beautiful Chrome Mustang Bullitt Wheels at internet, I like it very much. They offer free shipping on all Bullitt Mustang Rims and they strives to ship in-stock products the same business day the order is! Look at the picture below:

Real Time Inventory Image

Back up is Important

My PC is acting bad these days. I've told you before that it makes a loud noise, and request a CHKDSK at every start... My hubby considers to change the hardisc,but still doesn't have time to buy a new one.

Computer, data and blog are really important for me (and you too,right?). Organizing files and storing backups are necessary. Online backups service is one of the easiest solution. We can get free encrypted online backups for free (up to 2GB) from a leading online backup service provider : IDrive. This service provider, which recently been awarded the PCWORLD '101 best freebies', offers a great performance and ability to manage backup set and schedules via web from anywhere.

I decided to sign up, I wonder if I can back up my blog... how about you?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Finally Join The Spark!!

I've seen many of my blog buddies has become a Sparker as they joined SocialSpark, and it took me quite a long time to really jump in and join the spark! The Sparkers can make money through blogging. Not only monetize our blog, we can make friends with other Sparkers and build a community, moreover, traffic will follow!! That's what we call social networking... I've met some new blog buddies that add me as their friends and give me some props and message in this service. Yes, prop or drop means a thumb up or a thumb down to rate the blog... Wanna see my profile?

We also can get feedbacks, leave some comments on the opportunities and install a tracking tools. All we have to do is installing the ITK tool code on our site, and our blog can get tracked daily and monthly average page views and visitors, including RealRank and Alexa Rank.

What I like best from SocialSpark is that opportunities 100% Google Rank Friendly! Ha ha ha.... we usually get into trouble with our PR whenever we write paid posts but now, NO MORE trouble!! Yay!! Why? Because they allow us to write with the no-follow links so the Google Robot will not penalize our blog! Isn't that great?

Millions of people are browsing the internet and millions blogs updated in every minute. Purchase advertisings with this system is beneficial as you can get 100% real opinions about your products or website from the bloggers including their readers! The post will have to be transparent and audit-able in-post disclosure and the readers who read the post and interested in the advertising can easily click the link and visit your site - that means traffics!

So, have you join the Spark?

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is that so easy?

My best online buddy just told me that she got diet pills from her sister, and now she has lost 3 kg in 10 days! Can you imagine how much I envy her?!? I try to ask her the pills (my hubby doesn't know about this yet.. hehe) but I think it's impossible as she got it from Bangkok, with prescription! *sobs*

Now I try to browse online diet plans and excercise tips to be the next weight loss success story, who knows I get some insights from it.... hahahaha... I find some interesting articles that can motivate me to go on diet... yeah I really need to be pushed that way... *feel ashame* I need some tips about how to stop the exercise excuse, 5 benefits of gym workouts and how to eliminate post pregnancy fat *blushed* all this time I almost feel helpless and totally hopeless about shape and weight thingy... (yeah I still feel that way now) and find the easiest way such as pills without exercises sounds very tempting indeed. We all live in the instance era, don't blame me! :-P

However, sadly speaking, according to the articles I read today, loosing weight fast and easy won't last... we really have to work it out... plans, tutorials, tips, and supports that what I need!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


It has always been a challenge for me to have a blog using own web host and domain. I tried it before, but stop to continue it as I enjoy blogging with blogspot... hehehe.. May be someday I will try it again, when I am ready enough. I even didn't have a gut to go to my site to check whether I still can access it or not as I haven't paid for some months now.. hahaha...

Actually, own a web hosted site is more prestigious and we have complete control over our site contents. We also can use various widgets that can't be applied in free hosting site. We can store the posts, pictures, comments and modify them all as we wish, am I right? I hope I am! *grin*

For those who never try to use paid web host service, you can find clear explanations about some terms that may be unfamiliar for you here and find a quick way to start building your own site! We also can see a list of Best 10 Web Hosting Sites, as easy as we see the American Idol winner list! Huehehehe... This is a great learning center where we get enough information about the basics of web hosting.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Smile, Chuckle, Grin, Laugh, and Stay Young!

