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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clear Water Spring

Last holiday we visited this water spring. I was just returned from here when I blogged via handphone and showed you beautiful green farm area.

Scroll to see the whole picture please... you can see there is a large cave on the left... we can swim into the cave, but it's dark and the water is deep....


We have to jump over the water fall to swim in the clear fresh river...
Look at the last picture and see Clay was swimming with hubby there!


Where's Cliff? Cliff is here.... please click to see my other wordless wednesday entry!

Friday, June 27, 2008


At our hotel! It's not as nice as vegas hotels but it is wonderful indeed!! Now we are ready for dinner. Seafood anyone?

I am at pangandaran, want to rent atv, get temporary tattoo, ride tandem/double bike, shop some short pants, and hang out with many many friends.

Pangandaran is a beach, 5 hours driving from Bandung. Bandungese often come here on holidays. The best part in here is, meeting many old friends who never met in Bandung! Hahaha. Yup, strangely that we can meet many Bandungese here,those i never met for years!

Today is our last nite, we'll have to leave tomorrow

Note from holidays.

Here I am now! I hope this picture is not upside down. Hehehe.

I just come back from a gorgeous water spring with waterfall. We can swim in a very clear water,what a beautiful nature adventure.

I also stay near the beach and yesterday we visited green canyon. So nice and beautiful! Will upload the picture later. Now we are really hungry!

How is your holiday? Have you get good flight deals for your holidays?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Travel Stories - part three

Busy...busy.... quick..quick...!!

Yesterday was my mom in law's birthday and I missed that! *doh* I thought today is 21.. *excuse* so today I bought some food and brought my family to my parents in law's house to have lunch together... and also with my hubby's sister's family...

I came home now... doing a little scrap about my hubby's friend's wedding at Sentosa Singapore last week... not perfect yet but I don't have more time to finish it, so I think I will just upload it here... have to go for drama rehearsal now...

Cliff is better and healed now... Hurray!! Clay is playing with his cousins, not home yet.

Sorry for rush post.. enjoy the picture! Will post the story behind the scene later ok! See the lamp on the corner? I took the picture of it... love it very much!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Travel Stories - part one

Hi friends!! Oh boy I miss you and my blog! Hehehehe... Thank you so much for coming here when I was away, there were so many kind and sweet people who has come to this 'rooms of my heart'! I received comments and gifts under my Christmas tree as if I still in Bandung, sitting in front of my computer... I appreciate your attentions, it means a lot!

I am sorry I haven't visit all your blogs after my return. Still many things to do, plus retouching some pictures for you to see. I will try to catch up, visit and read your blogs after finishing my homeworks in this blog, okaaay?! *wink*

I hope these travel journal posts can be such a memorabilia for my kids as well when someday they read this blog. Okie dokie.. let's start from page one...

I woke up at 4 AM to give a finishing touch to our luggages... we were ready around 5 AM, after all of our luggages were in the car, we carried the kids up to the car... still sleeping... their eyes were still closed... taken from in their dreamland to begin our journey... hehehehe... in the car, the kids couldn't sleep anymore... they were fully awake. We took 3 hours to Jakarta by car and another one hour to go to the airport. When we arrived, there were a huge group of people who would go to Jeddah, Mecca. Oh wow... so long queue just to enter the front gate only!

In my previous post I have mention how good my Big Daddy has been to me. He provided good weather at take off as well as landing... I really want to give thousand hugs and kisses to Him!!
Cliff was sweet and nice in the plane. He didn't scared to sit by himself. Miraculously he was healed and healthy during the trip! Thank you so much for your prayers, God heard our prayers. I even didn't give Cliff medicine in Singapore. Moreover, the plane landed perfectly...the best landing I've ever had. My heart is over joy with gratitude while I am typing this...

At Changi Clay and Cliff helped us pulling luggages. Cliff was so cute, wasn't he? Hehehe... he really loves pulling that bag everywhere. After lunch at the food court, we went to the hotel our friend has booked for us, Harbour Ville Hotel at Kampung Bahru. There was only one queen size bed and an extra bed for 4 of us. We brought our own air bed to make sure we could have good sleeps.

