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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last Episode, - Mini Series of Dwi Krismawan and Bethania Eden

Just try to accept the way you are…

They love to bring Gabriel, their son, to swim. As usual, when Dwi dipped into the swimming pool, many people will swim away from him. After swimming for a while, they were shocked by a very loud scream,

“Waaaa!!!! Whose ear is it?!?! AAAAAAAA!!! I saw an ear floating!!!”

Since then, Ibet never allowed Dwi to wear fake ears anymore.

In Voice Magazine, Bethania stated,” How can we be faithful and love invisible God if we can’t love and be faithful visible man.” She is proud of her husband and accept Dwi’s shortcomings sincerely.

Scary Experience

Dwi and Ibet were often invited to give a testimonial and motivation from one place to another. One day, they stayed in a guest house out of town. That night, their baby boy cried for a bottle of milk so Dwi woke up to prepare it for his son. He found out there was no warm water in the room so he had to go to the guest house’s kitchen. Just before he went out of the room, the electricity suddenly went out so he had to fondle, walking towards the kitchen. Luckily, the moon light shone through the window on the way to the kitchen.

From distance he heard someone’s foot step, may be from the kitchen. He felt relief that he could ask a warm water he needed. He was right beside the window, wearing a white singlet and short pants, under the moonlight, they suddenly met. And, “WAAAAAAAAAA!!! In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus!!” that woman was fainted to see him, after trying to snarl him several times as if he was a ghost.

Ibet suddenly went out to see what happened and tried to wake her up. The woman was so scared, trembling and shaking. When she saw Dwi again behind Ibet, she was even fainted again! She said she had tried to drive away that ghost in the name of Jesus, but the ghost wouldn’t go away…

(I heard this story directly from Dwi so I am not making fun of him in this post)

Despite of his physical shortcomings, now God uses him to give some courage to disable people, veterans that has lost some part of their body at war as well as their hope of life. God has brought Dwi to meet Hary Tanoesoedibjo (RCTI - TV Station Owner). Dwi’s life story was made a film : Bawa Aku Terbang (Bring me to fly) that has been presented on TV at Christmas 2005. The film was represented again on Easter and Christmas 2006. Mr. Hary Tanu also gave Dwi opportunity to work at SINDO newspaper. Dwi is very often invited as a motivator, as Marketing Motivator in several established company. He has become a guest star in several TV show and scheduled to be in Oprah Winfrey Easter Show as well!

Before, Dwi has a dream to be a pilot who bring passangers from one city to another. However, from the tragic accident, God has made him to be a pilot, not a ‘world’ pilot, but His pilot, to lead many people who has been so far from God to return to Him, strengthen many souls and bring them from darkness to the light….

The End

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ibet's Struggles (Mini Series Episode 5)

In fact, this is not the last episode... hahaha... I got one more episode to be scheduled published hm... on May 25th 8 PM my time... see you there ok?

Previous Episode was here.

The time for Ibet to deliver her baby was dued. 13th April 2001, 12 AM, they went from their rented house nearby Ibet’s parent’s house. They didn’t told Ibet’s parents as they had a serious quarrel before. That morning, Dwi asked some money to Ibet’s older sibling just for transportation to bring Ibet to the hospital. However, they became angry. Each time they angry they always rejected Dwi and said allusion about Ibet’s decision to marry the hopeless man. (From Bahana Magazine, March 2007 edition).

Dwi and Ibet went to their friend by public transportation, and their friend gave them Rp. 200.000 (around 22USD). Then they went to the nearest hospital by ojek (a motorcycle – public transportation). Being rejected as they didn’t have enough cash, they went to other hospital, in painful tummy… in fact they were also rejected because of the same reason. Couldn’t stand of the pain, they took a cab to RSIA Hermina at Depok. The driver felt so pity to them that he refused to be paid.