I've said that it is an elephant's tail,
why you keep on treating it like a mouse! Huahahaha
LSHMBH* Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts

hehehe.. this is for Amel. She is holding a Photo Caption Contest in her blog. Here's the rules:

This contest is open to all bloggers from the time this post is published. Closing date: Saturday, May 31st, 2008. I'll select and post the winners on Sunday, June 1st (Finnish time).

I'll choose 3 winners, each of whom will get these cash prizes via Paypal only:

1st winner - USD 10
2nd winner - USD 6
3rd winner - USD 4


1. Post about this contest in your blog and write down the wittiest and funniest caption ever for the above picture.

2. Once you've posted about this contest in your blog, you can leave a message in the comment section of this post along with the URL of your post.

3. Each blogger can enter more than one submission in different blogs as long as the captions are different.

Still about funny thing, I find a site that sell so many funny t-shirts. I choose 3 of hundreds funny T-shirts to show you here..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Great Places Around the World

If you have a chance to visit some countries around the world, where will you go? I will go wherever I can to meet my blog buddies! *grin* BUT, if I have to choose some places that I don't know anyone from blogsphere... hm... I want to go to these place:

Japan... this country is hightech and lots of craft-books I love to buy! Do you think so? I remember when I was a little girl, my grandma went to Japan and brought me lots of cute accessories and apparels. I have a good impression about Japan. Here' s the link I will use to find Cheap Japan Hotels.

I will definitely have to find Cheap Tokyo Hotels as well because it will be so strange if I visit Japan without visiting Tokyo. Do you know Tokyo Love Story Dorama? I love Suzuki Honami (the actress) a lot! I have been watching this dorama many times... hahaha...

Another astonishing place to visit is Dubai. I want to visit the indoor ski place, go to Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world with over 9 million square feet
of shopping and around 1000 stores! They say it will be completed in 2008. I saw from google earth about the famous, breathtaking palm island and I definitely want to go into The Burj al-Arab, The worlds tallest hotel in Dubai, or The Trump International Hotel and Tower! Wah I am not sure if I can afford to stay there but may be I can survey it first at Cheap Dubai Hotels site.

The Burj al-Arab

The Trump International Hotel and Tower

I still have many places that I want to visit but I think I have to stop dreaming now... hahaha.. However I will not stop before I write about Canada first! Several friends of mine went to university in Canada and they often sent the postcards to me from Toronto. In my mind, Canada is a peaceful, beautiful, natural and nice place live. My hubby's partner even go to Canada to deliver their babies over there so their children has Canada's citizenship. *grin* From Cheap Canada Hotels site I find this gorgeous hotel that I think will be perfect for me to stay one day... yeah... one day! Who knows... :-)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My answers about customer service

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids Bedroom

Now, Clay is sleep alone in his own room and we don't have another room for Cliff. Clay is happy to be able to share his room with his little brother one day. I remember I promised Clay to buy him a bunk bed one day, when Cliff is big enough to sleep separated from us. It is very heart warming everytime I saw bunk bed picture, believe me... hahaha... I used to sleep 'up stairs' as well with my sister. So this is my imagination about Kids Bedroom furniture. I think it's great to share a bedroom with our sibling.

One day I talked about this with my friend, he said bunk bed is not safe enough for boys... they may be naughty, playing on the bed carelessly and fall down from the top... I should choose lower bed extension instead for the safety reason, he advised. I think he is quite right. Do you always seek for advise before you buy furniture for your home? All we want is beautiful, comfortable and safe furniture and functional at the same time, I am sure about that!

Look at this cute Kids Desk for example. I think the design is really cute that makes kids feel comfortable to play and learn on it! Wish to provide my kids with this kind of desk if they have their own playing room. It would be perfect to be combine with this Wooden Childrens Furniture to store their toys as well!

Are You Young, Bold and Beautiful?

Join the Beauty Contest!! A chance to win 10.000 USD price and get spotted by an agency for model career is open now! Look Of The Year are looking for people from all over the world to send in their best pictures, so simple! Just send your best picture to and who knows you can be the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan. Whoo Hoo~!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Free your pool and ponds from chemicals!

