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Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy Happy Week

Dear friends,

Thank you for your respond to my Tribute Invitation... I hope you enjoy your time in writing something about your parents. You can write about your dad or your mom or both, it's up to you! Is the invitation felt like I am pushing you to support the project? I hope it's not as I don't mean it... I just have a dream that here in blogsphere, we have a 'place' for Dads and Moms Tributes, and I have no choice but to ask my blogger friends to start the 'ball' rolling... may it rolls and rolls beautifully!! Please support me by tagging your friends... thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, from head to toe.. hehehe

The children's diary is updated about Cliff sitting habits.. feel free to visit them.

This week is really hectic for me, I will be very busy doing what I love to do! How about yours? I am typing hurriedly like mad while feeding Cliff his breakfast now... hahaha... I have some project to do this week:

  • Clay starts his swimming lesson 3 times a week.
  • Train some teenagers a drama rehearsal to perform on Parent's day this Sunday.
  • Hold a family reunion (70 people of us!) this weekend, will spend a night together and I have to prepare everything including games and activities!
  • I have to buy some sparkles, gifts (for children and baby gifts) for the games winners, make a booklet for all of us and make a family tree too! Will have to arrange the room members and arrange the meals menu too...
  • Will have to be in talkshow about My Parents my Best Friends this Friday. My mom and me will be interviewed in the youth fellowship.. hahaha will be great!
  • I have dresses and trousers to pick up at the tailor.
  • I still have to bring some more packages from my parent's house, move them all to mine!
  • I still have some assignment posts to do before June 12 as well!
I will have so many pictures this week! hahaha.... I thank God for all these things to do, those are such a blessing for us... those are chances to be blessings for others as well... May your week is blessed too! *wink*

See you in another assignment post I have to wash my hair now.. hahaha

Monday, May 26, 2008

Got what we want!

My hubby looking for air tools because we need to hang our new mosquito trap in our house. I still remember being cracked up reading LB's comment on this post... may be you still remember that I was a mosquito buster.. hahaha...

We have been wishing to buy this blackhole moz trap for months, however it was quite expensive so we still need more 'guts' to buy it.. hahaha... it is Rp.600.000 in Indonesia, around 66USD. One day I was called by my personal banker, she told me to come to the bank to take 1 million Carrefour gift vouchers (111USD)! Ha! Thanks God! We can use the vouchers to buy our 'dream gadget' moz trap!! Yay!!! I gave some voucher to my mom in law, use the rest to buy blackhole and other promo products (cooking oils, etc etc). I thank God for this gifts... from the bottom of my heart. I always knew He knows how we want this blackhole... read this to proof it!

The economic crisis in Indonesia is quite difficult these days. The gasolines price is up 15% a few days ago. The cooking oils are so expensive... everything are soooo expensive!! I use solar fuel, from Rp. 4300/litre now is Rp. 5500/litre. The premium one is Rp. 6000/litre now... We really should try our best to help others who are in needs, they will have a hard time to live! My hubby taught me to give to the poor people at streets, try to use a chance to share if I have a chance...

How about the economy crisis in your place?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello from Singapore

God is good all the time! We have arrived all well,safe and sound! The plane landed smoothly as if I never experience better landing before.

I was worried Singapore would rain all day as Janice said so but it didn't rain at all the whole day yesterday. Amazing Big Daddy!

Thank you for your prayers n wishes, Cliff was well on board,he didnt complain anything. Though we had to wake the kids up at 5 am, and took 4 hours by car to the airport, they all were cooperative. We arrive at 1 pm singapore time, Cliff n Clay helped pulling their own luggages (light rolling bags) so cute! I will show the picture later.
We hv lunch at the airport's food court, yummy meals with reasonable price. Kids were so hungry they ate a lot in speed. Hehe. When we looked for city cab, we were queuing in line. Surprisingly we got a brand new car taxi different frm people before and after us. I thought i will have to pay more but i dont- we pay 18 frm airport to hotel at kampung bahru. We will get a free bed and breakfast in Singapore as our friend has booked it for us... not like Arizona bed and breakfast but it is great! Isn't He good?
update u later! Gotta go.

Best regards

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank You...

I fell in love with Norah from the first sight,
She is cute, adorable and beautifully made,
Norah character has brought me to her creator, a talented illustrator,
and look at my header now is changed with a cartoon version of mine!
If you notice the background has a beautiful needle work,
that is specially made for my blog,
When I receive this I am sooo glad that I want to show it to the world
I think you can guess who is the sweet and kind woman,
that has made this blue header for me...
Yes! It is the beautiful art work of this cute little boy's mom!

