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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kids Galore


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clay and Cliff... sick again?!

Waaaaaaa... I am too often blogging about my children are sick! The weather is not good... very hot for several days and yesterday suddenly rain and cold. Clay got flu and cough *sobs* I worry Cliff will be infected as well but worry is useless... isn't it? So I pray and pray and pray and pray! Plus give the children vitamins and echinacea to boost their immune.

Last night, Cliff woke up several times, grumbling as if he had a bad dream... at midnite he woke up and muttering something I didn't understand, scratching his arm several times. I checked his skin and found that he got allergies! Poor boy... his body was itchy, no wonder he couldn't sleep well! I didn't know what to do to ease the itchy... I have given him zyrtec-before he sleep, so what else should I gave him? I just pray..pray and pray...

Finally Cliff fell asleep until 9 in the morning! :-) I hope he is okay today and tonight... I try to remember what food he has eaten yesterday... he ate fish 2 days ago, and yesterday I don't think he eats something that can cause allergy.. I also gave him imboost force contain echinacea and blueberry extract.. is it possible that Cliff is allergic to blueberry? I also don't think so because I have given him this vitamin almost everyday...

This beautiful scrap is a quick page from Pam.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Memorable Moments...

This Thursday my friend will deliver her first son by caesar and my mind flies back two years ago and even 7 years ago when I delivered Clay and Cliff.

Both of my son born naturally, not by caesar. Though during unbearable pain I always cried to get a caesar instead, I managed to hang in there 14 hours and deliver my babies. Yes 14 hours of pains!

Clay was 3.5 kg 52 cm and Clifford was 3.82 kg 54 cm when they were born. Such a big babies, indeed.

In Chinese tradition we always gave 'ManYe' or gift to our friends and family who has visited our babies, 30 or 40 days after the babies were born. We usually send a cake with two red eggs on it as a symbol that our baby is a month old already. With these cakes and red eggs we usually attach photo birth announcements, with the babies name on it. This ManYe tradition just like our thanksgiving that the Lord has given us a healthy baby.

For these memories, here's Clifford when he was born! It was me, in pain... and my smile right after Clifford was born and tucked in my arm! Look, you still can see the blood on my shirt!

Here's my favorite picture... what cute little tiny feet he has!

When Clay was born, we didn't have a digital camera, so I have to look for his photographs and get them scanned first.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gift ideas for kids... how about their parents then?

Our relatives and friends are really care to our sons... they gave some presents for both of my sons, really suitable and entertaining as well as educative! Cliff got a new waistcoat from Auntie, he likes it very much and love to stand in front of the mirror while wearing it. He also got an alphabet board and words and letter interactive book, a child of his age likes to write everywhere and how he got a media to pour all his desired creativities! The interactive book has a lot of disney characters, Cliff can recognize Pooh, Mickey, Buzz Robots and when he saw Princess he pointed her and called her Mommy... LOL... this happens to Snow White as well... wow... he really adores his mommy I guess... the last but not least, a building site! We all love this gift as the car can change

Clay got some educational games that made him busy playing all day... his mood is quite good these days.. :-D He loves his microscope a lot but still doesn't have time to explore with it. Tools kit is great as well though he doesn't seem to like carpenter games, he prefers to explore, research, reading and playing hot wheels! But I have two sons, if one doesn't like a toy the other son might like to play it... the last gift we are waiting to play is fireworks! We will play it at the beach next Saturday!

I wonder what gift that daddy would love to receive and I think I have the answer for it... He will be so happy to get IWC wristwatch! What do you think? Do you agree with me? Do you collect wristwatches? In fact, my hubby doesn't have any collection but as far as I'm concern he really likes watches. He only bought it when he really likes the watch or his watch is not functioning any more...

Clay's birthday celebration

Clay wanted to celebrate his birthday at FUN STATION. This time we only invited his cousins just like Cliff's birthday celebration. We took the kids to play at fun station and they were doing fun. As you see on the picture below... fun station is a place to swim in balls pool, crawl, slide, jump and climb! Parents are allowed to accompany their children but we were too old for this kind of activities so we were so exhausted! :-) Just like Amel said, we really had a good, tight sleep last night... hahaha..

After playing for 30 minutes we called the kids to blog the ice cream cake and sang happy birthday for Clay... all the kids were sweaty from head to toe already! From the left: Ruth, Sharon, Clay, Tania and Timmy.
Clay blew his 7 candles and we prayed together for him. After they were so full finishing their ice cream cake, they ran to play again... here they are at a bungy trampoline... Clay looks very happy, doesn't he?

After they played for almost 3 hours, then my sister came with her daughter Melody... Cliff also woke up already from his nap, so Cliff and Melody joined them to play...

Here is our happy family! Fortunately we remembered to take a picture together before we went home. Oh I was so tired, my arms and legs are still trembling until now!