The nearest MRT from the hotel is Outram, we took a bus to get there. China Town was the first place we visited in our first day because I wanted to buy Sanjin Watermelon Frost insufflations. Bought some Bossini shirt as well for gifts! :-) Clay didn't like China Town too much. He kept on asking to go. Too bad, as it was a heaven for shopping for me! Having an appointment with hubby's friends at Orchard, we continued our 'adventure' to Orchard. I remembered Janice's festive bread on her late post looked so yummy, now I have tasted that delicious cake Jan! Heheheehe....

To be continued. I have several pictures to be retouched.. :-D

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello from Singapore

God is good all the time! We have arrived all well,safe and sound! The plane landed smoothly as if I never experience better landing before.

I was worried Singapore would rain all day as Janice said so but it didn't rain at all the whole day yesterday. Amazing Big Daddy!

Thank you for your prayers n wishes, Cliff was well on board,he didnt complain anything. Though we had to wake the kids up at 5 am, and took 4 hours by car to the airport, they all were cooperative. We arrive at 1 pm singapore time, Cliff n Clay helped pulling their own luggages (light rolling bags) so cute! I will show the picture later.
We hv lunch at the airport's food court, yummy meals with reasonable price. Kids were so hungry they ate a lot in speed. Hehe. When we looked for city cab, we were queuing in line. Surprisingly we got a brand new car taxi different frm people before and after us. I thought i will have to pay more but i dont- we pay 18 frm airport to hotel at kampung bahru. We will get a free bed and breakfast in Singapore as our friend has booked it for us... not like Arizona bed and breakfast but it is great! Isn't He good?
update u later! Gotta go.

Best regards

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ready to Fly

I have taken care my face, put a mask on it to make it fresh... Can you imagine how Cliff react when he saw his mom wearing a mask?! Hahaha... it mixed up between confused, scared and felt funny! After that, Clay put it on the mirror in the bathroom. It was hilarious.. hahaha.. it has surprised our maid at night... hahaha..


I have made sure that the gifts are safely received to the winners... Stacey and Gigi has their pictures with the handbag I bought from Bangkok! Thank you dears for showing it to me... I am so happy for both of you that you have a great time together at Stacey's!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I have done Christmas drama rehearsal last Monday, next rehearsal will be next Sunday and Monday so I will just miss once. I took the pictures using my handphone to show you..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have sent emails to some Singaporean Bloggers. Not sure if they have time to meet me, but it's okay... at least I am trying. I did some shopping... new shoes and some snacks our friends told us to bring for them.

Clay has prepared his Kumon homeworks.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We put our Christmas tree in our living room today.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have tickets, passports, Sin$ and charter a driver to send us to the airport tomorrow at 5 AM.

I am packing.. not quite ready yet... hm.. it turns out that I am a last minute packer this time!!

Cliff is not feeling well...please pray for his health..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We have prayed for this trip, for the people we will meet and for the bride and groom we will greet. We are ready to go, may God be with us...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Uh oh...

My Cliff has a running nose today... uh..oh.. uh ... oh... tomorrow we will fly and I do hope he will not have earache on the plane.. please..please pray for our safety trip!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Singapore Plan Mindmap*

Click the picture to enlarge, eh how to make it enlarge? LOL

singapore mindmap

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Plan to travel to Singapore...Yay!!!

Mr.Endoh, Karen, Janice, Mr. Fong, Jeslyn, Bobo, and all blog buddies at Singapore... wish me luck!! :-) Let's make a blogger gathering this Des 14-16!! Yay!!! Sam Chan, are you at Singapore? Who else live in Singapore? Soon I will off to go to immigration office, applying a passport for Clifford. Hope we can get him a passport so we can fly to Singapore next December. And now I am searching internet, looking for tickets to Singapore (I have to make sure it is not royal caribbean cruise...LOL)

Here's the plan:

  • The arrival should be on Dec 14th (I hope my hubby can get permission to leave on Dec 13th).
  • We will attend hubby's best friend wedding on Dec 15 evening.
  • We will leave on Dec 16th to Jakarta.

