This is a sticky note... From March, the 3 first commentator on my posts that begin with this heart, will get some points! Read further here for more information. Thank you and have fun!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Souvenirs From The Sea

I just come back from the beach and here's some souvenir for the JUNE CHUP TOP EARNERS!! Just got 2,5 hours to make this and sacrifice my sleep time... hehehehe... all these efforts are made to appreciate all your efforts to leave your paw prints and chup here! Thank you very much for your participations!! (Chup explanation : please read here). There are 20 sea creatures being presented today...

Congratulations to the

1st : Rainbow Angeles (17 points)
2nd: Jemima (14 points)
3rd: LB (12 points)

In June, Angeles is the one who receive the Limited Special Edition Postage with Enjoyable as her virtue.... Congratulations dear Angeles!! The number 206 means, she started blogging on Feb'06... am I right Angeles? *wink*
Enjoyable in many ways is the character I love from her. She is nice, creative in her writings especially the terms of words she uses, kind, supportive and really sweet! iEnjoy her liu liu liu, iHappy being her friend, and iWant to meet her someday! I think, being enjoyable is really important in our relationship with others and I am sure I (and many of her blogger friends) will always enjoy my friendship with Angeles!!

I choose many feathers from Angel's wing to represent her soft and sensitive heart in a positive way, she is sweet and as soft as feathers! Try to make the feather colorful, as she had made my days so colorful as well with her presence...

Actually, there are 4 amigos who are in the 4th place...*grin*

That Lombardo is my mumble's friend in Happy Feet, and he is here to teach Emila, Bobo, Amilia and JeanChia to dance!! Hehehehe... each of them got 5 points!

Let's see those in the 5th place!!

Yes, they are Sandy, Kee Yit, Doreen, Marzie, Jo-N, Jeanne and LadyJava! These 7 sea creatures from Finding Nemo got 3 points in June...

And who are in the 6th place? 6 buddies!!

Dora, Elaine, Juliana, Leonard, Liquid and SamanthaPoh got one points... :-)

Congrats to all of you!!

Question of the day
If you stay in a villa for vacation, what things do you expect to find in the villa? Eg. great view and atmosphere, some games, large tv... or what?

Monday, June 30, 2008

I can't believe it!!


Waah... I am really not prepared to count the chups!! *DOH*

hope I can be on time *working hard* *try to get some ideas*


*grin* is it okay if I am not sampat enough for the chup result tomorrow?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fast and Furious Chuppers!

Thank you all readers who has participated in our game. This game is a part of THE HUG HUG CLUB games and you can visit these resorts to chup in their blogs as well!

Congratulations to all TOP TEN WINNERS this May!
To get points (chup) in some posts and be the first three commentators has to be fast and furious enough! Yes, it's just a game, not really depend on what 'transportations' you ride to reach here fast enough to chup the posts. However, let's see THE MAY CHUP RACE RESULT now!


Yup.. yup... Jemima (26 points) has a talking car from the Knight Rider named KIT! No wonder she can grabbed the first comment chance 4 times this month! And we have LadyJava (10 points) at the second place... She rides a cool fast and furious Mozilla Firefox sports car as she is very good in html code and such a thing, so computer savvy lady! After LB and Jemima, this month the postage goes to LadyJava!! Yay!!! Congratulations LJ!
I choose PERSISTENT to describe one of her virtue. In Indonesian's world, persistent is tangguh.... I think she is doing well in her blogs, persistent to learn and apply many newest widgets and features, generous and kind to share her knowledge to her friends as well. She has perseverance to get cured from her fibroid, consistency in maintaining her 5 (or 6?) blogs and makes money from them, she is also a faithful friend, in other words she is diligent, smart, patient, and.. persistent!

Managed to grab the last chance as the first commentator, LeBatman aka LB (last month aka LeBond) (9 points) finally got bronze medal this month! His Batman car was succeeded to 'jump' from the 8th place to the third place in one leap! *audience may clap your hands*

Jo-N McQueen (8 points), the all time champion in The Cars movie has to be satisfied enough to get the forth place after LeBatman. She is in the same position with the Charlie's Angeles (8 points)! Bravo girl! Can you imagine you can be in the third place if only LeBatman doesn't have that car? Next time, you have to get his tyre flattened sampatly so he is not able to catch you...

Dora (6 points), is in the fifth place this month. She rides a cool car that can bring her back to the future!!
For her, life is mysterious and I bet she enjoys her journey to the future! Farah and Doreen collect 5 points this month. Congratulations for your first time being in the hall of fame! Farah, mom of 2, is coming with the Simpson Family while Dor33n rides her classic 'Herby', another living VW (can Herby talk? I forget!)

