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Friday, March 28, 2008

My update today...

Cliff was sick... please visit him in his room... it is my children's diary I made long time ago but never publish it. I will start blogging about their life there. The 'children's room' is still under construction... but I guess I have postponed it too long to start posting there. I plan to move some children posts from here to that blog, but still have no time to do it...

Remember that my old maid left already because she got sick? Now I only got one maid and she kept 'warn' me to find a friend for her. See? Here in Bandung, maid doesn't like to work alone! We must have 2 maids because they need a friend not because overload works! This maid stops working and can sleep at 8 PM, I don't force her to work all day long. She said her hands hurt because of washing the clothes.... she got her body ache... and so on.. and so on...

I told her that I am not an inconsiderate employee.. I gave her bonus because she works alone here, 25% of her salary. I don't know if she is happy enough or not. :-P all I know that she said she didn't feeling well this morning.. oh my... will not bloghop today ok?

I am praying for a new maid... still no answer yet. :-)

Monday, March 17, 2008

My maid is sick.

Heeeeiiyaaa... how are you all!?! This morning, I took my maid to the doctor. I have two maids, the sick one is old.. 44 years old. What is her sickness? High blood pressure - 165/110~! Pain in left abdomen through her back and there is blood when she spits ! Awwww... terrible... quite serious! The doctor asked her whether she drinks coffee or not... (I don't have coffee makers and she doesn't drink coffee here.. ) eh btw, what is the effect of coffee, instead of pleasure? :-)

She chooses to get medical treatment at home, with her daughter and family. So she will be sent home in several days. Work only 1.5 month, and the agent refuse to give me the refund, because she has worked here more than a month and no guarantee anymore. I used to hate this situation before, but now, I am ok... I don't think too much about it... just want to be happy and pray for a new one. Besides, I still have a 24 years old maid here. It's ok. I will think thrice or four times to hire a new young one...

I have many blessings and my heart is fully charged by the way.. *grin* so this matter doesn't bother me too much!

I still have something to show you...

These type of snails are delicious! Have you ever eat them? This picture is only the empty shells of them.. I ate them all... LOL... only 1/3 or the whole portion though.. eat with rice and Sundanese food.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Spy - Photohunter

I've been waiting this photohunter entry since January! I took this picture special for this entry last January. I spy someone from my window for this entry... *evil grin* I don't mean to spy... I only spy her just for this entry, honest! And do you know who is she?

psst... *whisper* my maid... *grin*

She is my senior maid, working for me for 3.5 years. She said he was not her boyfriend, but I saw from her gesture when she was talking to this man, she lied to her heart.

Btw, she doesn't work for me anymore.

Photohunters on tecnorati

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ups and Downs

How are you? How am I? :-)

Pretty messed up but still can smile. Ha ha ha...
Learn to be positive and avoid worries just like Eric Speedcathollydale and LB. I will be brief today.


  1. I didn't win the diamond contest. Thank you so much for all votes you've given me, especially all sweet comments that make me smile from ear to ear! Winning something is not the important thing, I enjoy the process and appreciate all supports! Thank you very much!
  2. Have changed maids twice again. :-P This one is always my source of BLUES, which is western friends could never understand. Ha ha ha. I have changed 6 maids in 4 months! Quite sick about this matter... wueeekssss...
  3. I actually like the last maid I hire for 3 weeks, the 15th years old girl. But last night I found out she has been not honest to me and often bad mouthing me behind me. Her partner is 40 years old woman who just works here for 5 days! *sigh* Yesterday the old maid was angry at her and insisted to leave at 8 pm last night. My hubby and I worked it all and tried to see the main problem. At first I want to choose the young one, but after many considerations (the truth finally revealed about this girl), I choose to keep the old one and fired the young one. *double sigh*Maid things are very common in my country and often be the source of headaches in most of families. Everything is okay in my life except maid things! And my friends experience this as well. My friend even have a quarrel with her hubby because of the maid things. *doh* My motto is: having maids are problem but not having maids are even bigger problems! Ha ha ha...
  4. On the contrary, my senior maid keep on sending sms to me, asking me to accept her back. Gosh what a contradiction! Ones who works here want to leave and one who doesn't work here begging to work here... I really need God's wisdom to make a decision!
  5. My friends' family will move away to Papua tomorrow. They have been so close to us in this 2 years. Papua is a big island near Australia. My friend (the husband) works for Freeport. They have packed all their things and delivered them to Papua a week ago, with a moving company just like New York Moving Company. We will miss them so much but we think we will visit them next October!