In fact, they took the irrational choice to go to this hospital as it was a private owned hospital that would be far more expensive than other two hospitals they came before. Dwi was so panic, but Ibet tried to be calm. That day was a Good Friday, so they could say that the bank was closed and Ibet was accepted without paying a deposit.

The diagnosis result was, Ibet’s HB (haemoglobin) was only 7 and she was lack of nutrition so she has to be caesared. That meaned they would need more money to pay the hospital. Ibet started to felt worried but deep in her heart she really believed that God would surely help in His way.
15th April 2001, at 12 AM a baby boy was born and they gave him a name Gabriel Lourence. They were so happy and thankful to God. Ibet could go home after 5 days in the hospital, as long as they had paid all the fee. Dwi was so worried because they didn’t have the money at all. He was so busy calling some people to find some help.

The help finally came..

Ibet sat in front of the farmacy. There were many people buying some medicine. Suddenly, a stranger approached her and gave an envelope, “Excuse me Maam, this is for you.” Ibet was so surprise and bewildered,”What?” The man just nodded,”Yes, this is for you” and before Ibet realized he has disappeared. Ibet tried to look for him but couldn’t find him. Who was he?

May be that envelop was given wrongly. May be it was not really for me, Ibeth wondered. Ibet thought the man would come back to take it back so she put the envelop without having a courage to open it. She didn’t tell Dwi about it. After two days, no one came to take it back, Ibet felt sure enough that the envelop was really for them.
Dwi couldn’t hide his anxiety. Ibet showed the envelop to him.
“From whom?” he asked.
“A friend.”
“Whose friend?”
“Our friend” answered Ibet. She told him about her quick encounter with the stranger. They opened it and found some sheets of dollar, 500 USD! Ibet asked Dwi to converse it into rupiah and paid the hospital. You know what, the amount was exactly the same with the hospital charges!

Who was he? Was he a human? An angel? Or Jesus Himself… they didn’t know. But they really know that He has His own way to help them…. And help you too…

(As told by Betania Eden to Niken Simarmata)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hand in hand together (mini series episode 5)

Last Episode:
Dwi had been through surgery 25 times, and after 1,5 years at the hospital, the government stopped the economic support. Bethania came to Dwi’s parents to propose him because she didn’t want Dwi to be isolated in remote place.

They finally got married. Though both of their parents refused their marriage, they finally came to their wedding day. Dwi and Bethania really has to build Dwi’s self confidence in small steps. Dwi has to learn to have courage to face others and talk with people. He got the self confidence 4 years after the accident, it means that 2,5 first years of their marriage was spent in patient and struggles… Being rejected, isolated, treated as worthless, was so painful to Dwi. At that time, when somebody looked at him, Dwi thought he was regarded as rubbish, so useless. He has tried countless times to apply for a job but no one willing to give Dwi a job. He tried to start a chicken farming business but it was looted. In this hard time, Ibet always comforted him by saying that their future is in God’s hand, keep on going, keep on serving the Lord.

Ibet never be tired to make Dwi think positively, and she also never demanded that Dwi has to accept his new condition hurriedly. She understood that in Dwi’s condition, he needed some time to recover his self confidence and he needed to be accompanied sincerely and faithfully. Ibet showed her love through her patient and understanding. She really understood Dwi thoroughly, his background, his family, his needs, his conditions, etc.

“If you feel ashamed you will be more stumbled, therefore you have to learn to face the truth, learn to accept the fact with a big heart. When you manage to accept what has happened, you have move one step forward,” she always said that to Dwi. Ibet’s love can finally build Dwi’s character into a positive and strong one.

One day, Dwi was offered a job as an insurance agent. At first Ibeth felt this offer as a mock, because the person said,”Dwi, do you want to be an agent? It will be funny if you be an agent, the client will be scared and run away…” Dwi began to feel inferior,being said like that, but Ibet said to him,”Dwi, whatever that God has put in your hands, you have to do it in God’s name then you will be successful.” Dwi was given a target to get 1 client in two months, in fact, God made a way and he could get 45 clients in two months! He became the best agent in 2003!