Amel got 2 points this month! Way to go, Amel! You managed to chup twice this month! This unique ghosbuster's car managed to be faster than Juliana's Yellow Bean Car and Lisalove Stone Age Car! Huahahaha... Anyway, aren't both of you really cool in that famous car? I think you are!! Wow, Lisa, you look sexy as Wilma! :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


For those who haven't understand about the Chup game, please read here...

Without further ado, let me announce the CHUP result today... We will start from the CHUPALOOZA result first...
it's the result from chup treasure hunt games...

and the winners are....

Jemima : 47 points,
LB : 39 points,
Joanne : 14 points,
LJ : 13 points,
Lisa : 9 points,
Angeles : 5 points.

From the result above we can clearly see
who is on TOP of
the CHUP HALL OF FAME this month...

april chup
The April Best Chupper will get a special personalized stamp of Virtue Series and this time is for Jemima! I choose focused to describe her character

Jemima Kameyo
, that's how we call her, is a great blogger who always focused in her writings. She is specialized, and not tempted nor persuaded to writing something else. She got a style, deep reflections, true wisdoms yet can be funny sometimes. Being focused is important characteristic that we have to learn from her!
Her name Jemima was taken from her grandma's name,
means dove...
so my friend, here's a white dove stamp for you! I put the number 76 as you start blogging on July 06... :-)
Hope you like it dear.

Now it's time to celebrate birthday on May 1st, 2008!

Happy birthday EastCoastLife!
Here is a special cake to celebrate your birthday! So eastcoast... I almost can smell the beach from here... all fish and sea creatures in my blog are singing birthday song for you... *wink*

Happy Burbday!! Happy Shells Day! May you have a great great birthday today... God bless you, ECL!



Do you know that LeBond will finally virtually marry the Bond Girl? I read his proposal already! hahahaha... and that little cute girl must be flower girl, can't be the second bride, right? Really? HUAHAHAHA...just kidding ok?

Here's the only possibility I can think...

Yeah, the Prince Charming brings all the pretty girls here to his castle!! huahahahaha.... just hope that the Prince aka Emperor is running fast enough to case the carriage.. hahaha I image how he run so fast that he left his flip flops

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Tale of One Bacang

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have a great time at my blogaversary party... (still not sure whether it is blog iversary or blog a versary hahaha...but since it's my blog, I do what I want to do.. kekekeke). So sampat! I think some of us really need to go to drug treatment center to get healed from sampativitis... hahaha...

Here is my answer for the lormaikai picture... yeah my Bandung's lormaikai is no. 4 and 8! Bravo to Mr. LB, the author of Lormaikai Encyclopedia, who managed to sniff sniff and smurf smurf square lormaikai from Bandung. The rest of lormaikai pictures were taken from Littlemissmay, GiddyTigress, and someone I don't know.. hehehe... none of them from LB's blog except you share the same pictures with your friends, LB... *grin*


And this picture, is Bacang Ketan (Glutinous Bacang) just like lormaikai but different filling, and it is triangle.. hehehe...
One day, there is a turtle who wants a lormaikai so much, but he only got one triangle fake lormaikai name Bacang....

He excitedly open the banana leaf to see what is inside...
aaah... looks so shiny yummy!

Look at his eye ball on the background!
All he wanted was open his mouth widely
and ate it all, all at once! HAP!


Ok, back to blogaversary, I met new friends yesterday, thanks to Husia, Chev, Doreen, Samantha, GiddyTigress, Andie Summerkiss and Sandy C, for coming here to wish my blogaversary... thanks for those who has let me steal your lormaikai... hahahaha... forgive me ok?

Big Thanks to JoN, Jemima, LB, Lisa, Angeles and LJ who has played the chup treasure hunt in my blog! What a CHUPALOOZA (borrow LB's word)! Thanks for wanting some more Chupalooza games again next year... I hope it didn't give you too much trouble, BUT FUN FUN FUN! The result will be up on the first of May!

For those who still blurred about the CHUP things, it's okay... you will get it sooner or later and enjoy the fun. It took me some weeks to make my mind 'click' and 'cling' about the CHUP game at the Chup Headquarter.

