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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Finally find a way to have an online store.

My friends have so many products and ask me to join them selling their products, from removable stickers, Balinese accessories products, Bali lulur products, environment-friendly detergents to sanitary pads! They think I have lots of friends and I can be a good saleswoman, in fact most of my friends are not real! They are on my computers... :-) I rarely meet friends in my real world and I am not a type of mom who likes chit chat with other moms at school. I just sit on my computer and get connected with my friends by emails, msn or ym and blogs. That's all.

The first thing that came across in my mind is an online store. This is the perfect way to sell those products to my online friends. Something that hinder me from building my own online store is that I don't know how! After gathering some information about this, I find an ecommerce software from Ashop Commerce. Besides it is affordable, I am so happy to find that they offer a free trial for ten days including a free store design with no credit card required. Moreover, we don't need a programming skill to set up our online store, as their shopping cart software is so simple and easy to use. They offers thousands of features to help us start selling online.

Now, having my own online store is not beyond my reach any longer thanks to Ashop Commerce! My friends can fill their shopping cart with my products and pay me by credit cards and Paypal. Isn't it cool?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Healthy Wood

My hubby bought this healthy wood several months ago for my backbones. I often complained about my backaches if I am too tired and this healthy wood can prevent backaches (the seller said so!) It really makes sense if Karen think it is for supporting books when we read it... haha.. it really looks like that! Actually, we have to stand on the wood for 15 minutes, restraining our (umph.. ) anus. We will feel our muscle at the calf (the back part of the leg between the ankle and the knee) is tightened, this can stimulate our blood circulation to work well.

The first time we try this, it is very hard to stand straight... as our leg become stiff and the body will tend to lean forward... but gradually we will stand on it easily and we can adjust the sloping position into a steeper angle.

Here's the advantages to stand on the healthy wood:
1. our body will become agile and healthy
2. to stimulate the body joints to work well.
3. tighten belly's muscle and makes us slim. (hm... )
4. make our blood circulation go smooth.
5. to raise/increase vitality and energy.
6. to prevent and help to straighten the crooked back.
7. to prevent stroke.
8. to prevent back ache.
9. to smoothen our metabolism.
10. to maintain our immunity.
11. to increase concentration and memory capability.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I should learn to accept myself...

I was looking for Yah pictures in my albums. I saw my pictures and took notice of my size…of course I looked thin at my honeymoon… and a little bit bigger after my first son was born. But compared to now, after having 2 sons, I looked good at that time. *wink* However, what bothered me so much is that all my life since I was in high school, I never felt satisfied with my own body size! I always think I am too fat! It is so pity because now I looked back and see that I was not fat at all at that time… huaaa…

This is my picture at wedding day... I tried very hard to get slim at that time but as you see, I just have to be thankful,right?

I am a person who can’t loose weight without any effort. I often envy to people who can’t gain weight. I have to ‘suffer’ to loose two or three kilos! May be it is because I lack of information about calories and how to count calories as well. Fortunately I found a calorie counter from Dawn’s blog. I even know my basal metabolic rate estimation according to my current weight, height, and age. The BMR calculator shows that I burn 1,280 calories/day if I do nothing. The site also provide not only BMI calculator to let us know whether we are over weight or not, but also many information to count the calorie in what we eat and what we do for exercise. Really useful, isn’t it? If you need this information you can visit myfitnesspal and it’s all for free.

From now on I think I have to be thankful in whatever size I am now (ugh very hard to do it!)while I add a new healthy habits to walk more instead of sitting in front of my computer!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free Prewedding session!

Hm.. hm.. hm... this is not a sponsored post.. I am just so excited to share you good news! Especially for those who live in Sydney... ,there's a rare chance to get free prewedding photo session from a pro!! Wow... if you only knew who will take your pictures you will be so interested. See the picture above? I stole it from them... LOL... really beautiful, isn't it?

Foto Expression is looking for a couple with these criteria to be their 'victim'

Contest criteria:

1. Engagement session must take place before the end of 2007 subject to dates we’re available.
2. The session will take place in Sydney area. Travel cost may apply for interstate or countryside.
3. You must send us your story about why you deserve to receive a free engagement session from us along with a recent photo of you and your fiancee by the latest September 17,2007.
4. The winner will be announced on September 24, 2007
5. Email your story and photo to: FreeStuff

And, what will you get? They are so kind to give you so much things like these:

* 2 photo locations (approx. 4 hours)
* DVD Slideshow
* 4×6″ printable images in a DVD
* 6 month online posting
* 1 coffee table album

You can visit them here for more details.
So what are you waiting for? Go and find a husband or wife to be! :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wardani's Warong Review

Wardani's Warong

Cuisine: Asian
Location:Jl. Yudistira 2, ph. +62(361) 224398

This place is well known for their Balinese food. Just mention Wardani’s Warong has made me hungry… :-D Last time I went to Bali with my family, we bought lunch boxes from Wardani’s Warong and have a picnic at Botanical Garden, Bedugul. Balinese Mix Rice in a box is 20.000 rupiah, or 2.2 USD, including a rice, beans sauté, twisted satai, tempe and a yummy spicy ‘dendeng’. Twisted satai is pieces of spicy roast meat twisted on a lemon grass. Tempe is food made by fermented soybean and specially cooked with oil, onions and spices. Dendeng is meat cut into slices and dried, after that it is cooked with chilly and spices.

If you go to Bali, you should try Wardani’s Warong. I even brought 2 ounces of dendeng home. It can last a few months in freezer. 2 ounces was spent in a week, I ate with it everyday in Bandung

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Made's Warung at Seminyak - Bali

It is a very famous restaurant in Bali. In the past, Made's Warung was the only restaurant at Kuta – Bali. So, all tourists went there for food. That’s why Made's warung is very well known. I think people who come back for vacation to Bali will visit Warung Made for the sake of old days memories…. :-D Now, Made's warung can be found at two locations. The first one is at Kuta and the new place is at Seminyak. We prefer Seminyak as there is more space for parking here. Apparently both of them have the similar interior. Look at the picture, isn’t it awesome? Recommended food and drink : Balinese Mix Rice (Nasi campur Bali) and Ice lemon tea.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yeah! I went to Bali and have a great time!

Well... I decided to post my story about Bali trip in food and city blog, will update it one day at a time... and here, I will post some reviews about what I found in Bali...

We stay at Febri's Hotel

Hotel - Spa - cafe
Jl. Kartika Plaza, Tuban
Tel : 754 575, Fax : 754 560

This is our favourite hotel at Kuta. The family room is 52 meter square and has a large convenience bathroom. It's very clean, no mosquito at all... *grin*

We were 4 adults and 2 children, and it was still convenient to stay in one family room... the rate is also reasonable and it located in Jl.Kartika Plaza, Kuta, walking distance to Discovery Mall and Waterboom, and also ATM and Kuta Square. You can click a map location here.

We got breakfast from the hotel, for 2 adults and 2 children... so we bought Nasi Jenggo for my mom and her friend. Nasi Jenggo or Jenggo Rice was a cheap but delicious rice with a slight of noodle, veggie and chilly sauce. Jenggo was taken from chinese language means 1500 because the price was only 1500 rupiah (just a few cent dollar!). In old days, Jenggo rice was sold at night near Badung Traditional Market, jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar Bali. The costumers of Jenggo Rice were people who work at Badung Traditional Market because the market wares arrived at night from Java. Now Jenggo Rice is wellknown and could be found almost everywhere, near hotels and especially at the beach.