Thank you so much Emila, for this awesome header. Emila is the creator of Norah as well... I did this portrait of Yassin, Emila's son, though it is not as good as your work, please accept this as my gratitude for your kindness.

Dear readers, I am sure you love my header as well. You can visit her blog and look many other great work of this artist. On her sidebar, Emila own an online-shop where you can buy her art works. She also did beautiful mugs, canvas paintings for a gift (she just made a wedding pressie for Mariuca's friend), postcards and many more. If you are interested in being illustrated by Emila, scroll down the sidebar and you know how. Do visit her blog now as she is holding a contest and the winner will get a cute notebook with Norah as the cover! Of course you will have to compete with me to be a winner....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

To All Teachers In This World...

Yesterday I am talking about KUMON, how frustrated I am to motivate my son to learn math, well today I met his KUMON teacher and asked her to help me solving our problem. Actually I find a blog which is so mathematical! I am amazed of how some one can be so dedicated to math! Eat your maths is written by teacher Fong. On his sidebar Mr Fong describe himself as a dedicated, sports-loving Maths tutor that aspires to teach students how to confidently step up to kick the PSLE away into the soccer goal, and score! What a special vision he has for his blog!

Being a teacher or a tutor is not easy, we really have to give ourselves for our students. Mr. Fong also has his own struggles and difficulties dealing with both students and parents, but I also read his satisfaction and joy as he found his students successful to reach their goal. He also blogs about his holidays... teachers are human being they need a break! :-)

Among many personal blogs I find this math blog unique and definitely has an interesting concept! I wish good luck to you Mr. Fong... teaching is also learning... learning to understand our students and learning to make them understand the subject. It is an honored vocation especially if we do it with responsibility and dedication.

Mr. Fong, this is for you...
Blog of the day - Eat Your Maths

Dear Big Daddy,
Thank you for all teachers You provide me in my life... You have called them and equipped them with special skills to teach and guide their students.

Thank you for my Dad, who has taught me perseverance and giving...
Thank you for my Mom, who has taught me creativities and enthusiasms...
Thank you for my teachers, who has helped me to study...
Thank you for my friends, who has taught me to play and work together...
Thank you for my sister, who has taught me to share our lives...
Thank you for my parents in law, who has taught me to take care of my family...
Thank you for my hubby, who has taught me to smile...
Thank you for my Clay, who has taught me to be consistent...
Thank you for my Cliff, who has taught me not to worry about everything...
Thank you for my blogging friends from all over the world, who has taught me to write better posts and share so many information I never knew before...

Dear Big Daddy, I find so many teachers everyday and I am so grateful for that!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Please grant me grateful eyes, dear Big Daddy

I often feel upset to my son Clay, he whines almost every time I ask him to rehearse his piano lesson and Kumon. I think he supposed to be thankful because he has opportunities to learn piano and KUMON (math) but what I find is that he sees those 'chores' are burdens for him. Well all I have to do as a mom is teaching him patiently... give him understanding gently... and sometimes it is so haaarrdd!

The picture above makes me wonder if I act just like Clay... hm... wokaaay... it's time to be thankful!

Dear Big Daddy,
I am coming to you today to thank You for my children. They are healthy, cute and grow properly, thanks for Your provision all this time. You are their Big Daddy as well, I always try to teach them to love and respect You.

Today I post about Clay and share to my reader how he made me upset... oh Lord, by doing this I do exactly the same with him, don't I? You gave me children and I complain how they made me upset! Please forgive me Lord... I don't mean to do that.

Big Daddy, from now on I will try hard to be creative and patient so I can motivate my children to study... I also will try to understand that they can feel bored rehearsing the piano and find that math is soooo difficult and frustating for them... in this case it's mom who has to be creatively make all things fun!

Thanks again for teaching me today, Big Daddy...
now I will off to do something fun with Clay and Cliff.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Learn not to take for granted in every thing.

Meet Boogiemum today, who has the idea of 30 days of thanks and own this lovely badge below. She has many interesting projects on her place. It seems that she never runs out of ideas to make this world a better place. Never heard about gas challenge before? The challenge was over now, but I still love to read and find her great mission to save our world!

Boogiemum this is for you

Blog of the day - Boogiemum

Looking at this picture is heart breaking, dear Big Daddy. However I see a strong will and perseverance in him that I might not have.