  1. Thank you so much to Eric Speecat for Tributes to Dads post. It is really beautifully written! Please check here: The Thinking Place in Minnesota and do leave him some comments!
  2. I really thank God for my healthy children. Clay and Cliff are all well.
  3. I thank God for a wonderful hubby. He is reliable for indecisive woman like me.. hahaha.. I feel strengthened because he can encourage me, brave to take a risk and really dependable!
  4. I also feel grateful for my families. Yesterday I visited my grandma and she is getting better. No fractured bone founded. Just some wounded as she fell down in the bathroom. I thank God for my parent in law who loves and cares for us. They send fruits, milk and eggs every week. LOL.
  5. I smile and laugh together with my children...they are cute, funny and grow properly. I thank God for them. Many parents has difficulties in raising children with special needs and autism. I thank God for being allowed to raise common children.
  6. I also thank God for His blessings to my hubby's work. He always provides our needs abundantly. I thank God for the car I can use to send Clay to school. I thank God for the house and kind neighborhood. I thank God for Clay being able to ride a bike as well.
  7. If I wrote 5 Downs... here's 7 ups! LOL... I thank God for this old maid who has helped me in this house. I have bought 2 new mattresses for my maids 2 days ago, in fact it didn't make them stay here longer.. hahaha.. anyway, I try to provide good foods and good rest for our helpers. I only hope they work well and honest, long enough as well. Teaching and training new helpers are tiring and boring... :-) this ups or downs? I think this is up!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I broke your heart

My eyes are swollen, writing this post.
I cry. Feel touched and sad as well.
I was surprised by your phone call that night,
You want to come back to me!
You are so sure that I need you and want you back,
But I am so sorry to tell you that I've found someone else.

Deep in my heart, I still love you...
we have been together more than 3 years,
it's you who accompanied me at nights when Cliff was sick,
We share our sadness and happiness together all this time,
You was there when my dad was very sick and passed away,
You was there when I was sick and no one took care of my 5 months old baby Cliff,
You was there at my holidays,
I even spend more time with you than with my husband!

My hubby told me to give him a reason why I want to accept you back,
I think about it over and over again,
my hubby said I was too depended on you,
to be honest, I think it's not that much...
I can handle it when you were gone so suddenly,
left us here without any certainty whether you will be back or not.
I can handle and adapt someone else I found to replace you....
I don't think I depend on you that much, may be I was,
when Cliff was sick and still a little baby who has to be carried all night long,
but now I didn't depend on you that much anymore...

The only reason why I can accept you back,
because I love you...that's all.
though you are so harsh to Clay
You shouldn't be like that to him, he just a little boy as well.
though you talk to me as you wish, without respect.
though you were too busy with your own personal business,
sms and use your phone so long,
though I was bothered by so many boy friends often come to visit you here,
though you don't behave properly..

Because there are times we have spent together,
you are in my prayers as well,
you have been there when my hubby can't be with me,
that means a lot to me.

I am sad to say goodbye to you...
but I will respect my hubby's decision to let you go.
He doesn't feel like I feel about you indeed,
but he can decide wisely while I am too overwhelmed with my feelings,
He is the head of my family, the decision maker that I respect.

Good bye, my senior maid....


This maid, let's call her Min-min... has worked for me more than 3 years, before Cliff was born. She was responsible to help me taking care of Cliff. She used to sleep in our master bedroom when Cliff was a baby, especially when Cliff was sick and woke up several times at nights. It was her first time carried a baby, sang a lullaby, took him a shower and fed him. She was my assistant. Last 25th January 2008, she left us suddenly. Her mom was sick and she was told to come home in an hour. She didn't even tell me when she will be back. She didn't even give me certainty that she will come back.

