This is a sticky note... From March, the 3 first commentator on my posts that begin with this heart, will get some points! Read further here for more information. Thank you and have fun!
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Friend 4ever

I dedicated this picture and post for my best online buddy, Amilia from Bali! I met her at F4 fans club mailing list hahaha... we have been good friends since then, hunting F4 merchandise together, flying to Bangkok to watch F4 concert together (we met at KL airpot!), she visited me in Bandung several times and I visited her in Bali as well...

Happy birthday sister! May you have a great birthday today... may God bless you with so many blessings you've been wished this year... may our friendship last long till the end of the world as well!


Happy birthday to you!!!
This picture is best seen by viewsonic monitor

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've been there!


This post should be worldless but I can't stand myself from writing! hehehehe

When I visited my best online buddy Ami in Bali last year, she took me to Bedugul and showed me the exact place we see in our money! We had fun take pictures as similar can be as the money... can you find me there? We even found the real boat near by the temple, just perfect! Ha ha ha ha do you think this money will be interesting enough for sale ? *wink wink*

Friday, June 6, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow,
there are two little angels who are thinking so hard...

And they got an idea, they send a little message to me!

Wah iExcited! iSend sms her blog buddies and share the news

and make sure her favorite song is included in my Ipod.

iLook for the birthday girl everywhere but she is hiding somewhere!
Suddenly a soft voice whispers in my ear, find a rainbow...
So iLook for the rainbow and find this!

This Rainbow Angeles is really a lovely woman, who is able to give beautiful color in our life, no matter how rough, plain, dry or miserable our life is...
she gives a reason for us to smile with her rainbow radiance!

Happy Birthday Angeles,
thank you for your friendship!
I hear the bird said that Angeles is busy now moving office.. well, my dear, try to use New York movers service!

Ps. If you happen to know her, please fill in the blank :
Angeles is ...........................................................................

Thursday, May 1, 2008


For those who haven't understand about the Chup game, please read here...

Without further ado, let me announce the CHUP result today... We will start from the CHUPALOOZA result first...
it's the result from chup treasure hunt games...

and the winners are....

Jemima : 47 points,
LB : 39 points,
Joanne : 14 points,
LJ : 13 points,
Lisa : 9 points,
Angeles : 5 points.

From the result above we can clearly see
who is on TOP of
the CHUP HALL OF FAME this month...

april chup
The April Best Chupper will get a special personalized stamp of Virtue Series and this time is for Jemima! I choose focused to describe her character

Jemima Kameyo
, that's how we call her, is a great blogger who always focused in her writings. She is specialized, and not tempted nor persuaded to writing something else. She got a style, deep reflections, true wisdoms yet can be funny sometimes. Being focused is important characteristic that we have to learn from her!
Her name Jemima was taken from her grandma's name,
means dove...
so my friend, here's a white dove stamp for you! I put the number 76 as you start blogging on July 06... :-)
Hope you like it dear.

Now it's time to celebrate birthday on May 1st, 2008!

Happy birthday EastCoastLife!
Here is a special cake to celebrate your birthday! So eastcoast... I almost can smell the beach from here... all fish and sea creatures in my blog are singing birthday song for you... *wink*

Happy Burbday!! Happy Shells Day! May you have a great great birthday today... God bless you, ECL!



Do you know that LeBond will finally virtually marry the Bond Girl? I read his proposal already! hahahaha... and that little cute girl must be flower girl, can't be the second bride, right? Really? HUAHAHAHA...just kidding ok?

Here's the only possibility I can think...

Yeah, the Prince Charming brings all the pretty girls here to his castle!! huahahahaha.... just hope that the Prince aka Emperor is running fast enough to case the carriage.. hahaha I image how he run so fast that he left his flip flops

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Tale of One Bacang

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have a great time at my blogaversary party... (still not sure whether it is blog iversary or blog a versary hahaha...but since it's my blog, I do what I want to do.. kekekeke). So sampat! I think some of us really need to go to drug treatment center to get healed from sampativitis... hahaha...

Here is my answer for the lormaikai picture... yeah my Bandung's lormaikai is no. 4 and 8! Bravo to Mr. LB, the author of Lormaikai Encyclopedia, who managed to sniff sniff and smurf smurf square lormaikai from Bandung. The rest of lormaikai pictures were taken from Littlemissmay, GiddyTigress, and someone I don't know.. hehehe... none of them from LB's blog except you share the same pictures with your friends, LB... *grin*

And this picture, is Bacang Ketan (Glutinous Bacang) just like lormaikai but different filling, and it is triangle.. hehehe...
One day, there is a turtle who wants a lormaikai so much, but he only got one triangle fake lormaikai name Bacang....

He excitedly open the banana leaf to see what is inside...
aaah... looks so shiny yummy!

