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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Travel Stories - part three

Busy...busy.... quick..quick...!!

Yesterday was my mom in law's birthday and I missed that! *doh* I thought today is 21.. *excuse* so today I bought some food and brought my family to my parents in law's house to have lunch together... and also with my hubby's sister's family...

I came home now... doing a little scrap about my hubby's friend's wedding at Sentosa Singapore last week... not perfect yet but I don't have more time to finish it, so I think I will just upload it here... have to go for drama rehearsal now...

Cliff is better and healed now... Hurray!! Clay is playing with his cousins, not home yet.

Sorry for rush post.. enjoy the picture! Will post the story behind the scene later ok! See the lamp on the corner? I took the picture of it... love it very much!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Travel Stories - part one

Hi friends!! Oh boy I miss you and my blog! Hehehehe... Thank you so much for coming here when I was away, there were so many kind and sweet people who has come to this 'rooms of my heart'! I received comments and gifts under my Christmas tree as if I still in Bandung, sitting in front of my computer... I appreciate your attentions, it means a lot!

I am sorry I haven't visit all your blogs after my return. Still many things to do, plus retouching some pictures for you to see. I will try to catch up, visit and read your blogs after finishing my homeworks in this blog, okaaay?! *wink*

I hope these travel journal posts can be such a memorabilia for my kids as well when someday they read this blog. Okie dokie.. let's start from page one...

I woke up at 4 AM to give a finishing touch to our luggages... we were ready around 5 AM, after all of our luggages were in the car, we carried the kids up to the car... still sleeping... their eyes were still closed... taken from in their dreamland to begin our journey... hehehehe... in the car, the kids couldn't sleep anymore... they were fully awake. We took 3 hours to Jakarta by car and another one hour to go to the airport. When we arrived, there were a huge group of people who would go to Jeddah, Mecca. Oh wow... so long queue just to enter the front gate only!

In my previous post I have mention how good my Big Daddy has been to me. He provided good weather at take off as well as landing... I really want to give thousand hugs and kisses to Him!!
Cliff was sweet and nice in the plane. He didn't scared to sit by himself. Miraculously he was healed and healthy during the trip! Thank you so much for your prayers, God heard our prayers. I even didn't give Cliff medicine in Singapore. Moreover, the plane landed perfectly...the best landing I've ever had. My heart is over joy with gratitude while I am typing this...

At Changi Clay and Cliff helped us pulling luggages. Cliff was so cute, wasn't he? Hehehe... he really loves pulling that bag everywhere. After lunch at the food court, we went to the hotel our friend has booked for us, Harbour Ville Hotel at Kampung Bahru. There was only one queen size bed and an extra bed for 4 of us. We brought our own air bed to make sure we could have good sleeps.

The nearest MRT from the hotel is Outram, we took a bus to get there. China Town was the first place we visited in our first day because I wanted to buy Sanjin Watermelon Frost insufflations. Bought some Bossini shirt as well for gifts! :-) Clay didn't like China Town too much. He kept on asking to go. Too bad, as it was a heaven for shopping for me! Having an appointment with hubby's friends at Orchard, we continued our 'adventure' to Orchard. I remembered Janice's festive bread on her late post looked so yummy, now I have tasted that delicious cake Jan! Heheheehe....

To be continued. I have several pictures to be retouched.. :-D