I will ask my hubby about the hotel, then let's arrange our gathering nearby the hotel ok! I won't have much time *sigh* This trip is purposely to attend the wedding party only... plus some small reunion with our high school friends. But I have told my bridge eh.. my hubby that I want to meet YOU ALL!! Yay!! Yay!!! errr... I feel a little bit nervous, not sure I can communicate fluently with you all.. hehehe.. I imagine you all can speak English really FAST and I just say, pardon? Excuse me? Can you repeat please...? LOL

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Share your habits before the trip...

If you plan to go abroad, how long do you take to prepare your luggage? Is your luggage ready two weeks before your trip schedule? a week before? three days before? or last minute?! Tell me THE TRUTH?

If you are married... who prepares your luggage? Husband? Wife? Each of you prepare your own things?

This has been our family discussion for quite a long time. :-) My auntie needs at least 2 weeks for preparation. My I don't know about her! LOL.. sis, are you reading this post? Comment please? My mom, we guess she is a last minute woman! Hahaha... how about myself? Hm.. I have my empty luggage ready to be filled a week before and keep on filling it until the last minute.. I think I am still normal.. I even have a looooong list for my luggage and I've made my Auntie surprised! She never expects I am that organized. I do need several days for preparation because I bring almost EVERYTHING! :-D

Hm.. who prepares it? ME! I prepare everything, from tickets, hotels, luggages, even the destinations... my hubby made decision where to go after I provided him several options... then I prepare everything.

If I am not mistaken, my uncle prepares everything for his family... not sure about the luggage, but he takes care the tickets and everything they need for a trip. In my sister's family, I think my sister is just like me, she is the one who do the preparation.

Whose task is it do you think, is it husbands or wives?

Monday, November 12, 2007

I miss my friends

What season is this at your place? I wonder why so many friends are traveling somewhere for vacation! Feel something is missing without their presence in my blog... and I miss their posts already. Mr. Fong from eatyourmaths and LadyJava are traveling now. I wish they are addicted enough just like me, so they keep on updating their trip from their handphone. LOL... Soon my blog buddy, Dawn from also will travel to visit her family. They all will disappear from blogsphere for several weeks! Several weeks without them.. hhh... so quiet ya! Feel like wanting to go somewhere as well...

Eh I find a great place named Branson. It is a wonderful place for vacation! Stacey and GIGI, Branson is in Missouri! Have you visited there? Share your story with us please?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Snow oh snow...

I really want to go to Europe someday and visit you Amel! Why? Because of the snow! LOL I envy you because you can touch snow.. haha.. I am so wicked, right? hahaha.. eh Amel, in cold weather we tend to urinate more often, don't we? Ah, don't you think we need incontinence products like adult diapers when we go skiing? :-) I think it's a wise idea Amel.. don't laugh!

I find Holiday Hypermarket, the site which provides millions package holidays including bargain ski holidays! I'm sure my kids love to try skiing, while I doubt myself can do that 'need balance sport' *big grin* Besides, Holiday Hypermarket is a great site to find cheap flights, last minutes deal and cruise bargain! I think I should try cruise... my auntie told me that taking cruise holiday is fabulous! We have gala dinner with so many attractions every night and go to sleep without realizing that we are moving to another country at all! In the morning we arrive to another new country and explore it, shopping and sight seeing until dinner time and we get into the cruise again to move to another places... just perfect!

*brought to you by Holiday*

Another beautiful place in Spain!

Majorca is the largest Island of Spain, lies in the Mediterranean sea and part of the Balearic Islands archipelago. It is the most popular tourist destination especially at Europe. Flights to Majorca from England takes around two and a half hours and you can see the magnificent 14th century Gothic Cathedral just before landing at Palma, the capital city.