Look at his eye ball on the background!
All he wanted was open his mouth widely
and ate it all, all at once! HAP!


Ok, back to blogaversary, I met new friends yesterday, thanks to Husia, Chev, Doreen, Samantha, GiddyTigress, Andie Summerkiss and Sandy C, for coming here to wish my blogaversary... thanks for those who has let me steal your lormaikai... hahahaha... forgive me ok?

Big Thanks to JoN, Jemima, LB, Lisa, Angeles and LJ who has played the chup treasure hunt in my blog! What a CHUPALOOZA (borrow LB's word)! Thanks for wanting some more Chupalooza games again next year... I hope it didn't give you too much trouble, BUT FUN FUN FUN! The result will be up on the first of May!

For those who still blurred about the CHUP things, it's okay... you will get it sooner or later and enjoy the fun. It took me some weeks to make my mind 'click' and 'cling' about the CHUP game at the Chup Headquarter.

I want to say thank you to all The Honorable Top Ten Commentators:
  1. L B (47)
  2. JO-N (45)
  3. mama of 2LittleFellas (39)
  4. LadyJava (38)
  5. angeles (31)
  6. Jemima (26)
  7. Mariuca (17)
  8. Juliana RW (11)
  9. Amel's Realm (9)
  10. jam (8)
Thanks to all faithful readers and visitors, and also my subscribers who always read my posts through emails, thanks to you all who has spent your time to read and follow my mini series... Hope you love to read them till the end! Thanks for teaching me to be creative, crazy and sampat and thanks for your sincere friendship! THANK YOU BERI BERI MUTCH!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Journey from blogsphere to atmosphere

These are the pictures I promised you... Yes, LJ, you are right! I met Juliana at Jakarta last Friday... Now I think she has arrived safely in Netherlands again. Raymond and Juliana are very friendly couple. In this post I want to thank all of you again for your hospitality...

We arrived around 6 pm at Juliana's mom's house. I was so excited to see Jason, their cute little boy... I enjoy to meet this family, and grateful for the time we could spent to 'really talk' face to face with all of you! This Jason loved the camera so much... hahaha.. he giggled a lot when we took his pictures... aah so cute! Jason wanted to be carried by my hubby and refused his daddy.. hahaha.. he even kissed my hubby without being told to! He can win our heart so easily!

I brought famous brownies from Bandung for Juliana, and adobe photoshop CS3 program for her and Jeanne, so they can start learning to make digital-scrapbook very soon ya! *wink* Thanks to Juliana, she didn't mind to bring something for Jeanne. I entrusted a pack of coffee, magic pop rock candies for the kids and games & cs3 cd for Jeanne. I hope Jul could find some space in their luggage to bring them all to you Jeanne! hahahaha... Oh ya, I also brought a book for Jul about play and learn so she can use the book to teach this adorable Jason. Hope you like it! I was about to give firework sparkles for Jason, but Jul said it is not allowed to bring that kind of thing to Netherlands.

Juliana gave us some chocolate and bapao! Her mom made a lot of bapao and they are really yummy... we all love your bapao, Tante! *grin* Look at the picture, I ate that bapao when I blogged last Saturday.

This is our hotel (it is not St. Barts villa rentals*sobs*), and some picture that should be inserted in last post. Thanks again to my hubby, who was, not only accompanied me to Juliana's house but also lent me his laptop for me to blog. xoxoxoxo *love ya, hun!*

Question of the day for you:
Describe your life in 5 words or less

Saturday, April 5, 2008

YiPee I met a blogger again!

Guess who I've met yesterday? *wink*

I am in a hotel room now, blogging with my hubby laptop.. so nice of him! so happy I am! *eat my ba pao* *hm! delicious!*

Several days ago I got sms from this blogger, saying that this blogger will be in Jakarta until Saturday. I told my hubby that I want to meet this blogger, spend a night in Jakarta if he didn't mind. He agreed! Yay! *kiss my hubby* He also had an appointment today (Saturday) to meet his friends... so here we are!!

We departed from Clay's school at 3.30 pm. Clay was so surprise when I told him we would directly go to Jakarta... hehehe.. unexpected vacation for him! By the way, he finished his level C Kumon and now in level D.... I gave him many rewards to make him happy that he has done a great effort. We bought new shoes, new 'croc-like' sandals (that means fake croc to be frank LOL), new T-shirt, new pajamas, and now stay in a hotel... hahaha... though I don't really intend to do this all purposely for rewarding him, but I told him so... *feel so smart* Got a great discount for the shoes and shirt, so... why not bought him? *evil grin* Hope he will continue to be in high-spirit to do his KUMON homework everyday... and learn to concentrate and do the best of what he is doing.

Back to the blog buddy...

From the bottom of my heart, I thank my hubby for this moment. He is so wonderful. Taking us here to make my 'invisible' friend come true! It's so funny when I was introduced as Trinity from the blog... yeah.. I am a new kid on the blog! Hahahaha...

