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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vote for me please!

I just found out that the diamond prize needs some vote!! Vote for me please... I will appreciate it... :-) Valentine is my birthday so why don't you give me diamond earings present by voting for me several times? Ha ha ha... Anyway, I gave my best effort to make a great post about it, haven't I? (hm... self confindence... hehehe)...

VOTE FOR ROOMS OF MY HEART then... thank you very much! The announcement will be on February 10th!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A gift for you from me

Valentine is coming!! I made a quickpage for you using a KIT from Barbara LeMay (aka "Herald") apple jam envelope by Marcee Duggar and the apparel (dunno what the name is) by Catharina Oelting from oriental KIT

If you just the beginner of digiscraps.... you can use CS2 to insert your picture to this frame. Download the psd file here, and open it with CS2... then open your picture and drag it to the frame's window... you can manage the layers to front or back by changing it up or down.. aaarrrghh... so hard to explain it here!

So this is a Chinese New Year gift for you...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Win a $1,500 prize by simply writing a post!

Diamond!! Yay!! Win 14 karat gold earrings worth $1,518 and each earring is set with a half carat diamond that is graded as I or J color with I1 clarity and an excellent cut!!

This glowing contest is held by GoldSmith Jewelry which are celebrating their 30 years in jewelry business. They have been trusted to serve Orlando market and selected as the Favorite Jeweler by the viewers of Channel 2 News in Orlando. Specialized in premium diamond jewelry, and provided with an outstanding customer service, they guarantee to give the best service to every customer to find the best diamond tailored for our budget and 100% satisfaction guaranteed of diamond earrings, diamond pendants, and diamond engagement rings.

Thank you to Amel who has told me about this contest! I definitely interested in winning this giveaway! Valentine is coming, that means my birthday is coming as well... diamond earrings are perfect for Lady Valentine like me! hahahaha...

How to join the contest it is sooo simple!

We only have to post about this GREAT GIVEAWAY and link to GoldSmith Jewelry.

The post should include:

  • An introduction to Goldsmith Jewelry with a link to their website
  • A mention of this giveaway

After that, we should send them an email that includes the link to our post, that's all! They will also link our blog as participants in their site as well... nothing to loose and no catch at all! We just need to support them to promote their site... :-)

Deadline and Choosing the Winner

The deadline to post is February 4, 2008. A poll will be opened on the 5th and the winner will be decided by the outcome of the voting. The winner will be announced on February 10th and ship the earrings right away so that you will have them in time for Valentine's Day. One more thing, free shipping on ALL items and a 30-day refund policy... join the contest now! Don't forget to tell them that you are recommended by Trinity ok? :-)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

They are ready to fly!

Sorry for taking this too long, but now I have packed all the gifts to be sent to the winner! Tomorrow I will go to send all these packages to you... :-) Just watch your mailboxes around these weeks! Stacey and GIGI Girl Gone Wild, I don't know how long it needs before it arrives at United States, I guess Lady Java's gift will arrive first. By the way, Lady Java, may this rattan bag can be one of your favorite collection!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank You for Celebrating with Us..

This little celebration is really great with some new friends coming by... ! I hope you all are having fun as well... Here's some friends who is celebrating for us, I have put them into an eligible participant list!

Elizabeth F. - oh she has been blessed with 3 little cute children! Super duper cute! Hei Liz, I also breastfed my Cliff for a year!
Stacey - a beautiful and cheerful mom of two teenagers. I am touched by your love to your sis Jamee! She must be an inspiring woman.
Christine - a creative young mother who has a fabulous blog! You can peek in from this badge..

Tanyetta, I am grateful to be listed in your Contest Galore! Thank you dear!

Laura William Thanks for giving me shout out in your blog! Laura's blog has a contest list. She provides a complete explanation how to win the contest as well. You can drop by to her blog, may be there's an interesting contest for you!

Laura Williams' Musings

Sharon, I envy her clown make up! guys, don't you want to be make up as a clown someday? I do! Hm... I wonder how to do it... don't know how to find the costumes :-D

Lady Java... thanks for your great post, my friend!

Eliza from HomeMom3, she always has a long list of give away! Thanks for put me in your list.

Gigi from Girl Gone Wild, she is Stacey's rival ... hehehe.. thanks for posting this entry.. I hope you can invite as much as your friends to celebrate with me so you can beat Stacey up.. LOL

, glad you have come and celebrate with us!

Amanda thank you for joining this celebration.

For those whose name has not been listed here, may be there's something need to be fixed a little bit. I will keep updating so don't worry as long as you follow the instruction and your links are right, I will put you on the list!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Celebrate with Us!

I mention before that these weeks are special... each of us in the family has their own reason to celebrate. I would like to share our happiness by giving these 3 beautiful bags away.

Let's celebrate together with us...!

Here I have a pretty rattan bag, decorated with flowers tissue. Yup, the flowers picture on this bag was from tissue. It is purely handmade!

I also have 2 little bag I bought from Bangkok for souvenirs. Would you like to own one of them?

It's easy to win these gifts!
1. Celebrate with us by posting this giveaways on your blog include a link back to this contest
post and a link to You can use the word Trinity or Rooms of My Heart as a link. In your post, mention what gift you want and the reason of our celebrations. You can get the answer here.
2. Be sure to let me know you have done - just in case it doesn't show up on the trackbacks. So, comeback again and leave your comment, together with the link of your post.

Here's the rules:
1) Open To Anyone
2)Giveaway will end October 15th, 2007 East Time.
3) Winners will be randomly selected and will be announce here on 16 October 2007.
4) Failure to respond to the prize notification within seven days will be considered winner's forfeiture of the prize, and an alternate winner may be selected from the pool of eligible entries.

What are you waiting for? CELEBRATE WITH US!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Giveaways Day

Tuesday and Wednesday is my stressful day...
so I start to look for giveaways
There are many things out there
waiting to be share!

I think I will cheer up myself by listing some interesting giveaways... I am thinking of giving away something but now as a start I just want to see my readers reactions about this giveaways thing... do you like to look for giveaways? Please leave me an answer as your comment...

  • I visit Kailani today, she is giving away a set of Ballyhoo Creations Personalized Cards. I like the holiday card for this Christmas! Leave your comment here to get a chance.
  • If you have a baby 0-4 years old, submit your baby picture to Baby photo contest! The winner will be announce on the 25th each month! I think I will submit Cliff's picture as this 25th September is his 2nd birthday... I hope it is his lucky day to win the contest!
  • 5 Minutes for Mom are giving away two $50 gift certificates for With Character Kids, and I think a Carter Diaper Bag is really suitable as a birthday gift for my niece! Two lucky winners that comment here will each win a $50 gift certificate to pick out what they want! Yay! They also are having a HUGE Decor Galore Sweepstakes where they’re giving away a 50″ HDTV to one lucky winner and up to five $500 shopping sprees.Hurry up.... the sweeptake entry is TODAY! Sept 12th, 2007
Oh I am too excited to continue writing...! This is my first time so I think be slow down first... If you have something as a giveaway, you can contact me so I can list yours here! Email me at tutug [dot] rice at