Dwi’s self confidence was gradually recovered… He usually couldn’t stand being in crowds, walking at malls with many people staring at him… When they walked at malls, Ibeth held his hand and encouraged him to walk with lift his chin up. They even often heard someone sang,”Beauty and the Beast….” Dwi, now, can laugh at himself.

Dwi and Ibeth has a son name Gabriel Lawrence now. He is an extraordinary son! Everytime his friends come to his house, they usually scare to see his dad, surprise, scream and cry as soon as they see Dwi’s face. However, Gabriel calmly will always explain to his friends,”This is my daddy. He was not like this before. He was a pilot and when the plane was burnt, my dad became like this…” Dwi sometimes cries when he see Gabriel sleeping. He felt blessed… God is so good, in his bad condition he still has a family and even a child. God can do everything, though we may think it is impossible.
Wanna see him directly?

Here…watch this video!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Painful Sorrows have just begun... (mini series episode 4)

Don't forget to be here on April 26th, at 7 AM my time ok?

Last Episode: Dwi was survived because of the prayers of his friends and family, including girlfriend Ibeth. She made a commitment to God, to accompany Dwi for the rest of her life. Being burnt alive, Dwi was wounded severely, and his family even couldn't accept the fact that Dwi was not the same Dwi as before...

Dwi happened to have intention to commit suicide because he couldn't accept this bitter fact. He kept asking WHY.. WHY.. WHY... to himself... to God... Ibet's love gave him strength, she kept on encouraging him and promised him to be there for him. Though she had to take 5 hours journey to the hospital, she always came and took care of him. Change the bandage was so painful. That burnt skin got blistered and usually the skin was peeled, given alcohol or betadine, covered by bandage. The day after, the bandage had to be change, and the fresh wounded was peeled again and it was hurt A LOT! This was 50% all over his body. 3 hours of painful suffering screams! (Well, it's surely far more painful than acne treatment believe me). You can imagine that angry painful screams... the nurses should have been scolded many times that Ibet had to be trained to change the bandage. Ibet could tell him not to scream when she change the bandages... Sometimes, Dwi cried... "God, it is extremely painful...why this happened to me, and all my dream as if it is grabbed from me all at once" and I am sure it is not only his body, his heart more suffered that we couldn't understand. He used to have a perfect physic, a perfect future... and now his body was damaged badly and he really didn't know about his future anymore... he was so scared that Ibet would leave me alone as well... in fact, God answered his prayers and comforted him.

The boring day by day he has to pass at the hospital, he passed them all with Ibet's presence. Sometimes she brought some food, so Dwi could eat something different from the boring hospital's food. Do you want to guess how long Dwi was hospitalized? Ok.. think and guess first... done? He was hospitalized 1,5 years! What a boring time! He has to go through reconstruction operation 25 times. It was Ibet who signed the operation procedure as none of his family would responsible about him. His 'perfect' skin was peeled and pasted into his burnt skin. His face skin was taken from his thigh's skin. He was grateful that God has given him strength through Ibet. He believed that it was not because of him, it was not because of his effort that has made Ibet stood by him. He believed, because of God has touched her heart.

There were times when he felt inferior as everyone saw him with the weird sight. Even the securities were scared to see his face, he said. He got offended so easily, including to little children. Children usually cried when they saw him, and he hated that very much. One day, Ibet told him that his emotion and anger were no use at all, it couldn't change anything. He still would be that ugly (he said so). However, Ibet said, if he could overcome his anger and try to accept his condition, if he could reconcile with himself, if he could accept his shortcomings, he would reach one step further. It is so hard to accept and confess that we have defects... many people with perfect nose had a nose operation to make it better, right?

One day, Ibet said that the government has stopped their economic support for Dwi's treatment and Dwi's parents would move Dwi to a remote place to isolate him. Ibet wasn't pleased to hear that. Ibet talked to her parents and told them that she would get married soon. They 100% rejected her plan and didn't want to accept Dwi as their son in law. However, Ibet insisted to marry Dwi so he would not be isolated to remote area. Ibet, bravely, came to Dwi's parents and proposed Dwi!