Guess first, whom I've met ok? We forgot to bring our card reader so I can't upload the pictures yet... but it's fun to play guessing game! *finish eating this yummy ba pao*

ok.. clue: the blogger is SHE.... and she has a 19 months old cute son... she lives in Europe... enough ya...

Oh one more thing... I post a special post at Tribute to Dad! I got an email from Joe Fleming and today is the 25th anniversary of his Father's death... he wrote a tribute to his dad.. isn't that great? Please visit and take a look... here
*give ba pao to hubby*

eh! By the way bus way, How do you know your blogaversary? I think this april is my 1st blogaversary! But not sure the date... is it from the first post only or there is an exact date somewhere?

*off to publish this*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Birthday Announcement

Let's come and visit Princess Janice in her palace..

Haven't prepared a gift for her? Aaah.. no worries lah.. I've brought her a beautiful diamonds - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
and a pot of gold under the rainbow!!

So come with me and let's party!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Type of Houses

I prefer number 4... but my hubby said it is too dark... How about you?

I took these houses pictures in one real estate in Bandung. I think they all are great house, especially if they have light fixtures, they look great at night.
Talking about houses, Joanne throw a house warming party today!! Everybody is invited! She has put tons of efforts to prepare the party, I even got an award gift from her... congrats Joanne!

I also want to say HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my friend LJ!!! May you have lots of babies love... ever lasting love!!

and...get well soon to my friend Amel, good luck for the Finnish course!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Take care yourself, LJ

Today I read LJ post about what happened at the park below by her condo. Too many incidents! First, the man was possessed, then the drunk men (must build an alcohol rehab nearby your area, LJ! LOL) then the robbery? I remember a few months ago you said there even was a 'fire' over there? Be careful, my friend... may God always watch your step and protect you! Beware and take care yourself ok?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This and That

Yesterday was fun! Cliff and I went to the Sheraton Hotels and Towers Bandung to meet my new blogger friend, Farah and her kids (Syabil and Darreen)! I knew Farah from LJ's blog because Farah is her friend. Though we didn't know each other quite long, but we do chat like old friends.. (women! *grin*). Oow, she brought 'all' her baby things here as well, including sterilizer and a quite big cradle!! Whoa! By the way, she brought me a Malaysia key chain as a souvenir! Thank you Farah! Thanks a lot!

Here's our picture, not taken good enough because there is no one else there to help taking our picture. I have to put the camera on the stairs and used an automatic shot. I ruuun down the stairs and arrived just before it clicked! *grin*


One more.. this time we sat on a very nice down comforters in the hotel's room. I hope Farah and her family enjoy their stay in Bandung!


Question of the day:
If you have to go somewhere to meet your online buddy, will you do that?

Got this in my mailbox...and it's quite cute..LOL..wanna share a smile for you..


Sri, a maid, intended to break up with her boy friend, a westerner from US name Robbie. But she can't meet him and dump him face to face. So, Sri wrote a letter based on her English and her thick dictionary...

Hi Robbie, with this letter I want to give know you

(hai Robbie, bersama surat ini saya ingin memberitahu kamu)
I have think this very cook cook

(saya telah memikirkan hal ini masak masak)
I know my love only clap one hand

(saya tahu cinta saya hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan)
Correctly, I have seen you go with a woman entertainment at town with my eyes and head myself
(sebenarnya, saya telah melihat kamu pergi bersama seorang wanita penghibur di kota dengan mata kepala saya sendiri)
You always ask for apology back back times
(kamu selalu minta maaf berulang ulang kali)
Your eyes drop tears crocodile

(matamu mencucurkan airmata buaya)
You are really a man crocodile land

(kamu benar benar seorang lelaki buaya darat)
My Friend speak you play fire
(teman saya bilang kamu bermain api)
Now I know you correct correct play fire

(sekarang saya tahu kamu benar benar bermain api)
So, I break connection and pull my body from this love triangle

(jadi, saya putuskan hubungan dan menarik diri dari cinta segitiga ini)
I know this result I pick is very correct, because you love she very big from me
(saya tahu keputusan yang saya ambil ini benar, karena kamu mencintai dia lebih besar dari saya)
But I still will not go far far from here
(namun saya tetap tidak akan pergi jauh-jauh dari sini)
I don't want you play play with my liver
(saya tidak ingin kamu main-main dengan hati saya)
I have been crying night night until no more eye water thinking about your body

(saya menangis bermalam-malam sampai tidak ada lagi airmata memikirkan dirimu)
I don't want to sick my liver for two times
(saya tidak mau sakit hati untuk kedua kalinya)
Safe walk, Robbie
(selamat jalan, Robbie)
Girl friend of your liver

(kekasih hatimu)

- Sri -


Now it's time to go around the world! Thanks to Pinay Mommy Online who has invited me to join the ride. Come on guys, I tag you all in my blogroll to join us!