January 26th, 2008... she sms me, and told me that her mom was getting better. She was learning to ride a motorcycle in her hometown. She wanted to eat chicken noodles... and so on... seemed she had a great time over there while I was here, with new maid and little Cliff. She didn't even think about us.

My new maid works here just for one week and Min min left her alone. My new maid, is still very young and afraid to be alone. She often asked me when I can get a friend for her. I told her to search her friend and ask her parents to search someone to work with her here. I even let her use my handphone to call her parents. One day, she said she got headache... for two days. She asked my permission to buy medicine and handbody lotion. I said okay. While she went out, I entered her room to check, and read her note: "Mom, I miss you very much. I am very sad here... my heart hurts. Mom, please pray for me so I can stay to work here until August."

What do you do if you were in my place?

I know she needs a friend badly... and I don't want her to leave me. She is new and unexperienced indeed, but she is quite nice and polite. I can train her. Because of that reason, like it or not, I called a maid agent searching for a new maid. It is urgent. If it is not urgent, I won't call an agent, I don't like agent... they are tricky sometimes. But I did call, and have to pay one month maid salary as a fee to that agent.

February 1, I got new maid from the agent, so now I got two new maids. I have to train them, I have to control everything and start all over again. I told them that they are not allowed to have a handphone here. They agree. I see they can work together, and I see from their faces, they are okay... problem solved. Until last night....

Min min called me, and I said I found someone already.... she couldn't work here anymore. She cried. She misses Cliff very much and she just can't work anywhere because she will remember Cliff all the time. She said she had to work here again. I told her, I don't want any handphone use here... she was agree. Seems that she would give anything as long as she can work here again. DILEMA.

Today, I just cry for her... so pity to her. I just can't accept her again, not because I have no heart, she doesn't know I cry because of her. She said, our home has been a home for her, she loves me, my hubby, my family, my mom, and she wants to be with us, teasing each other and laugh together just like before. She also said, I am just like an angel for her (oh wow.. ) she just can't loose me. hmmm... that's why my heart melt.. :-)

Strange things, she tried to contact me several days ago but she couldn't reach me. She said she didn't have money left to sms me. I actually paid her almost 200$ when she left my home, but all money has been spent in a week?!

But, here she used to be our family member now she just like a stranger... how pity... it feels that we got broken heart... got to be separated because of some reasons.

What are the reasons?

She has worked here so long, got used to us and felt free to say anything to us. She often quarrels with Clay, scolded Clay for little things he did. When I said something to her, she answered me back as if I was her friend. She also uses her handphone frequently.... sms..telephone until nights, and it bothered my new maid because she needs to sleep! She got many boys coming here and visit her... many phone calls as well from her boys. Min min dares to scold my new maid as well, told her to do things she doesn't like... there has been 3 new maids refused to work here, may be because of her as well. She just like a boss here! Just now I ask my new maid, about her new friend... she says, she is nice, better than Min min! hmmmm...

My hubby said I was too addicted to her and always stood by her. I didn't allow my hubby to scold her. She even can control me, knows my weakness that I easily get pity and forgive her. She left us and now she just wants us to accept her back, that easy? How about my new maids? I think I am not wrong if I don't accept her back. I have told her that I will search someone to replace her when she decided to go home. I have to give a secure feeling to my new maids who has willing to work for me. I have to respect them, and can't just 'throw' one of them away because my old one will be back. It breaks my heart indeed, but I am sure God leads us to this path... I don't see any open doors for Min min to come back, may be it's time for us to live our own life. I will be happy if you can find new place to work (may be in real estate Branson?), new family to laugh with... wish better future for you...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Ramblings

Shoulder ache
Do you use an office furniture to place your computer? I design this computer desk by myself, I want it to be comfortable and ergonomic, in fact, I am not a furniture designer! As a result, it is not ergonomic at all.. hahaha... my right shoulder is always hurt when I work in front of my computer too long.