What do you think when you see this pool? So fresh and make you wanna dip in? Yeah!! Me too!

Actually this is more than a pool... it is natural pools ! 100% chemical free pool! How interesting! I hate chlorine... it stinks, and can cause an allergy as well... Clay's son got coughs everytime they had swimming extracurricular when they were still at the first grade. Besides, there was a white spot on Clay's cheek because of chlorine...

Chlorine generally used in most of swimming pools in Indonesia, may be... around the world as well.In fact, Chlorine is a hazardous chemical. It is also not environmentally friendly because it sanitizes the water by attacking anything organic. Remember we have to use anti-chlorine to our aquarium water? Yeah! Because chlorine is not good for living things, it attacks our skin, hair, eyes and cause asthma in kids as well!

I wish all swimming pools in Indonesia (and in the whole world too!) use ECOsmarte® products for sanitizing the pools. They can create crystal clear pool water without the use chlorine, salt, or other hazardous chemicals. The cost is not high as well, less than $1 a month to operate the energy efficent Ecosmarte chlorine free pool systems, not mention about major savings by eliminating chemical expenses.. Oh wow! Can we get less price to swim now? *grin*

We should have an environment awareness, and live as green as possible. I support this Ecosmarte chlorine free pool systems because they are an environmentally friendly company who also donate 5% of the profits to environmental charities.

ECOsmarte® offers the safest non chemical pool water treatment, with state-of-the-art award winning technology, proven 99% customer satisfaction rate since 1993, a toll free customer support hot line. They definitely manage and remove minerals without the use of salt or brine discharge. The products are easier to use, safer, and more effective than traditional methods and salt water pools (which is not chemical free - salt water pools do create chlorine!). They are against chlorine generators and salt chlorinators for sure!

How does the system work? Basically, they use ionization plus natural oxygen to eliminate toxic chemicals, health hazards and offensive chemical odors. This system can be use not only for swimming pools, they also have a great system for spas and ponds using fiber glass system. Now you can have an eco-friendly clear and clean pond that free from algae, microorganisms and bacteria, and keep your fish and plant live healthily without using chemicals. This is a really good news that has to be spread indeed!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Girly Chandelier

Isn't this chandelier so lovely? Do you think it is suitable for my room? Ha hahaha.. I don't have baby girl and have no intention to make one either... I have given all baby stuff, have no baby cribs, clothes, and everything...

so I want this for myself! Wondering what will hubby say about this hahaha... I am the only woman in my family! Can I have girly accent for a little bit?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Do you have problem with your weight? Heard about lipovox before? Oprah Winfrey has featured Dr. Perricone's 10 SuperFoods, and Lipovox is now so popular in the diet world. It's a great solution for weight loss, acne and wrinkle.

I myself, want to be slim and young and pretty... hehehe.. but I think I can't take diet pills. I feel dizzy and get stomach hurt everytime I try to take some pills. But I took antioxidants one pill a day, by doctor's prescription. It's for my skin, to have better glowing face... *smile sweetly*

Want to visit Missouri...

Several days ago, my friend Stacey asked me to visit her at Missouri and bring brownies and photoshop cs3 for her.. hahaha I looked the map to find some interesting places I can find nearby Missouri and found Branson.

I remember GIGI told me that she met Stacey for the first time at Silver Dollar City, that's at Branson. You really have lots of attractions at Missouri! Lots of museums including The Titanic, Hollywood Wax Museum - Ripley's Believe it or Not... there are Table Rock Helicopters - Branson Balloon - Outback Bungee (oww!!!!) so many outdoor activities, water rides, go kart track, golf courses (Eric you will have a great time there), cave and caverns, resorts... gosh, unbelievable! There is 35th Annual Hillbilly Festival & Craft Show on MAY 16 - MAY 18, 2008.

And talking about lodging, there are so many great resorts, cabin, inn, hotels I can choose! (Stacey, do you have a guest room in your house? *grin*) Among many awesome choice, I think it would be fun to stay at Grand Country Inn. Their 86,000 gallon indoor water park sounds irresistible to try!

