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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Talk About Plagiarist Again?

It has been so long since I post about plagiarist... yes, they are still there... and STILL COPYING MY SITE... I just ignore them and try to avoid my private and my children pictures are uploaded over there. That's why I always put my private pictures in the middle of the posts... I have to write about 100 words before I upload my pictures...

Funny thing, I joined a diamond contest and when I checked the site to see whether my entry has been listed, that plagiarist site is on the list as well!! Whoa! I put 2 entries in the same time?! tsk..tsk..tsk... I wonder if they send email to the diamond contest owner as well!

So after weeks I never visit that site, I check the site again just now... and remember that I still have unsolved problem over there.. many of my children's pictures are still there because I can't delete it from my site... I search for help and find the solution, Yay!

How to delete the link or delete picture without deleting our posts:

In fact, Blogger stores our pictures in Picasa web... so we just log in using our blogger account and ta daaaa.... we find all the pictures we have uploaded to our blog! Now I can remove the picture permanently now and change them with the same pictures I stored on photobucket!

I see some pictures from photobucket on the plagiarist site as well... in that case, I rename the pictures and it will not be appeared again on the copycat... yeah... lots of works indeed... that's why I try to put the pictures on the middle of my post now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pray for me please

Please pray for me... I need wisdom and patient to solve this copycat problem. I try not to focus on this problem too much, but I think I have to react positively and in a good manner, following a good procedure as well...

Today, I contact the owner. Not sure if his email is fake or not. But I think I should try it first and ask him to stop copying my blog.

If you were in my position, what will you do?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How will you react?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This illution is created by Phillipe G. Schyns dan Aude Oliva from Glasgow University.

You see this picture in front of your computer and find an angry man on the left and a sweet woman on the right. Now, please stand up and step back 3-4 metres... what do you see?

Yeah, they change places!

From what I've been through these days I learn so many things. Not only blogging knowledge but also life lessons. What you see, whether good or bad, depends on the way you look at it! Just like that pictures... I can choose my reaction towards something. Now I choose to move on while I find a way to beat that stealing machine! Haha.. and when I am tired to play with that copy machine I will just let it go... I've learned not be occupied by this problem (or any problems), my problems are nothing in my BIG BIG DADDY'S eyes! He has blessed me with so many other things already and I shouldn't forget to count my blessings and be thankful.

I also learn to change what I can change and accept things I can do nothing to change it... so if this 'echoes' will be mine for the rest of my life, I should thank God for it then... In the end I finally see that many people can learn from this lessons and be blessed. Why do I want to ask for more?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tragedy of Plagiarism Chronologies

  • I found all information about the owner, his email, and his address (I think they all fake so I didn't try to contact him). The domain is hosted by and I sent email to godaddy to report this website. I sent emails 3 times and got no responds until I send all contact email at Godaddy then they replied my email. I have to submit my copyright claim in accordance with all steps as outlined in our Copyright and Trademark Policy located here.
  • Unfortunately, the site is not hosted at Godaddy's server so they couldn't delete it... he has his own server. Where did I find the server information? Ese an NSLookup tool that will allow you to see resolving IP address for these websites. An NSlookup tool can be found here . This tool will give you the resolving IP address which can then be compared to IP allocation database. This will give you the relevant information for the true hosting provider. (this information is received from )
  • I ask Ed's opinion about this as my knowledge about this domain and server things are limited. He kindly checked them all from me. He also posted his opinion at his site. I got many subjective opinions from the comments as well... it is so helpful! Ed convinced me that this site won't stop copying mine. Oh well.. I have to learn to accept this.. (Ed I owe you so much! Meet me someday at Singapore ya! LOL)
At the same time, when I was working on this problem, LadyJava told me that google made a PR correction. We were chatting about this, and found out that our PR were drop 1 level from before. I told LJ that my blog content was stolen and the links are all over that site including her site's link! I also told her how I find the links from technorati (point no. 1) and she directly checked her techonrati and found that there is a porn site link to her site! We remembered that we shouldn't be linked by bad neighborhood as it will affect our PR. (Why we care about PR will be written later ya). I felt so sorry for her and I decided to stop doing the naboplomo project that ended to some misunderstanding.

Hm.. these days I try to investigate this thief site and got some hypothesis:
1. It is autopilot copied (copy by robot or software).
2. I suspect (but I think I am wrong) that the site is updated everytime I ping my site (to technorati may be?). If only know how they work I will try to make it stop! So these coming days I will try not to ping my technorati and see the result. If you know something about this, please let me know.
3. LB gave me some insight that I could change the picture title later if I don't want my pictures uploaded on that site... so from now on I put my personal pictures photobucket and upload it using html code. As soon as my pictures are copied I will rename my picture's link. (ugh this is so troublesome and photobucket can't be uploaded today!)