Limited connection
By the way, tomorrow is the last day of January, I only have 1 hour left of internet connection. Sorry for being not able to visit yours until February ok? I got 50 hours limited connection. :-P

February plan posts and maid
I have many plans for February posts, I just hope I can do my plans but I doubt it now. My one and only new maid just told me she got headache... now she is taking a rest (not rest in peace lah..hihihihi) She is still very young, she always asks me where I am going and when I will be back! She is afraid of being left alone at home while I have to go to take Clay to school and so on...

Big Daddy
Well..well..well... I also have something in my mind about my Big Daddy...really want to write something about Him! But Clay needs me this time, Cliff and maid are sleeping, hubby is out of town... it's 6:33 PM and very quiet here!! Only me and Clay are at home now... got to talk and be with him... ciao!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily activities

I have wanted to post this for weeks and today it's irresistable! Hm...sorry no interesting pictures these days... aaargh not much time! Ok let's start!

At 6 maid start her activities by preparing breakfast: boiling fresh milk and eggs. The plain porridge has done automatically by timer rice cooker prepared frm nite before.

She waters garden and sweeps fallen leaves n flowers.

She mops the floor at livingroom,kitchen n diningroom.

1. I woke up and prepared clay to school, help him with uniform,breakfast, socks, moz repellent, bag, snack food n drink for him at school, give him vitamin. I also put clothes into washing machine.

2. If hubby is home,he takes clay to school then I can steal a time to blog or check opps, if hubby is out of town, i take clay to school before 7 and hurriedly do grocery shopping.

Maid cleans the table and dishes, make some rice by r.cooker, wipe the dust as well.

3. I am at home again at 7.30 and wait Cliff wakes up. I cant blog or scrap after Cliff wakes up.

Cliff has his honey n bee pollen after he wakes up. I play with him at bed for awhile wait him fully awake. Then give him breakfast, take him a morning walk sometimes, or bring him with me for grocery shopping 2-3 times a week, bath him, play n give him vitamin n milk.

Maid takes clothes frm washing machine, hangs them to dry outside (on back upstairs) cook for her breakfast n eat.

Maid clean master bedroom n clay's.

4. It is 9.30-10.30 am already. I tell maid to prepare some food ingredients while I take care cliff. I cook and hopefully cliff doesnt bother watch teletubies alone.

I play again with cliff, teach him something:colors, animals, mandarin, english,songs, etc.

Maid clean the kitchen after cooking. Sometimes she washes her own clothes,etc.
Mop the 2nd floor.

5. At 12 Lunch with cliff, wipe him,brush his teeth, etc. At 1 take him a nap, fall asleep for awhile hehehe. If cliff allows me, i read bible while he is trying to sleep. But he loves to touch my hair before he sleep so i have to lay beside him, caresses each other's hairs hahaha. So romantic.

6. If I am awake, I blog n hop. But got to pick Clay at 2 on monday n thursday, 3 at wed,fri, at tue clay has an ice skating extracurriculer at mall, 30 min frm home.

7. Maid irons the clothes after lunch and washes lunch dishes. 2 times a week clean the bathroom.

8. Clay at home, cliff wakes up. Give them milk, get clay take a shower. At monday Clay has piano lesson n kumon (math) mon n thu. Accompany clay with homework, kumon homework everyday including weekends, test him if he has exam.

Maid mop the floor

9. Spray bedrooms with mosquitoes insecticide. Get the kids dinner at 6.30. Wipes messy Cliff,and play with them until 7.45. Clay brushes teeth, read bible, pray together and sleep at 8.

Maid have dinner, clean up dinner dishes n dinning table, prepare porridge for bfast.

10.Play again with Cliff while put the ironned clothes to wardrobe.

Usually hubby comes home at 9, sometimes he has dinner at home, sometimes not. I can work at computer if hubby is home playing with cliff.

11. give cliff zyctrec, milk, put him pajamas, Brush cliff teeth. Take him to bed at 9.30-10,sometimes he sleeps after 10.30. Take time to read bible before cliff sleeps then have to do sleep ritual: let cliff play with my hair. If i still have energy, I blog.