Sure Stacey and GIGI... may God bless me with the chance to go there and meet you two..and Cat to!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Type of Houses

I prefer number 4... but my hubby said it is too dark... How about you?

I took these houses pictures in one real estate in Bandung. I think they all are great house, especially if they have light fixtures, they look great at night.
Talking about houses, Joanne throw a house warming party today!! Everybody is invited! She has put tons of efforts to prepare the party, I even got an award gift from her... congrats Joanne!

I also want to say HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my friend LJ!!! May you have lots of babies love... ever lasting love!!

and...get well soon to my friend Amel, good luck for the Finnish course!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another side of Bandung

Last Thursday we went to Lembang - a highland on the north of Bandung. There were a wedding anniversary invitation from 3 couples over there. I was so excited to go there as it was my favorite place ever! The place's name is Girindah, (Beautiful Mountain) and I used to work in a cafe there before. I've seen so many beautiful phenomenon over there... from the thick white midst, many beautiful sunsets, a gorgeous rainbow in one lovely afternoon (I even can see the edge of the rainbow!), the stunning Bandung at night scenery and a really wonderful bright fullmoon over there!! Can you imagine, one place could be so beautiful? We have the motto : Expect the Unexpected when we run the cafe there... I really love this place sooo much!

Come one I'll show you the mountain panorama... do scroll to see all the picture..


I don't know the name of the mountain on the left, but on the right (scroll to the right), you can see Tangkuban Parahu (the upside down boat) Mountain, because the shape is just like an upside down boat... can you imagine, the afternoon yellow sunshine ray make a bright spot on one side of the hill with many beautiful houses on the estate there? I saw the edge of the rainbow over there! Really unforgetable... (too bad I didn't have a good camera at the time)

Let see Bandung from the top! Hm... it's rather hazy though... but you can imagine how beautiful it can be at nights! *can't wait to have a chance to take the night pictures*


The problem is... my children often gets sick after we went there... oh boy... Clay got fever as soon as we reached home from Girindah.. it was so windy over there... I remember I bought 3 months old Cliff to stay a night there, for old and new family gathering (new year 2006) and I had to carry him all night long because he got a cold, couldn't breath and sleep well.. I didn't dare to bring him and spend a night over there again! Not yet.. but I will...

Let's see the food now!! Tutug rice! If you remember my email address is tutug.rice, here's the rice!! LOL... the rice fried with oncom (type of fermented soybean cake having red color).. and the dishes were juuusssst puuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrfect!! Green tomatoes sambal, salty small cuttlefish, tempe balado, dendeng (beef cut into slices and dried) balado (chilly and spicy), steam tofu (in a banana leaf)... that is a tutug.rice lady... ! HA HA HA HA


Below is nasi gudeg from Yogyakarta, Javanese food. These are sweet,tasty, and spicy too.. I can't explain them here but I will take you to try these kind of food if you visit me someday!
Oh, that was an icecream wedding anniversary cake... taste yummy as well as a dessert!

Not only having a delicious lunch together, we also watched tv together. We just sat on the floor and coaches there, no special home theater seating... :-)

We watched recorded tv program - 3 wishes. It was a really touching series! All of us were so touched and wiped seeing the 30 minutes clip! It's about a young man who was born stuttered,( a stammerer). His mother came to the 3 wishes program and asked them to buy an earing aid for her son so he can speak normally again. Their wish was fulfilled and the son could speak so fluently! He was sooo happy that he kept on reading everything to enjoy his fluent speech. He had nominated himself to be a school president and his family came to hear his speech. They were very surprise to hear he could deliver his speech so fluent! What a touching moment I can tell...

From the clip we learnt that we really have to be grateful because we can speak fluently, not stammer. How we have take it for granted! We also learn that family support is really important for someone. Anthony, the stammerer, has a good self confident even though he was a stammerer because of his family, his mom, his grandpa, and he said they never thought he was a handicap because of that. One person he really want to meet and show that he is healed now, is his grandpa, which was passed away two weeks before he was healed. He said, his grandpa accepted him as he is... and always support him in all things he did.

Question of the day:
Please share one little thing that you think you've taken it for granted, that you should have be thankful...