I thank you as You are our Provider and You provide our needs and bless us everyday abundantly. Bless this man and all people in sorrows and needs, O Lord and make us Your Hands to reach them with love and care.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

30 days with 30 blogs - no. 3 Cooking Momster Corner

Let's visit Cooking Momster Corner today and see what did Sue sue bought at Europe ! This busy lady like a bee loves to cook and I think her fried udon looks good! I love how she made stars from carrots... and I will try her recipe this week.

Sue sue lives in Kuala Lumpur, she is a working mom with 2 kids, Lee-Ann and Ee-Thern. This little Ee-Thern is actually like twins with my Cliff! They were born on the same day and year and almost same time! Cliff was born on 9.46 pm while Ee-Thern at 9.50 pm! What a wonderful coincident that their moms met in blogs!

Sue sue hope this post can brighten your tiring days! I made this badge for you, just in case you like to put this in your side bar so your friends can read this post. But it's really optional, you are free to use it or not.

Blog of the day - Cooking Momster Corner

30 Days of Thanks

Dear Big Daddy, I want to thank you for my mom. Today she visited us and stay a night here and we all have a great time together. Every one of us, including my maid, love her presence in our home. She really makes our home warm and cheerful. We even have a nap together, 4 of us in my bed!

Thank you Lord, You allow my kids to know their grandma and have a lot of memorable experiences with her. They listen to her story about naughty monkey, they play and sing Barney's songs with her, they are cuddled and hugged in her loving arms, encouraged and comforted by her words as well... Thank you, Big Daddy for my mom!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Blog of day - no. 2 Acquire Wisdom

I like Sam Chan's blog very much! All this time I often see his comments at Waterlearner so his avatar is so familiar, but not until Mr. Fong told this good blog do I actually visit him. Acquire Wisdom, what do I find? Inspirations, wisdom, comfort, advice and encouragement as well! If you never read his posts, go check him now and let me know if you do not fall in love with this blog! This blog is a kind of blog you will dig and find many treasure in it.... I will subscribe it as I want to learn how to write good posts like his. One more thing, Sam Chan, Happy belated birthday! It's on Oct 30, isn't it? God bless and use you to bless others.

30 days of thanks... Day Two.
What are you grateful for today?

Do you feel grateful today? I hope you do... I feel grateful for the ability to enjoy my blessings...

I am a kind of person who can really enjoy delicious food while may be, for other, is not too special. I am not picky... my auntie even said that it is useless to ask my opinion about some food, I will surely say it is delicious! LOL... thanks God my hubby is similar with me in this matter... we can enjoy something no matter how simple it is...

I want to thank God for giving me a chance to learn how to cook these days... :-) Since my 'cook' maid left us I have to cook for my children and me ( not really for my hubby--my hubby seldom eats at home thanks God for this as well! LOL). Cooking is not my specialty nor my hobby but I want to thank God for this chance to serve my family food for their bodies, and as well as for their souls and mind!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wanna Join us in NaBloPoMo?

View my profile on NaBloPoMo

I sign up today though I am not so sure how it works... but I like the idea of blogging about something everyday for 30 days! I visited Sabine and Patricia today and they just start this National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. To join this, we only have to blog everyday this November, starting today. I think it's a good way to begin our November! Hey you guys, come on join me!

Let's start now!

Blog 01 on 30 days with 30 blogs is....

Everydayhealy, a mom of 7 months daughter, baby Elizabeth. I impressed with her because she willing to read my long post about what I do all day! I see that she starts blogging from April, exactly the same with me and she got PR4, congrats!! I think she is from Penang Malaysia, as she post some video about Penang Gurney Drive, and she has two maids! We have so much thing in common indeed... :-) Go greet and visit her, and see her great header! Tell me what do you think that header means... I think it's about being courageous to jump high from our comfort zone (that actually not comfort at all) and find a bigger place to explore! Or... may be it's about be brave to take a first step, be the first one, as a leader, to find a better place.... what do you think?

Healy, this is for you...
Blog of the day - Everydayhealy

Today I want to thank God for a better atmosphere in our house. Thank God for my maid in this past 3 years, for her dedication and love to my Cliff. I pray for a new good maid to help us but I know that we all have to learn how to get along with each other. Thanks Mr. Fong, GIGI, everydayhealy, Ladyjava, Jam, Jo-N and Amel who have given me encouraging comments!