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Monday, July 14, 2008

See This!

He is my friend *proud* watch his magic trick

You can watch his show here and here too!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving and Hubby's Birthday

Dear friends, I want to inform you that I'm moving permanently to Bangkok next week. I will post and show you the picture of my new place when I get there. Wish me luck! Sorry for the short notice. I have no choice. They have chosen me as the Next Prime Minister of Thailand.

just kidding! kekekekee

Another April's fools day joke? Nope... *shake heads* That's my favorite sms junk! kekekeke...

Ok.. not funny...forget about it... hehahhaahehe

Yesterday (8 July 08) was my hubby's birthday! Happy birthday again, dearest hubby!! (Happy birthday as well to Jeanne's hubby... I have to see him someday to make sure our hubbies are not twins - or even the same person! LOL)

I feel quite bad because I had no special surprise for him. My minds are too distracted by so many things that I couldn't manage my time and energy well. This drama competition, kid's holidays, and some other projects absorbed me completely! I wish I will not be like this next year!

I have shared his birthdays 11 times since I knew him... yeah it has been 11 years since we met. He is the only man I strive to give my best to celebrate his birthdays... though not every year I gave him special gifts...

first birthday : I made a History book of us, for him. In that book, I answered his proposal to be my boyfriend...hehehehe... ahem!
second birthday: I didn't remember what I gave him...*doh* he was my boyfriend
third birthday : He was my hubby! I made a special news paper for him.
4th birthday : I had 8 months old baby... no special gift I guess... I didn't remember.
5th birthday : I made a surprise party at home. Invite his gank best friends to my home without his knowing.
6th birthday : I made decorate a simple birthday cake together with Clay
7th birthday : didn't remember...
8th birthday : didn't remember...
9th birthday : We had holiday at Jakarta with Clay and baby Cliff,I hide a birthday gift in the hotel.
10th birthday : 3 in 1 surprise package! Surprisingly stayed a night in our favorite hotel.
11th birthday : two secret love letters from me and from Clay. We use invisible ink to write secret words too... hahahaha... he has to read it under ultraviolet lamp. hehehehe

You see... I can't remember many things, so special things should be given to remember moments!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Choose your favorite Bajaj...

This is to answer your question at my kid's room... and don't forget to see my previous post if you haven't see the picture yet.. it was taken in Jakarta last Saturday. Thank you!

According to wikipedia Bajaj was originated from India. It is three-wheeler public transport in some countries, including Jakarta. I try to find some collection of Bajaj for you to see... Ha ha ha.. do you find some of these in your country too?

Riding Bajaj needs guts! Besides its very loud sound and pollution smoke, it is very fast, wild and unbelievably scary... hahaha.. but for Jakarta people, it's so normal and common to take bajaj everywhere. In one traffic jam, someone pointed a knife at me and my mom while we took bajaj in Jakarta around 1993! He took my mom necklace, and my ring.

Nowadays, Indonesian government tries to change bajaj with kancil... (picture on the right). May be it is safer because it is closed by windows.

As far as I am concern I rarely saw this kancil in Jakarta, but bajajs are everywhere! Juliana even took her Jason to ride bajaj when they were in Jakarta, right Jul? *smile*

I found this solar-bajaj when I browse about bajaj! Hm... good idea, there will be no smoke if we use solar system, right? Not sure either... you can click the picture to find out more about solar vehicles.

Bajaj in Thailand is tuktuk. I am sure many of you rode this tuktuk if you have visited this exotic country. I think there is tuk tuk as well in Philippine..

Tuktuk is bigger than bajaj and more civilized.. hahaha..

I even have the F4 version of tuktuk.. :-D 1 set of 4 tuktuk made by F4 pepsi can... my birthday present from my sister and she really made me cry at that time! I was soooo happy!! My hubby put one tuktuk as my present and surprised me with the rest of 3 tuktuk after that!

Let's travel to find out more! Bajaj is known as velotaxi in Europe. Cool design, I don't know about the price...but I read that Freshh Communications is providing fifty of velotaxi-like tricycles for tourists to travel through the streets of Valencia -Spain- for free. Waaah.. so nice! Karen, you worked in Barcelona before, have you seen this velotaxi over there?
Source here

I also find this velotaxi from Berlin... but I bet it is not as 'wild' as bajaj in Jakarta!

This is the most beautiful bajaj I've ever seen! The source stated it was taken from Edinburgh's Grassmarket!

Do you have any idea whose concubine is she? LOL

ps. I have missed my appointment twice to get pap smear. *doh* I should registered my name on Tuesday 6 AM sharp to get number one. (Remind me to a chup! hehehe) I have to chup first before doing pap smear... LOL... when I told my sister that I will do pap smear, she told me to ask the doctor about cervical immunization. It's important for us, women, to do all we can to detect cancer in our body!

By the way, hear about mesothelioma before? It's an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. Gosh, so many cancers out there ya?!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

another silly faces

I have some feedbacks from my last post about silly faces... :-) Most of them say it is ugly! Hahaha... yeah I agree with them... and now I realize that only a few people who dare to be ugly. hahaha... these few people are included innocent ones like children... or cute people like me! *grin*

I think it is fun to make other smile... I got another pictures... these are my children:

Arrrgh.... so scary!

Hallo! I am Cliff! How are you?

Like parents like children? Yeah... of course! And I sent Cliff picture as mms to my sister. A few minute later I got her mms reply... it's her daughter

I can do it as well!

Hahaha.... those children are cute! They all are my mom's grandchildren, really expert in doing silly faces since young ages. Hm.. thank you for coming to this silly site...! Have a great day!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Have you ever met blue people at the street?

People are unique, they need to express themselves. Sometimes the idea comes so tempting to be realized, even though it can harm yourself, you couldn't resist to make it come true. The challenge in making the idea come true is the one among many other reasons who motivate us to do crazy thing. Bungee Jumping, Roller coaster, Sling, and many dangerous games are the example. People who can do that feel that they have overcome their fears, and be proud of it.

The other reason why people do crazy thing is money and fun. I think this is the reason why this man paint himself with blue. He walked around the car which stop in the traffic lights and asked for money. He held out the box with a note : Collecting Fund for Independence Day Celebration. Indonesia's Independence Day due on August 17th. People usually celebrate it with traditional games and band shows, at every neighbourhood. So, in July they start to looking for fund for this activity. If you notice close enough, I think he paint himself with a wall paint... uuughh.. don't know how he can clean himself from that without harming his skin! When other people so care about their skin and pay a lot money to get beautiful skin, this man (and many other men like this in Bandung) do this for money.

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Gift Ideas...

Are you searching for a perfect gift for someone special? I think these are cool stuffs you can consider... This sun jar is environment friendly, totally unique and the children will be amazed to see how they can put the sun in a jar! LOL....

May be you want to give a present to a dog lover? I found a dog tail shop at Legian, Bali... Look at this cute doggie dolls! It made from batik... and they are even wearing Bali's traditional customs... Just loveeee... it..

I also have a friend in Bali, who have many collections of Bali handycraft products... may be you want to see some necklaces, bracellets, christmas ornaments, candles, and many things made in Bali... She can help you! Yesterday I just came back from Bali and I got these beautiful necklaces from her.

I just love Bali and 5 days is not enough to explore Bali... I miss Bali!