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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am having fun...

Being a sound arranger, making backsound for Simson drama, playing with sound effect is fun!
Being a cameraman (or camerawoman?)
Being a video editor...
soon the players will have a rehearsal too...

just 10 minutes drama... but full of fun!

Will blog hop soon ok?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Drama...drama.... and drama....

These days I was busy on preparing the Samson and Delilah drama competition at church. My church has around 14 locations in Bandung, and many others out of town. There are 12-14 groups from our churches in Bandung and Jakarta will perform Samson and Delilah in many version and creativities. My church is a branch-church, we send one drama team. I help to make a script and direct the drama though I also a committee member of the competition. hehehe... it's ok, I am not a competition judge and I don't participate as a player... hehehehehe...

This morning I browse internet to get resources about costumes, backgrounds and music, and I find a site about renaissance costumes, very interesting site! We can find many accessories, costumes, and even swords etc in the site... I love the Lords of the Rings' ring! :-D

This afternoon I have a rehearsal, and will have to show all the resources I got today. I can't tell you much about the drama yet, as I don't want other team to 'peep' in.. hehahaha... The competition will be on July 29 and we just have our first rehearsal!! *doh* we have to work harder!

Ps. I also will have to rehearse another drama, this time I play as an abused wife. This performance is on July 19 at Tegal, 5 hours from Bandung... duh... now you know why I was so occupied! Fully booked!

Monday, July 7, 2008

She didn't approve my clip...

No, I will not spread the virus to you... (been lazy to blog) :-) I will try to keep my enthusiasm up... I feel a little bit down today, as someone said that the clip I made is not suitable and interesting enough to be presented. In fact, I was so excited and loved this clip very much, I think it's's the announcement of drama competition we hold at church the end of July. I was not prepared to hear the 'head of the committee' said the clip implicated that the drama competition is for teenagers only, using this clip the adults and elders at church will not interested in buying the tickets to watch the drama competitions... huaaaaaa... do you think so? Watch this 1 minute clip and tell me what do you think.... (thanks God I still have enough
laptop memory to edit videos)

(the video has been deleted now... for privacy reason)

My friend did the shooting part and I edit the clip according to his concept. That teenagers who took part in the shooting has been asking when the clip will be ready to be presented. Now the 'chief' is not agree to use them for the clip, what should I do? I think I will try to persuade her again and offer another clip for the next coming week (these clip will be presented at church every week - 3 Sundays until July 29)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do you really love me?

I asked God, "How much do You love me?"

The Lord stretched out His arms, to be nailed on the cross...

Happy Easter, my friend... read the whole story here.

Question of the day:
What does forgiveness mean to you?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Preparation

No time for sickies... no time for scraps... just pictures ok!

Yesterday was Idul Adha, a Moslem's Holiday... Happy Aidul Adha to those who celebrate it... :-)
the streets are so empty... I took my camera a long and had some shots while I drove for drama rehearsal.. hehehe.. not too good angle and picture though but clear enough to show you Bandung. It's 8.30 AM.


It's becak... empty as well... it is our city park name taman Maluku, there are so many err.. you know.. men dress up like women...(what do we call them?) at nights here.


I arrived at the church. This is our headquarter church, I don't go to this church every Sunday because it is quite far from my house. I go to the church in our area, at the 'branch church' the same name but different area. Our church has 43 branches in Indonesia, also in Singapore, LA and San Diego. I am so excited that the church has been decorated! Look behind the stairs, there are the Magi with a hole in their head so we could take our picture as the Magi over there!


The close up

At 2nd floor, there are some mangers over here... not finished yet, but I can guess it will be a stable with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus over here. There will be some people acting as shepherds, Jesus family etc... I wonder if there will be some animals as well..but I don't think so.. hehehe..


On the 3rd floor where we use to hold the Sunday service ... we can go up by elevator or lifts and here's the lifts door being decorated as well!

Here we are.... inside the fellowship service room... it is the stage.

We got our drama costume yesterday... acha..acha...acha... a lady from India. Many things to be fixed to make the costume look better...


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Best Friend and I

My favorite thing to do in the lovely afternoon is taking a walk with my Best Friend JC. It was 4 PM and the sun still showed its smile. This time JC and me were walking through a small village. Many kids were playing outside their house, flying their kites.