Their best beaches are Porto Petro, Cala Mondrago and Cala Figuera, which are extremely beautiful white sand beaches with lots of famous resorts and entertainments! We can find not only many water sports and a water park for our family, but also museum and mountain that is great for cyclists and hikers.

If you want to look for cheap package holidays to Majorca, and also last minute deals and many cheap flights to destinations all over the world, Holiday Hypermarket is the perfect site!

*Brought to you by Holiday*

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Playing with baby animals

One of our holiday high light is BABY ZOO.... we visited Baby Zoo at Safari Park and have opportunity to take some pictures with some of them! The bird park is at the entrance of the baby zoo, so we will have to pass this great bird park before we meet some baby animals. We also can see baby kangaroo, baby hippo, baby monkeys and orang utans, and many more baby animals! Our favorite experience is taking photographs with them!

This baby orang utan's name is Dhika or Mahardhika. He is adorable but not so cheerful at that time. I don't know why... if I can speak his language I would have asked him! :-)

So, what do you think? What a happy family with 3 kids! LOL.. but I use a wrong shampoo for the third son Dhika so he is so hairy! LOL... do you think Dhika looks like me or my hubby? hahaha...

We also meet one month old baby lions... so such a sweetie! They just like puppies... so cute!

This white tiger is 7 months old. He is as nice as a doll... I don't fear of him at all! Actually there is also a young leopard, but this white tiger is more tame and rare... if you were have this opportunity, what will you choose, leopard or white tiger?

Adventure at Safari Park offers so many attractions that make us busy! We can feed the elephant with some carrots or even ride the elephant for only $1 !

There my dream has come true... so excited to ride this huge animal named Titi!

One more thing that really impressive is a Noah Ark! This is very beautifully made that I love it very much! I stared of it, noticing every animals that are on board... this is a great piece of art for me.

Inside this ark we can see and feed a dolphin as well.. As a dolphin freak like me, I will not miss the opportunity to visit my favorite creature in the world!

I also buy a dolphin mug to complete my dolphin collection... but I don't have the picture now. If you want to see the mug I will take a shot later, for request only... :-)

PS. I feel better now... less coughing now, thanks God!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures from Safari Park - Indonesia

As I mentioned before that we went to Safari Park last vacation, here's some of the pictures I've edited for you. On Safari Park, we ride our car or we also can use Safari Bus to enter the zoo, where we can be so near with the animals. We usually bought carrots and feed the animals from our window's car. The animals are really used to be fed like this, they always come near and look for some carrots from our car's windows.

This is how it looks from our car! hahaha... Carrots please... !

The guy with long horns has so many friends and family at the park. They are EVERYWHERE! I think they reproduce so fast just like when we play Zoo Tycoon!

We also can see Elephant Show in certain schedules and they can make a pretty good painting!

This picture of a tree is painted by an elephant. Can you believe it?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Holiday is a week away...

I am rather busy these days preparing our holiday. Our helpers will go to their hometown starting Oct 10th till 17th to celebrate Idul Fitri (Moslem's Holiday). We usually take this chance to have a long holiday out of town. Last year we went to Jakarta, and this year we plan to go to 2 different places.

Our vacation will begin on Oct 11th to a Safari Trip for one day to see animals. We will stay a night at a hotel near Puncak. Puncak is a place between Bandung and Jakarta, this a beautiful hill is 2 hours by car from Bandung. Our kids are so excited because they never go to Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesian Safari Park). In this 35 hectare park, animals from all continents roam freely. We also can see rare species like the anoa, white tigers, Giraffes, rhinos, lama, etc. The most exciting attraction for me is a baby animal photo session! Wait until I upload our pictures with baby Orang Utan, and baby tigers! I also want to ride an elephant to fulfill my wish!

