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Monday, May 19, 2008

Smile, Chuckle, Grin, Laugh, and Stay Young!

I've said that it is an elephant's tail,
why you keep on treating it like a mouse! Huahahaha
LSHMBH* Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts

hehehe.. this is for Amel. She is holding a Photo Caption Contest in her blog. Here's the rules:

This contest is open to all bloggers from the time this post is published. Closing date: Saturday, May 31st, 2008. I'll select and post the winners on Sunday, June 1st (Finnish time).

I'll choose 3 winners, each of whom will get these cash prizes via Paypal only:

1st winner - USD 10
2nd winner - USD 6
3rd winner - USD 4


1. Post about this contest in your blog and write down the wittiest and funniest caption ever for the above picture.

2. Once you've posted about this contest in your blog, you can leave a message in the comment section of this post along with the URL of your post.

3. Each blogger can enter more than one submission in different blogs as long as the captions are different.

Still about funny thing, I find a site that sell so many funny t-shirts. I choose 3 of hundreds funny T-shirts to show you here..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My question and the winner announcement

Several years ago, I share a cable tv subscription with my neighbor next to my house. We use a splitters like HDMI switches and put a long cable from their house to mine. I pay half of the bill to my neighbor. *grin* This went several months... my uncle kept saying that we were cheating that way. I thought it was clever, not cheat... but my uncle said it several times that I started to have no peace in mind.

One day, I said to my neighbor that I will stop sharing the cable tv and use the antenna instead. Apparently, we were not satisfied with the picture quality... using cable tv was much smoother indeed! I have no choice but subscribe it again, but this time, not share with my neighbor and pay it full.. we chose silver package instead of gold package, so we got less channel options.

When the technicians came to install it... I was kidding with them that I wanted to pay silver and got gold package.. ha ha ha... but the technicians gave me the chance! They offered me to pay them some money, around 40 dollars, then my subscription will be upgraded to gold one while I still pay for silver. If you were in my position... will you accept the offer?

............. answer me.............

You will find the answer later.. to be continued... *wink*

By the way, the winners who has guessed my age rightly were:
Juliana RW

what can I do for you? Do you need me to make something for you? *wink*

Monday, October 22, 2007

And the bags goes to....

Finally the day is coming to choose the winner!

Congratulations to those whose name are on the picture below!

Please email me your address at tutug.rice [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you very much to Elizabeth F. Stacey Christine Tanyetta Laura William Sharon Lady Java Eliza Gigi Doreen and Amanda who has celebrated with me. I really appreciate your entry and hope we still keep in touch with each other as friends.

Nothing more valuable than friendship!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

This is me again... with my computer..

I am back!! Home sweet home... After leaving this house and computer, now I sit again here finally... hehehe.. I would like to thank you to all of you who has come here when I was away.

Amel, LadyJava, Janice, Miss Kurdapya thank you so much for your kindness. Your feedbacks were very useful for me as I can't see the result of my posts directly from my handphone.

Dawn, thank you for helping me to tell photo hunters fellow that my entry was up. Thank you very much, you are a really kind and helpful blog buddy!

Karen and Jam, yeah I was in time machine so the posts' date were November.... hahaa... I even didn't know that my handphone's date was wrong! I have fixed all posts now.

Actually I was at Bandung on 17th Oct, but we didn't come home directly. We stayed at my hubby's parents house for a day then we moved again to my sister's house for a day! :-) I couldn't blog until my maid came back to our house. Yesterday she arrived, thanks God. I still need one more maid, you know why? To accompany her so she can be happier! Don't know why she always be so gloomy if she works alone, I think she is so sanguine that she always needs a friend around her.

I will post about my vacation bit by bit because I have so many things to do, at home and at this blog as well... plus, visiting some blogs that I always love to read...

By the way, the contest will be closed tomorrow! So if you still interested to join our celebration, you still have one day to do the entry!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Giveaways will be prolonged...

Dear participants,

Elizabeth, Stacey, Christine, Tanyetta, Laura William, Sharon, Lady Java, Eliza, Gigi, Doreen, Amanda, I just realized that I can't post the winner on October 16th 2007 as I mentioned before because I will still be on my holiday out of town...

So this giveaway offer will be closed on Oct 21th instead, I will announce the winner on Oct 22nd...

Is it good news or bad news for you? :-) I am so sorry this must happen. I didn't remember this holiday season when I post about this contest. Anyway, for those who has not joined this contest you still have time to join us!