Ps. our helpers will return to their hometown soon and I also busy preparing our holiday, I am so sorry for not having enough time to visit your blogs these days. Today I just heard a bad news that one of my helper ( I have 2 helpers) will not come back again to work with me. I feel so sad and stressful as I have to find another maid for us... start to adjust with new helper all over again is quite stressful! Sigh.... But I guess there's a time for everything... may be God wants to help me to get off from my computer .. :-) I hope I will enjoy my holiday without thinking what will happen after the holiday is over... hhhh...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Clement's birthday

Today is Oct 7, 2007... it's my Krishudson Clement Teja, my eldest son, birthday! He is 7 today...

Happy birthday my dear Clay!

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We are so tired and everybody is sleeping now... I will update his birthday celebration tomorrow... but we have a great time today, thanks God! I will off now to take a rest.... aaaah... really really tired... we do play A LOT!! Ha ha ha...

Nite-nite friends!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Celebration for Clifford part two

Morning everybody... Cliff is on my lap now, taking his milk from his bottle. Soon I will off to take him for a nap but I can't wait to share my stories about Cliff's birthday so here it is....

Sept 25th so early in the morning, grandpa came to bring Chinese noodle for Clifford. In Chinese tradition, we have to eat noodles every birthday so we have a long age as long as noodles. This is our breakfast every birthdays... I love it very much! This noodle is really delicious and full of nutrition I tell you.

Still in the morning, I took Cliff to a bakery and he wanted to buy a little cake with a clown on top. We bought it for him just for a symbol of his birthday as we plan to give him a celebration on Sunday 30th. He bite the cake on our car... as simple as that..

At night we celebrate our special day by playing fireworks under the moon light... Janice was also doing the same, I think many Chinese played fireworks at full moon festival... not sure.

We lighted several kinds of fireworks and that was the first time for Cliff holding the firework by himself. We were amazed he doesn't scare at all! In fact he asked for more fireworks every day now! Clay asked another firework celebration for his birthday as well... "Mom, I want firework as my birthday present!" Well... how can I refuse his request? It was so memorable and children should have happy childhood memories! It's not about the price... it is all about beautiful memories.
Sometimes parents provide expensive things for their children but it is not long lasting. A memorable experience will be kept in their life forever... that is what I call precious moments! That is what I always pursue to give to my family.

That's what we did on Sept 25th.... and yesterday, Sept 30th we invited our relatives to have lunch together in our home. The menu is rainbow "Tumpeng." Tumpeng is a cone of steamed rice surrounded by some side dishes. We also order Chinese food : crab and shrimp, fried with salty egg and fried noodles (remember our Chinese tradition about noodles).

This is the birthday boy with the backdrop

Before we ate, we sang Happy Birthday to you and blog the candle!

Unfortunately Clifford is too sleepy to celebrate so he didn't enjoy it too much. Therefore I took him to nap while the guesses were having lunch! The birthday boy slept for 3 hours more and all the guesses have gone home when he was awake... LOL. We also have a monkey attraction (we call it MONKEY DOGER) in front of our house.

All of these happens when Clifford was sleeping... hahaha... Cliff often saw that monkey doger anyway... look at his picture with a monkey named DENOK ... the monkey refused to let Cliff's hand free!

This is not the end yet...will continue the story after we clean up the after party house! Wish we have a Miele vacuum cleaner to make chores easier!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Celebration for Clifford

We plan to hold a simple celebration for Clifford 2nd birthday at home. Just invite my hubby's family, my mom and my grandma... my sis and my auntie can't come to join us... We don't have any special preparation as we only have 11 adults and 6 children and 1 baby...

Last Saturday I took the kids to buy goodie bags... As there are only 5-6 children invited we won't give merchandise like advertising pens, clocks or dolls for goodie bags. I also don't want to give snacks and candies for goodie bags... too common! We were agree to give this....

Yes, they are baby turtles! We put 4 turtles in a big pet home and 1 turtle in a small one. That 4 turtles are for hubby's sister's 4 children... while the small one is for hubby's brother's baby. hehe... We were so excited to surprise them with these turtle...

At night, after our children slept, my hubby and me did a little make over to our home... Just put a banner and some balloons. Though this party is only a simple one, we want to make sure that the children will aware why they come to play in our house.

We also put a super large backdrop on the garage's wall... this is a backdrop from our previous party last year... Isn't that a beautiful backdrop? My hubby and I designed it for our children.

There are so many things to tell you about Clifford's celebration but I am so tired now... will write again tomorrow... God bless you all.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our Special Day!

Hi readers, I am so happy today. 8 years ago, on this day, I married my best friend! A man that God has given me to respect, love and honor... his name is Hendra. I always remember my spiritual leader Benny Solihin said to me, he wished someday I would have a happy family. He said that when I was broken hearted! LOL... and amen! His prayer comes true. I met my hubby and we grow together in our marriage. Honey, if you read this please leave me a comment!