Despite her decision was against from every direction, Bethania insisted in marrying Dwi. They married on 17 Juli 1999....

Could Dwi find a job? How they could build Dwi's self confidence? We will find it on the next episode.

A question for you:
Can you accept someone just the way he/she is just like Ibet accept Dwi? Is physical thing matter to you?

Monday, April 21, 2008

And their love was test... (mini series episode 3)

Yeah..Yeah... Angeles was right! Dwi was evacuated and reached hospital at 3 PM! *give Angeles triple A: Amazed-Adored Angeles* Sorry for waiting this episode so long... I need some time to gather all informations I got and wrote it down for you. Besides, I was busy and (surprisingly) rarely at home these days... So bear with me, please read this episode as I put an effort to share this with you...

Last episode: Dwi's airplane was crashed the Mt. Gede and Dwi was burnt alive...

Arrived at the hospital, Dwi collapsed and unconscious in a coma.

That morning, before flying, Dwi have told Bethania (Ibet) about his plan to fly and promised to contact here again as soon as he has landed. She felt so worried as Dwi should have been arrived at 8 AM but she didn't hear any news from him until 10 AM. Finally, her phone rang, and that she heard that bad news. Somehow she believed that he would survived...

Dwi's family refused to give any information about Dwi's condition to her. The third day from the accident, Ibet finally took her courage to see him. It took 5 hours journey from her house to the hospital, and she didn't even allowed to see Dwi at the isolation room. She was rejected and assumed to be a woman who brought bad luck to Dwi. Not only rejected, scolded, one of Dwi's family even spit on her! She had to lobby the nurses to get permission to see Dwi. After begging several times to the nurses, Ibet managed to enter the room and saw Dwi in coma.

In her agony, Ibet entered the chapel in the hospital and prayed. She prayed and begged to the Lord to save Dwi's life. She made a commitment to God, whatever would happen, she would accompany Dwi faithfully forever. All that she wanted was to do the best for her best friend, her boy friend. Right after Ibet said her prayers, at the same time, Dwi was conscious and murmuring her name... God answered her prayers. The doctor called Ibet and let her to meet Dwi because Dwi called her name. Ibet, seeing him lying there in poor condition, remembered how Dwi has promised her to bring her flying with him, sitting in the cockpit... and now, her beloved boy friend was lying there helplessly. She only found a man who has lost his hope. He even refused to look at the mirror. He broke all the mirror he found at the hospital.

His face and body was terribly damaged by this accident. No hair, no eye lashes, no eye brows and they can't grow anymore.... both of his eye lid, nose and lips were damaged and he also lost both of his ears (auricles). His fingers got sticked together, both of his elbows were also burnt down so he couldn't move them. His body was full of burnt scars.

Physiologically, Dwi was horribly torn because in three month he should have reached his dream to be a pilot. Dwi was known as the fiercest patient at the hospital, he often screamed and scolded the nurses and doctors, to compensate his disappointment to his defects. His heart was completely shattered by this tragedy. His obsession, dream and hope to have a bright future as a pilot was perished.

They began to face a new stage of their life... struggling to be healed, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and physiologically. Ibet accompanied Dwi at the hospital and took care of him dedicatedly. None of his family was willing to be with him anymore. His parents was really disappointed, even his mom couldn't stand to be near him, couldn't face the fact that her son wouldn't have a promising future any longer.

We will continue next time ok? I try to make this short for you, but interesting enough for you to wait for the next episode... Any feedback, please do tell me. If you are bored, or want to finish this story very soon, do tell me... I can be detailed, but I also can be general and quick... which one do you prefer?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When Trials Come... (mini series eps.2)

Last episode: Dwi, a young man who has an obsession to be a pilot. A strong willed man who managed to be accepted in aviation academy to make his dream came true. Bethania, his girl friend, was rejected by Dwi's mom because she was Ambonese and Dwi's mom (Javanese) hated it as she thought Ambonese was rude and harsh. Dwi and Bethania kept their relationship, and Dwi promised to bring her to the cockpit and fly together with him.