^_^ Start copying here: ^_^

This is the Links Around The World Tag.

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
2. After placing your blog's address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.
3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I'll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that's been added to the list. ^_^

Links around the world tag
1 - Momhood Moments 2 - Business Mar 3 - Pinay Mommy Online 4 - OnlineBiz and Resources 5 - Rooms of My Heart 6 -place your link here

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Tour to the Space!

Seems that I was meant to have many great online buddies born in this March!! Began with Emperor LB,
I just found out that I have triplets blog buddies: Dawn, LadyJava and Hazel!

I have updated my post and added Hazel on the list... scroll down to peep what I got for her, please? *grin* The celebration here is not over yet... hm.. I love birthdays!! Yay!! What will we do today? Let's get into my rocket and fly to the moon!! Come on Nicole aka Moonlight Tears, my birthday girl... wear your astronaut clothes and helmet, you too..readers! We are ready to fly! Buckle up!


Wow... really great ride, isn't it?! This earth is so beautiful from above!! Hail to my Big Daddy, the Creator! We really should take care of our earth and don't mess it! Save our planet!

Look! We are almost there... our rocket is about to land.... I've called my alien buddy to write something for you, Nicole!

Ok.... ready to walk on the moon? Wait for me here, ok... I will go out first to see whether it is safe enough for all of you to come out....

Trinity gets out from the rocket... and walked near the rocket window where Nicole is there. Trinity wants to show something for Nicole.

Yes, God bless you Nicole... I hope you and the whole family is healthy, have a peaceful walk with God, and may you always believe that the good Lord, the owner of this universe, always love and keep you in His arms.

Now, come out and explore the moon!! Yay!! *Nicole and all readers are so excited and walk flying around the moon*

Nicole, come here... let's make a memorabilia on the moon! Write your name in this cement I prepared for you... so anybody here will know that you were here today....

We do have a party in the moon.. Nicole blows her candles on the birthday cake, too bad we forget to take a picture of that moment! Before we go home, I would like go give this rock from the moon for Nicole as a memorabilia...
Nicole, may you always remember that you once have a birthday in the moon with us!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear!!

"" I am humming to myself. Today is really special day, I am so excited! I put my favorite cassette on my tape.
Oh, I never told you that I am a Rock SuperStar? LOL... It is a cassette I sing with my own band *grin*, I use to play this cassette every special day... every birthday of my friends! Ha ha ha ha..

Wanna hear my hoarse cool voice, singing Happy Birthday? Aaah.. later lah.. I need to bake a cake now...

Yes! Today is a special day for Dawn Tice , Lady Java and Hazel(updated)!

Several months ago, I met my first blog buddy that started writing paid post together with me. When I thought that I wanted to stop writing ppp, she was the one I told about it and because of her I didn't give up writing. She is helpful, nice and kind, she is a very good accompany. She told me if she found other way to make money with our blog and we share links and many other things as well.

When I went to Singapore last December 2007, I found this as we walked a long the way. I took this picture and wanted to show her... hehehe... Dawn, I saw your name on the truck! LOL... I have been waiting for a perfect time to show you this!

Today is Dawn's birthday, and I want to wish her a very happy birthday! May you always been blessed and be blessings for your family, always healthy and walk in God's plan for you. Wish all the best for you and your DB.... much of love, much of kindness and much of happiness!

March 9th, 2008

As she loves her two dogs very much, here's a gift for you... a game for you to play! hahaha... watch your eyes.. it's really confusing! LOL... the older the wiser the cleverer and more patient to do this game ok?!

Ok, now let me tell you about LadyJava... I met her last October, when I was on vacation. I blogged from my handphone at that time, on the beach. LJ found my blog and left comments for me...then our friendship began...

She is good at handling her blogs and lay out. I've told about her on this post. We often chat and laugh together until midnight, and I enjoy chatting with her. She also won my contest and got my handbag! She is such a lucky lady, I believe!

For this birthday, I prepare some gifts for here.. wanna peep?
Here is a key chain for her, to hang the key to the room of my heart, LJ! *wink*

and this heavy gold necklace is for you... hahaha.. look like the A-Team member! LOL... I hope you wear it today... hahahaha... - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Since LJ love kitties very much, I bring this cute little kitty for her as well. She wants to wish you happy birthday, LJ...

updated: Hazel, a Malaysian blogger also have a birthday today! Wah so special day indeed! I know I am late but I still want to wish her a very happy birthday... I ask someone on barber shop to do this for you! hahaha... Happy b'dah Hazel!!!

Ok, I have to rush to Dawn's and LJ's celebration to bring the cake, balloons and the gifts! Before I go, there's an important notice for you to see! Click the picture to visit her ok!