"Let's walk this way, JC" I pulled His hand. "There is a stable next to that house. It smells really bad. Let's take other way, I don't want to pass it, I can't stand with it's smell."

JC smiled. "I love to see animals. That smell is no problem for Me, actually that smell is so familiar for Me."

"Familiar?! You don't mean to say that You LOVE to smell it? Hahahaha..." JC tried to catch me and we run to a small hill near by and sat under the big tree. From above we could see the stable I avoided just now.

Taking a deep breath, JC stared at the stable. His right hands propped His head while His left hand played the grass. "I was born among the cattle and manger was my first bed, Trin"

"You must be kidding! No man in this world was born in a place like that, it is dirty and smelly. It was definitely not a good choice to bear a baby, JC. Why did Your Father let you to be born at the inappropriate place?"

"That was because My Father doesn't want to protect me from the hardness and bitterness of this world’s reality.”

“So You came to this world in that humble way and struggled with this uneasy and poor life to be among Your creation, us, human being, because You wanted to be similar with us, to feel what we feel, to experience our experiences, to understand our humanity…” I mumbled.

“I wonder how it felt, JC. You left Your Throne in Heaven, left all glory and power, You came to this real human world and the first air you inhaled as a powerless baby was the smell of animal’s dirt!”

JC laughed, ”Yes… you are right. That was bad… hahahaha… so smelly at first but we became used to it eventually… hahahaha”

“Oh JC…” I hugged Him, “I can imagine how humble You are! I mean, You are the Lord and You were willing to be born like the place that while I myself feel so reluctant just to pass that smelly stable! Why JC?”

He looked at my eyes and answered, “Simply because I love you…” I feel so touched, I hugged Him tightly. He started His life in our world in lower and disgraceful way than we were. He was born in the real family, worked as a low class carpenter for thirty years. He had neighbors and friends. He lived in this hard world just like us and He chose to die in humiliating way, accused for the crime He even never did! And He said, He did that because He loves me… He loves me…

That stable has opened my eyes to the new point of view how the stable has symbolized His unprotected life. When He came to our world in the first Christmas, He was unprotected from this hard reality so that He is able to understand and sympathize to all situations that we might have to face. When we pour all our troubles to Him, He can understand us.

He understand poverty and hunger, He has felt it…
Discrimination, suppression and repression, He has been a refugee in His first year life in this world…
Rejection, humiliation, has been the part of His daily life…
Neglected? He was neglected by his best friends when He really needed them by His side…
Death of the love ones? He experienced it several times…
Physically tormented? More than you and I have lived through!
He knows how life can be so unbearable,

When we feel so frustrated and want to give up,
When we are hurt so deep and loose our only hope,
When we feel that no body understand us,
Look at the stable…
Look at the stable and remember Someone understands us, He has experienced the same thing. Above all, we are precious in His eyes more than we could imagine. He has left all His glory and power, came to live among us, and suffered with us, just for us.

May we all are humble enough to come to His feet and put our trust to Him, allow Him to love and heal us back…

*inspired by Bill Hybels, the Heart of Christmas*

Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Preparation Has Begun

Jingle bells... jingle bells... jingle all the way... One night before he slept, Cliff surprised me by uttering,"jingle ben...jingle ben... jingle ben.. jingle ben..." I asked him where he learned the song to find out what language the Jingle Bells song he've heard. I wanted to sing the whole song for him so he could learn to sing it. Actually Cliff didn't know where he heard this song at all... :-) But we know, the Christmas Season has begun!

For those who celebrate Christmas, soon we will decorate Christmas tree, arrange some Christmas decorations such as christmas candles, christmas stockings, ornaments and gifts!

Almost every Christmas I have a tight schedule of drama rehearsals. This time we make a musical drama and I perform as a lady from India... acha..acha..acha.... :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Make a drama record...

Last night my team at Coram Deo Theatre, make a drama recording to be broadcast at local radio station... it was fun. Taking part of God's ministry is always a blessing. I thank God for this experience.

The drama will be broadcasted on 26 June 2007, I don't know whether you can listen on air thru internet or not,I think you can, because Maestro FM have a website and on air digitally. The schedule is 26 June 2007, 9.30 am Jakarta time.