What you might want to know:
1. Add your creative common copyrighted
2. Protect your page by CopyScape
3. Accept that may be the above copyright links can't help you at all but at least you have tried to protect your work. Let's hope that this banner can make the thief content aware about what he is doing is really bad and cursed.
4. The full text of the DMCA can be viewed at the following site,
5. Do moderate your comments when you post something that may be controversial. Not all people who read our blog is nice and friendly.

So what am I going to do?
  • I will try to rename the picture like I wrote above - may be I will use that screen capture again and again to be seen on that site.. *evil grin* that's the machine.. it's heartless but surely has some deficiencies.
  • It only copy 50-80 first words, so I can try to place the picture and links in the middle or at the end of the posts.
  • I also will learn to live with it, accept the fact that now this blog has echoes... quite cool eh?
  • I received some comments that state they have the same problem with me. Well, I guess myBig Daddy has better plans for this blog and He definitely can turn bad things into blessings, in any condition and situation.
  • If someday I find that this echoes (that site keep on repeating what I write) bring something disadvantages for me or my readers, I just will stop posting in this blog and start a new one all over again.

Dear friends, thank you for reminding me that these bad things shouldn't ruin my days. Just like Sam of Acquire Wisdom's comment (and post) : "What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens." - Thaddeus Golas

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I want to thank you for all attention, supports, good will and love that you have given me on my last post. I am touched of how much you care about me until you think that I will quit blogging.

This was the only one what I wrote about quit:

I quit my naboplomo project about 30 days with 30 blogs as I can't see my friends and readers' pages and links are also stolen. If you checked your technorati you may see some links from that site as well... you can visit the site and see my reviews of your blogs are there too. This is my reason why I stop doing this. I am so sorry. I have tried to solve this for more than a week but still not succeeded so I better stop blogging your good blogs in my posts.
Dear friends, I will not quit blogging. No, I will not. What I meant in my last post was that I will stop my nablopomo project of 30 days with 30 blogs. That's all. Why?

Because (in my humble and simple mind) I sincerely don't want my reviews about other's good blog are included in that copycat. I worry to link your blog into that irresponsible site will do harm to you all. Well I may be wrong, that links won't harm you at all... but still my heart refuses to do that.

I will not stop writing, not because this is my tool for self-expression and for an ego boost. I write to share my life and make friends. I write to be a salt and light of the world and I don't hope all people can understand and agree with me. Anyway, people did misunderstand me in many perspectives. In this case, I see differences between who my real friends are and who just want to take the advantages of this situation. I will not follow up negative reactions that have occurred and might happen in the future. I believe my friends and readers who has spent much time with me, will do search goodness in me and not focus on my failures. I also appreciate Stacey who moved to defense me. I feel so honored and grateful to have a friend like you!

I admit that I have limitation in my vocabularies because English is not my mother tongue. I even never visit England or United States. The most important thing for me is the motivation and sincerity behind words. To know this you have to spend time in friendship. The more we close to each other the more we understand each other...

It's just a perfect time to grow...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Quit.

It's so heartbreaking to see my contents were used carelessly by someone. The site is stealing all my blog content and put its niche words all over the posts without even paying attention to my sentences and words. My thoughts and posts are not appreciated at all, just like rubbish and junk!

How did I find it? One day I checked my technorati link and find some weird links to my page. How surprised I was to see my contents and images were all over the site! How come can somebody so rude and heartless. I am not willing to see my children's pictures used inappropriately by unknown without my permission.

By the way, after I blog about this problem yesterday the links from that site at my technorati is missing! I guess the thief has smelled this. I don't know it is a machine thief or heartless human.

I quit my naboplomo project about 30 days with 30 blogs as I can't see my friends and readers' pages and links are also stolen. If you checked your technorati you may see some links from that site as well... you can visit the site and see my reviews of your blogs are there too. This is my reason why I stop doing this. I am so sorry. I have tried to solve this for more than a week but still not succeeded so I better stop blogging your good blogs in my posts.

One more thing that makes me sad, I don't know whether you notice or not that some blogs PR were dropped. I was just so happy to get PR3 rank and now mine is PR2 only in a week. It feels like being lifted so high and dropped all at once! Hurts!

Well, I still can be thankful to my Big Daddy anyway...
I read Amel's post that reminded that God is still in control in everything. All that happens to me is for my own good. I learn things that I was too lazy to read about page rank things as well...
Hm... I was PR zero before so I can live with PR2 anyway.. Big Daddy, I am still sad but thank you for slow me down... I blog to be a salt and light of the world... not for money.

In Jesus name I cry and pray... Amen.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Please excuse me

I am sorry but today I will not do my 30 days with 30 blogs commitment as I need to fix a serious problem. I do need advice, but I think I can't write what is my problem here... you can see the shoutbox then you will know..