I want to say thank you to all The Honorable Top Ten Commentators:
  1. L B (47)
  2. JO-N (45)
  3. mama of 2LittleFellas (39)
  4. LadyJava (38)
  5. angeles (31)
  6. Jemima (26)
  7. Mariuca (17)
  8. Juliana RW (11)
  9. Amel's Realm (9)
  10. jam (8)
Thanks to all faithful readers and visitors, and also my subscribers who always read my posts through emails, thanks to you all who has spent your time to read and follow my mini series... Hope you love to read them till the end! Thanks for teaching me to be creative, crazy and sampat and thanks for your sincere friendship! THANK YOU BERI BERI MUTCH!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today Chup So Far

We have a chup party this morning! So fun! LOL... As I told you before at previous post, today is my blogaversary celebration.... and this morning, 7 AM I was having a lormaikai and chup party!! Look how many chups they got today!!! Buahahaha... for those who is chup-hungry, drooling!! Muahahahahaha....


Jemima ♥♥♥♥♥
JO-N ♥♥♥
LJ ♥

"Kenang-kenangan dari Clay":

LJ ♥♥♥♥♥
Jemima ♥♥♥
JoN ♥

"Happy Father's Day!":

JoN ♥♥♥♥♥
Jemima ♥♥♥
LJ ♥

"Have you ever met blue people at the street?":

Jemima ♥♥♥♥♥
LB ♥♥♥
LJ ♥

"Dad and son, Grandpa and me!":

JoN ♥♥♥♥♥
LJ ♥♥♥
Jemima ♥

You still have a chance to hunt! Look at the schedule on my previous post ok? *wink*
If you are not sure what to do, just click the link above, and find out what they have done this morning... Yes, you have to look for my last articles widget as a time machine and went to my August 2007-March 2008 posts... all the blue icons are hidden in my drafts now... ready to be revealed at... the schedule below.. any strategy to win the game? LOL


Rooms of My Heart 1st Blogaversary!

Okay.. it's not today... it should be April 12... hahaha.. I need more time to get ready for celebration... since it's my own blog, I can do anything I want! That's the best part of blogging.. hehehehehe....

I serve delicious lormaikai for you on this special day... Which one is Bandung's lormaikai do you think? hehehe... Yes, I 'steal' many lormaikai in blogsphere and funny thing is.. most of them hang out at LB's blog.. LOL... I'll reveal the answer about which is my lormaikai on the next post.. hehe


I try to find out who is the first commentator who still be my readers till now... Thank you to Wiki-Ilona and Cbenc12 who has found me in June 2. JUNE?! HA HA HA .. Yes, after blogging for 2 months I finally received some comments from strangers... *blushed* Got several comments already before that, but from my 'real' friends and hubby. And it was because I taught them to leave me comment.. LOL... Got LB's comment on May as well..but he wrote it on Nov 17,2007.

I really want some feedbacks and inputs from you...suggestion, advice, opinion about this blog, what should I do to improve this blog... will ask you again about this next time ok? Just think about it first okie dokie? Now we have something more important to do!

Let's play game and have a chup party today, shall we? This time, if you have gps tracking you can play it easier... LOL... I have picked several favorite posts of the year - from April 2007 to May 2008 and I spread 12 chup BLUE icons all over this blog for you to hunt!!
Schedule: April 2007 - July 2007
will be available for a chup from 7 am

**update: Hey you are late...but until I wrote this update, there still a few chup left for you... hunt!! Come again around 3 pm today ok? for chup hunt again and have fun!

August 07 - Nov 2007 will be available for a chup from (around) 3 pm
Dec 2007 - March 2008
will be available for a chup from (hopefully) 8 pm
How do you know you got the first place to chup if there are many comments above it already? Ah.. very easy... the first 3 commentators today on featured post with blue heart icon who win the points ok! Of course, I need your feedback about the posts as well, not just a chup! Ha ha ha... *strict mode on* Go hunting now! What are you waiting for? Run!! Run!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last Goodbye...

I am sorry to say that this will be the last post you read from this blog... Hope you stay here and read this post till the end, just to enjoy the last moment between you and me. I won't write too long, I promise.

I got a full time job, and start this April. So I guess I won't have time to blog anymore... I thank you for all supports and love. Why do I makeover this blog if I wanna quit? Because I want to create impressive last moment! I take you all to the journey under water.... don't forget to bring your diving equipment! Get into Triniquatic Submarine!


This is the chup result!
I decide to present large picture
but you have to scroll to see the whole picture.
Sorry for the inconvenient.


Congrats to all winners and thanks a lot of participation. I hope I count correctly... hahaha..
This is the chup result of 'featured post with the heart chup sign posts only'.
Remember that not all post can be chupped.


LB, The Best Chupper in March, this is the reward for you!
A special personalized stamp of Virtues Series.
For LB, I choose genuine to portray his character.
I met LB several months ago in blogsphere and found him original, genuine and supportive. Many of other characteristic we can learn from him, but this time I only choose genuine to describe him. Genuine in my mind means: sincere, true, and not imitation. I think you will agree with me, that LB is genuine in his idea, genuine in his thoughts and comments, can create genuine design, one genuine friend I've ever met!

