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Friday, August 31, 2007

Yippeee.... I am survived!

Thank you Karen, Water Learner for this cert! It is fun to participate in your camp!

Happy Merdeka to all Malaysian's Bloggers!

Dear Jean, BokJae, Maurica, Emila, Helen, Rinnah, Nelson, Uncle Lee,
Jam, Joezul and Zara's Mama
and all of friends from Malaysia who comes here...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Gift Ideas...

Are you searching for a perfect gift for someone special? I think these are cool stuffs you can consider... This sun jar is environment friendly, totally unique and the children will be amazed to see how they can put the sun in a jar! LOL....

May be you want to give a present to a dog lover? I found a dog tail shop at Legian, Bali... Look at this cute doggie dolls! It made from batik... and they are even wearing Bali's traditional customs... Just loveeee... it..

I also have a friend in Bali, who have many collections of Bali handycraft products... may be you want to see some necklaces, bracellets, christmas ornaments, candles, and many things made in Bali... She can help you! Yesterday I just came back from Bali and I got these beautiful necklaces from her.

I just love Bali and 5 days is not enough to explore Bali... I miss Bali!