January 28, 1997...
It was 3 months before he got a chance to be recruited in Garuda Airlines. Around 6.30 AM, using the brand new plane from France, Dwi and his instructor flied 2000 feet from the ground. The weather was not too good at that time, the instructor said,"Let's continue our exercise." Dwi was exercising instrument preparation, so his head was covered and he only drove the plane by looking at the instrument in front of him. He was doing it for 30 minutes.

Suddenly the instructor said,"ok, have control." That means it's time for the instructor to take over the control. Dwi took off his head coverage, and give to hand the control to his intructor. He was so surprised... at that time their plane was in a very thick clouds... they could barely see anything... it was all white. In a second, their plane crashed the Mt. Gede with 150 km/hour speed!

They were fainted, Dwi's head bumped the dashboard... at the same time, the sparkles met the leaking gasoline, and BUM!! A very big fire filled the cockpit, surrounded them with fire. They were burnt alive while they unconscious . From the very big fire until the fire diminished by itself, Dwi, sitting there behind his seatbelt, then was conscious and saw the clock, he was burn for about an hour. When the fire was small enough, Dwi tried to get out of the plane and he sprawled out beside the plane.

The place was so remote that it needed more 7 hours for the helicopter to evacuate him the nearest hospital. All that time, Dwi was at that location with 50% of his body was burnt in stage 2 (to the tissue under the skin) and 3 (to the bone), and he lost so many blood. He felt really thirsty... but Dwi said, he was grateful that God has strengthened him to survive, waiting for the help to come.

Next episode... The accident didn't only crash and burn the plane, but also crashed all his dream, hope and his life.... You will see his condition after the accident... don't miss it.

A test for you again: (hehehe)
Guess what time was it, when Dwi finally managed to be evacuate to the nearest hospital... *grin*

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beautiful dreams... (mini series eps. 1)

What will happen when your life is not as well as your dream?
It's about the struggles of life,
It's about a true love,
It's about bigger plans...

He has made everything beautiful in His time.
He has also set eternity in the hearts of man;

yet they cannot fathom
what God has done from beginning to end.

If I may say, every child has a dream... This little boy, Dwi Krismawan, also has a dream. He wanted to be a pilot. Living near an airport, he could see big airplanes flying above him everyday. He always wonders how cool it was to drive a plane, taking hundreds passengers from one city to another. This obsession was so strong in his heart, until he finished his high school in 1992, he really wanted to make his dream came true.

He tried to enroll to aviation academy at Curug. To be a pilot, only 75 students accepted out of thousands registrants all over Indonesia. In 1996, after 4 years attempt, he managed to pass the test and be one of the students in aviation academy. He really thanked God for giving him a chance to be a pilot. He passed each stage seriously, whole heartedly... he got a jungle-sea-survival, to be able to survive everywhere in all insufficiency. There was a time when he could ride a plane alone for the first time (flying solo) and he was so proud of it because not all of 75 students could pass the stage and able to fly solo.

Dwi really had a perfect life at that time. He did well in his study and he got a girl friend that really faithful to him. However, Dwi's mother couldn't accept their relationship. Bethania, Dwi's girl friend, was not good enough for her son. Dwi had a bright future as a pilot, while Bethania didn't come from honorable family. They also came from different tribes. Being rejected by Dwi's family, Bethania tried her best to keep their relationship firmly and faithfully. Thus, Dwi promised her to take her fly up high into the sky one day...

Shall we stop here? To be continued...

A test for you hahaha (If you really read, you can answer this) *wink*
How long did Dwi try to enroll the aviation academy?

If you still want to hear a story... read my bedtime story version one at my kid's room ok?