Time for award under the sea party!!
Thanks friends for all the awards I've received... I am sorry I can't mention one by one to prevent longer post, but thank you so much to: Max, Joanne, Marzie, Elaine, Jeanne, Ivangirl, Emila, Pinnay Mommy and Hazel for all awards you've given me. Sorry for some awards that can't be delivered here, I choose several awards among many you've shared with me all at once.

Look at the moving wave? Cool, isn't it? hehehe.. I made it by adobe image ready!


Let's dive deeper to find out more!


Time to say good bye and that's the end!
Before I go, I am sorry for not doing some tags...
~~ Thank you so much for reading this till the end ~~

Just kidding! hehehehe.. it's April fool's day! hahahaha... ok.. I don't mean to quit and I don't have a fulltime job. I still looove my status being a SAHM and being with my kids all the time! See you on other posts... see you in your blogs... see you in your comment section and don't forget to chup again this month!!

Here is a link to awards image if you need to post them in your blog... and come scroll to the next post to have another party!! Janice's birthday party!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Jean, Rabbit and all Tortoise!

First of all, I want to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Jeanne. I am so sorry I don't know that your birthday was on March 10th. Jeanne, when I went to Venita Plant Supermarket I found Callalily flower! I shot this picture for you, dear... :-)

Happy belated birthday, hope you like the flower..

It's in the middle of March and this is my first month as a THHC resort. Thank you for those who has participated in this game... Let's see the score until this half of the month.

First position LB 22,
Second position, 5 points : Mistipurple - LJ - Uncle Lee - Tine - Nicole
Third position Angeles with 4 points
3 points achieved by Jemima and Marzie
Misha got 2 points
and Dora, Juliana, Madamoiselle, JoN got 1 point each!

You still have 2 weeks to race and chase the highest position as can be! Go..go ..go!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Game In Rooms of My Heart!!

For photohunters fellow please do scroll down... my entry is below this post. Anyway, do participate in my game on this post as well!

This is March and I will play a new comment game here! I ask LB to allow me to join his Hug Hug Club Resorts, for more information T H H C™. I got a brand new THHC logo especially made for me by the Chairman Albie Wong! Thank you.... *take a bow* Ok, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Mr. Albie Wong, the Chairman of to give you some explanation about THHC™ here... *clap your hands*

What is T H E H U G H U G C L U B™ ?

T H E H U G H U G C L U B™ (THHC™) is all about Hugs. It is akin to frequent flier points, in that you, the commentator, accumulate as many points as you can, to eventually become King/Queen of the Heap! At the end of the day, it is mainly about making & being friends, scratching & screaming, CHUP! & that rush of adrenalin to the brain, to enjoy yourselves, to spread the joy of Hugs in a sometimes bewildering world of Blogging. The bottom line: Have fun!

The Joy of HUGS/CHUPS in a nutshell:

THHC awards points to the first three unique commentators of each new post on their blogs. The first commentator would receive 5 points, the second 3 points, and the third 1 point.

These points are then added to that particular commentator’s scores for the Month. The top three commentators win the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the end of each month.

Each THHC™ Resort may have their own peculiar means of awards, according to their needs. These are the THHC™ Resort around the world:

albie | angel | kyh | leonard | may | rinnah | selby | trinity | wennnn

*~*~*~*~* thank you Mr. Albie Wong for the preface*~*~*~*~*

This is what LB did for his points summary.. Look, I was the last commentator who got the least point on November!

And I was kicked from the list on December... no point at all! In January my rank was improved... I was in the second layers now.. Yippeee! The biggest ones on top are the top points earners.... It's really fun!
Look what I achieved in February! February is really my month of the year! I got the highest layer! Got the silver medal! Yaaaaay!!! Look here to read the Champion All Star Hugs

And I just received my PHHC™ prize (Premier Hug Hug Club) today!! Yihaaaaa.....!! Really twinkling...blinking...gorgeous heart! I loooove it! Thank you Albie! *jumping around with joy*

Now, it's time for us to play the game here....I made a little adjustment of the rule:

Since I post several posts a day sometimes, I will put this glowing heart sign for my featured posts for you to CHUP. The 3 first commentators on posts which begin with this sign only, who will get the points. But, please, do read and leave your comments on every posts of course.. :-D

I made this rule to make me easier to count the points. I will be very busy counting and taking a note for the points if I do many posts and every post is counted!

You see?! This is really fun! Come and join me... look for a chance to grab and collect your points and see who gets the medals this month!