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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This stunning scripture card was taken from Rina's blog,
made by Kabra using Rina’s kit, "Bellisima".

Happy Father's Day!!

Thank you to Jean Chia, Santi and Gabriel, and Henny who has participated to post in Tribute to Dads. Today is a perfect day to give them Tribute... :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tribute Invitation

Father's day is coming soon, I would like to invite the following blogger to write something about your dad or mom:

Thank you for your participation!

a tribute to my dad

a tribute to my mom


Parents are God's precious gifts that have an important role in our life. Give your Tribute to your parents when they are still alive is greater as they can read them as well!

1. Write and post something about your Mom or Dad, it can be a picture, poem, lesson from your dad, anything... be creative! You can thank them, express your love or share the greatest memory you have with your Mom or Dad.
2. Copy from 'Start Copy' through 'End Copy' and paste it in your post. Add your site on the list.
3. It would be appreciated if you can help to spread this meme by tagging others, but it is optional.
4. Leave me message with the link to your post or email me your link to [at]
5. I will add your post to Tribute to Moms or Tribute to Dads with a link back and add your site to the main list.
6. I suggest keeping your list current so that everyone who participates gets maximum benefit.

Contributors to Tribute to Moms: 1. Trinity 2. Sandy at Momisodes 3. Jo-N 4. Mom Knows Everything 5. Doreen 6. Sting 7. Uncle Lee 8. It Is Nap Time 9. You're Next!

Contributors to Tribute to Dads: 1. Trinity 2. Michelle Dawn at Rusin Roundup 3. Max at Maxcouti 4. Eric Speedcathollydale 5. Joe Fleming 6. Jo-N 7. Mom Knows Everything 8. Santi for her Dad: Gabriel 9. Henny 10. JeanChia 11. Doreen 12. Ling that's me 13. Uncle Lee 14. Mummy Diaries 15. Super Mae 16. You're next!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary... used to be their wedding anniversary to be precise. My Dad has passed away in 2005. I dedicate my latest post at Tribute to Dads for him... The header of Tribute to Dads was taken by me, at Bali... it is a picture of my hubby and Cliff watching the sunset at KUTA beach.

I also open Tribute to Moms for public today, as a remembrance of my dear parents, as my gratitude of a happy family they have given me. My dad was a professional photographer and the header of Tribute to Moms is taken from my dad's shot. He did the montage manually on the dark room. At that time there is no photoshop at all... it is all done manually and the picture has won several trophies as the first winner of photography competition.

I need your participation and supports for these two sites... do email me your Tribute for your Dad or your Mom, and I will post it on that site. If I may ask you, please don't post it on your blog to prevent copy paste... but I can't ask you too much.. :-) it has been so kind of you if you participate in my project, that's all...

I will announce the new post here, and link you on the site as well! Let's tell the world that we love our parents and let's give Tributes to them as they really deserve it...

Thank you friends,