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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Johann Strauss Serial Movie...

I've been searching and browsing about Johann Strauss Biography Movie today. When I was a kid, this serial was on TV and my parents loved to watch it. My dad even made a record on the betamax video tape. I was too young to watch until late at night that day, so I watched the series from the recorded tape instead.

Now, Clay is learning to play Blue Danube on the piano, that makes me eager to watch the TV series again! Do you know about this? Did you happen to watch the film as well? I still can't get it from the youtube, amazon, and google...don't know the title at all... I am thinking of downloading or buying it online, my computer is already equipped by video cards ready to watch it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wayang -series : Petruk Character

We have talked about Semar before, now we will meet his eldest son, Petruk.

Petruk is a tall punokawan with long nose. In Sundanese (West Java) version Petruk is known as Dawala. There is a story about Petruk The Borneo King, he used a name Prabu Welgeduwelbeh or Prabu Kantong Bolong Bleh Geduweh. (Kantong Bolong means a hole in the pocket!).

In puppet performance Petruk always walks by lifting one arm up high, raising up his forefinger, pointing up something, while the other arm is on his back, with hand hold in the fist. In this matter, Petruk symbolize a will, a wish and intention portrayed by his arms. Both of his arms describe two people who work together very well... one arm is pointing something he wants, while the other arm on his back hold something he has chosen tightly.

In my humble opinion, this is very common be found in this world. People just think about themselves, collecting something they want and hold their possessions tightly, it might be their knowledges, their opportunities or their asset. But I think sharing is a better thing to do with our possessions rather than dominate it by ourselves. We have nothing to loose by sharing them, instead we will gain more knowledge, friends, blessings, supports from others. Just don't hold back... share and share and share...
May be we can be successful if we manage to dominate something, but we will be happier if we can reach success together with other people.

ps. the picture is taken from here.

We will talk about Gareng later... please come back again!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wayang Characters

I took their pictures for you... as I forgot to shoot the foods. I was too hungry that I forgot to pause everybody's appetites to eat all the food! *smile*

We had dinner at Sundanesse Restaurant. The wayang characters above were staring at us while we were eating. *grin* (how to put smiley in our post anyway?!) I will introduce them to you one by one... begin from the oldest and have the most powerful magic in Wayang Mythology... Semar!

Semar is one of the punokawan (clowns), but is in fact divine and very wise. He is always portrayed as short and fat with a pug nose and a big belly. There's interesting story about his big belly...

One day his sly and cunning brother, Manikmaya suggested a competition to swallow a mountain and spew it again. Tejamantri, their other brother started the competition but failed to swallow the mountain due to his lack of power. Consequently, there was a change in his mouth. (I never saw his character before, I assume that he has a very big mouth! LOL)

Semar aka Bambang Ismaya, managed to swallow the mountain but failed to spew it out again. That's why his belly became bigger... hahaha.. I wonder if there is a hill in my belly! hahaha...
Semar has enough power to swallow the mountain not enough power to spew it out again... poor Semar... his shape became big, fat and round and he looked like a dwarf. He must feel really heavy and hard to walk... (hush don't laugh at somebody else! Say no evil! Hahaha..)

What happened to the cunning Manikmaya? In the mythology, it was said that Manikmaya didn't participate in that competition he suggested! On the contrary, he went to report his brother to Sang Hyang Wenang (Higher god). Because of this incident, Sang Hyang Wenang decided that Manikmaya would become his successor and be a king of gods.

As a consequences of being influenced by incitement and fail to control themselves, Semar and Tejamantri have to go down to earth. They were downgraded to take care of Manikmaya descendants. Both of them could face Sang Hyang Wenang if only Manikmaya did something unfair. We can learn from this mythology that we shouldn't be pit against each other.

Interesting, isn't it? It's enough for today..

the source is taken from here and here
the picture is taken from here.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another great place in West Java : Patengan Lake

Today we went for a picnic to Ciwidey, West Java. There's a lake name Situ Patengan, 2 hours driving from Bandung. The place is beautiful for a picnic. Before the lake, we also can go to Kawah Putih or White Caldera of Mount Patuha.

Situ is taken from Sundanese language, means Lake. Patengan means looking for each other. The legend/myth about this lake was about a love story between a prince named Ki Santang and a goddess named Rengganis. They grew up together and feel in love. One day they have to be separated. Deeply in love, they were trying to find each other for a long time. Finally they met in a place named The Love Rock.

Rengganis asked Ki Santang to make a lake and a boat for her and they sailed together. This particular boat now becomes an island in a heart shape, in the middle of the lake. It is called a Passion Island or Sasaka Island.

According to this story, a couple who visit The Love Rock and go around the Passion Island, they will have an everlasting love just like Prince Ki Santang and Rengganis.