At Oct 12nd is the first day of Moslem's celebration to break their fasting month. We will continue our trip from Puncak to Sukabumi. Sukabumi has many beautiful beaches and this time we will go to Pelabuhan Ratu. Pelabuhan Ratu, means Queen's Pier. This wonderful beach is 130 kilometers away from Jakarta. The beach set against the deep blue Indian Ocean here is great for surfing!

There's a legend that Nyi Roro Kidul (A ghost named A Queen of South Sea) dwells in Pelabuhan Ratu. Well we will not visit the 'Samudera Beach Hotel' (there's a special room dedicated to this ghost!) instead we will stay at Ocean Queen hotel.. the name sounds similar hahaha... no.. there will be no ghost at our hotel.. I got a picture of Ocean Queen Hotel from the internet for you.

I have my traveling preparation posted before and I will print the list now to start packing! Yipee!! I have several addition to the list, including fire works and air bed. I will bring an air bed so we have an extra bed during our hotel stay!

Please pray for Clifford, as he gets cough again and this time it is quite bad... :-(( he has been coughing for a week and I have taken him to the doctor but today it seems that he coughs more often than yesterday!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bali pictures for my dear Karen.

Hi friends, I am sorry I can't visit your blog these days as my internet quota has been over limit! *blush* This is the 3rd times I exceed my limit quota... and thank God my dear hubby is really understanding, he does not grumble nor complaint about this at all. He offered an unlimited internet service instead. *love you dear* So until the service is changed, I will have to control my internet usage tightly.

Anyway, I want to thank Uncle BokJae for helping me spreading the story about Yah and Wan to make it possible to get more people to pray for them. Thank you for Shinade, Karen and Janice for your prayer as well.

Karen asked to see Bali photo in my Shoutbox as I gave the link to Janice in her post about scuba diving. Here's the link to my prior posts about Bali pictures:
Bali pictures, Leila and Balinese girl - interesting pictures, and a review about Made's Warong.

I also posted a series of Bali stories at Food and City, especially about my cuisine tour at Bali. You have to visit it especially if you have a plan to go to Bali!
- Bali Travel Day One - Flying with a small child
- The Explorations Begin from Kuta Bali
- Sukawati Morning Art Market… a Heaven for Shoppers!
- Ubud Cuisine Tour - a Delightful Experience
- Enjoy the end of the second day

This series will be continued so make sure you subscribe the feed if you find it interesting.

Hope these postings can be entertaining and useful for you...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wardani's Warong Review

Wardani's Warong

Cuisine: Asian
Location:Jl. Yudistira 2, ph. +62(361) 224398

This place is well known for their Balinese food. Just mention Wardani’s Warong has made me hungry… :-D Last time I went to Bali with my family, we bought lunch boxes from Wardani’s Warong and have a picnic at Botanical Garden, Bedugul. Balinese Mix Rice in a box is 20.000 rupiah, or 2.2 USD, including a rice, beans sauté, twisted satai, tempe and a yummy spicy ‘dendeng’. Twisted satai is pieces of spicy roast meat twisted on a lemon grass. Tempe is food made by fermented soybean and specially cooked with oil, onions and spices. Dendeng is meat cut into slices and dried, after that it is cooked with chilly and spices.

If you go to Bali, you should try Wardani’s Warong. I even brought 2 ounces of dendeng home. It can last a few months in freezer. 2 ounces was spent in a week, I ate with it everyday in Bandung

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another great place in West Java : Patengan Lake

Today we went for a picnic to Ciwidey, West Java. There's a lake name Situ Patengan, 2 hours driving from Bandung. The place is beautiful for a picnic. Before the lake, we also can go to Kawah Putih or White Caldera of Mount Patuha.

Situ is taken from Sundanese language, means Lake. Patengan means looking for each other. The legend/myth about this lake was about a love story between a prince named Ki Santang and a goddess named Rengganis. They grew up together and feel in love. One day they have to be separated. Deeply in love, they were trying to find each other for a long time. Finally they met in a place named The Love Rock.

Rengganis asked Ki Santang to make a lake and a boat for her and they Sitemap