I sleep around 11-12. But earlier when i dont feel well.

If i have 2 maids, number 1,9 and 10 can be done by my senior maid n I work at my computer instead.

Ps. I am blogging from my mobile.. much easier..I can multitasking, no need to sit in front of my computer...

New Era has come

New Era of maids has come in my house... My senior maid finally quit working here after 3,5 years. Last night we got a phone call from her kampung (village?), telling her to come home because her mom is seriously ill of heart (not attacked yet though hehe). They can't give me certainty how long she can be back here again, so I think I better let her go. What I need is certainty.. she can't give me so I will look for the new one then. That simple. I told her to bring all her belongings, she was quite surprise. May be she thought I would try to keep her but I didn't. WHY?! Am I a cruel employer? :-)

Of course not... I do care for her, I pray for her often, I pray for her mom health as well... but it's just enough she played with my heart... she has been 'threaten' me several time, told me she wanted to quit... several time I feel insecure about her, no certainty... Last week I actually got 2 new maids (sisters), my hubby told me to fire her but I didn't do that. I asked her certainty, whether or not she will work for me until the next Aidul Fitri and she said yes. So I gave one of the new maid to my friend, and I took one to work here... after a week.. she finally quits! She really can't keep her words!

Now I am busy... I have some post assignments to complete, I have to train my new maid and look for another new one to accompany her, have to cook and take care the children as well... but I am much better! I am relaxed! Really... I can let go and start things all over again... No fret, no regrets, no complaints, just goes on...
I try to make things simple and happy, including make sure my bills are paid by auto debet, bills of home telephone, handphone, electricity, mortgage life insurance, life insurance, credit cards, internet and tv cable! My hubby is not home from 7.30 AM until around 9 PM, so I have to manage almost all houseworks by myself... I find some time to write this to tell you all, because may be I can't visit you again so often...but please don't leave me and forget me. :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Housewife talks...

Hey, my body has been not well since last night... my bones are hurt.. my eyes feel like hot... but no sore flu.. no cough.. my sister said she also felt like this, and only healed after 5 days.. but it's okay.. I will see the doctor now..I am still fine and can drive Clay to school anyway.

I got new maid I have 2 again.. my last maid still here, thank God. She said she refused the proposal because she doesn't want to get married soon. She is still 19.

Cliff is fine, and so is Clay... I guess like LB say, it's up and down and I am getting up again.. phew... thank God!

Another good news is that I got PR4 for my blogspot now.. I am sorry I have my last post deleted from public for some reasons.. hihihihi... lucky for those who has read that complicated thing I do on writing my posts... it has became a secret now.. hehehe

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Learn to be thankful always..

(don't forget to scroll down to read my New Year Celebration and grab you awards!)

To be honest, I am upset. The new maid who came at 31 Dec said she will leave us tomorrow.. stay only 3 days here! What for? a picnic?

Anyway, I knew she won't stay long here but still feel bothered because my kids love to have new accompany... they are all so excited to welcome her and I just don't want them to be disappointed. Well, I think I myself have to do introspection... my kids needs me, not the maid.. hehehe.. I learn from this situation that they want somebody that can play with them... frankly speaking I don't like to play.. but I will try it! I will sit and talk and play with them more then, as I wrote in my new year resolution yesterday.

Clay wants to stay at my sister's house with my mom, so today I will send him to have 'vacation' there... and I will bring Cliff and maid to spend a night over there tomorrow too as my hubby will be out of town tomorrow.

I am 'cleaning' my hardisk from pictures now... burn all 2007 pictures on dvd...and be prepared for new pictures in 2008! LOL... I need 1 dvd to store june pictures, can you imagine how many pictures I have?! Hahaha...

Our addition resolution this year is to finish to read the whole Bible! Have been our wish all this time but not achieved yet!! *doh* When I asked my hubby about his resolution, he mentioned about this and we remind each other to read the Bible each day... how about you? Have you ever finish reading the Bible?