Being marriage for 8 years is not a boring journey for us. From the beginning we asked God to lead our home... this is our prayer

God help us to remember when we first met
and the strong love that grew between us,
To work that love into practical things
so nothing can divide us,
We ask for words both kind and loving,
and hearts always ready to ask forgiveness,
as well as to forgive,
Dear Lord, we put our marriage into Thy hands,
Thank you O, Lord

We truly realize that unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.

This is also Clifford 2nd birthday. Kristheoren Clifford Teja is my 2nd son. He was born as our 6th wedding anniversary gift! It was on Sept 25th, 2005

He was 3,82 kg and 54 cm when he was born.

He is funny and outgoing kids. He always smiles, just like his dad.

I love to take his pictures... he is so expressive and cute!

Now he is 2 years old... he likes to explore and learn anything.
I wish I can freeze the day and enjoy his cuteness forever!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Cliff is ill....

My dear little child is coughing all the time.. hard to finish his meal.. refuse to drink his milk.. He folds his little fingers and prays:

Dear Jesus,
I am ill
pis (please) heal me
in Jesus name

Two weeks ago he fell down from the bed and hurt his lips.. but now he is okay.
Take a rest and sleep well baby...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Say No Evil Boot Camp

I was invited by Karen to join her camp: Say no evil. The rules are:

1) No lying
2) No flowery speech
3) No harsh speech

I am not quite healthy nowadays, my voice even get hoarse. So I rarely speak these day... that's my advantage join this camp... will say no evil and no flowery speech, will say nothing at all! LOL.... I only say hoarse speech... how about that? Just kidding.

Lying... I always try hard not to lie in any conditions, and I emphasize it to my house members as well. God hates lies. I agree with Karen, lies is evil that's why I support your camp, Karen.

Flowery speech... I am not a kind of person who can put many flowers in my speech... :D Actually, I think I should learn to say kindness and nice things to others. I try to say many blessings and praise to my kids, to motivate and comfort them. Say it with flower is different from flowery speech, right? Hahaha....

No harsh speech... yes, this is the hardest part. I am trying to eliminate my harsh habit. Be nice and bless others. Not to be harsh is actually need patient... we have to be a thoughtful person, try to understand why other do this and that.

I am reading a Dorothy Law Nolte's Children Learn What They Live. It is a great book, I learn many things from this book, including no harsh speech. It is the first rule, if children live with criticism, they lean to condemn... that's serious!

Children Learn What They Live
By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

Copyright © 1972 by Dorothy Law Nolte

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Like son like father or Like father like son?

Don’t know how they can act like this, but when I saw them I asked them not to move and hurriedly took their picture! This father and son were using the same color, watching football on TV and sitting in the same pose… haha.. Do you think my son imitate his dad or on the contrary, my hubby imitate his son?

Whatever it was, this picture reminds us that our behavior is being watched by others. Whether in the family, in community or at work, wherever we are, people watch how we live and be influenced. We also get influenced by others. Especially for parents, we have to be aware all the time to be a good example to our children.

Every time we see our children’s behavior we can see our reflections through them. When I hear their tone when they speak, dialect they use, the way they laugh or angry, I notice similarities among family members.

Cliff even imitates very small things… if his nanny sing Barney song, “One two buckle my shoes…three four..” Cliff will laugh, put his hand on this head and says, “Forget!” Why? Because his nanny always do that as she can’t remember the whole song. She always put her hand on her head and says, “I forget!”

Hope this post can be a reminder for us, to be a good influence for other… have a blessed day.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

another silly faces

I have some feedbacks from my last post about silly faces... :-) Most of them say it is ugly! Hahaha... yeah I agree with them... and now I realize that only a few people who dare to be ugly. hahaha... these few people are included innocent ones like children... or cute people like me! *grin*

I think it is fun to make other smile... I got another pictures... these are my children:

Arrrgh.... so scary!

Hallo! I am Cliff! How are you?

Like parents like children? Yeah... of course! And I sent Cliff picture as mms to my sister. A few minute later I got her mms reply... it's her daughter

I can do it as well!

Hahaha.... those children are cute! They all are my mom's grandchildren, really expert in doing silly faces since young ages. Hm.. thank you for coming to this silly site...! Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sleep well... sleep tight

My mom got something special for Clay, a mosquito net! Huge mosquito net to be put on his bed...
We used to spray a anti-mosquito insectiside 1 hour before sleeping time, and it was not enough. While waiting beside Clay until slept, I put my eyes around the dark room searching for naughty mosquitoes escaped from the spray. I used an electric racket to knock the mosquito down.. :-D Quite fun!
But now we got this cool mosquito net, we never spray his room anymore. *thumbs up* Healthier and Safe for kids. Moreover, we got more fun from that net, before sleeping time we could do mosquito hunting by a racket easily! Mosquito likes to stop on the net... TAP! Gotcha...!! :-D

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Learn to read is a big deal for kid!

A week ago my aunt bought a reading card for my baby Cliff… It is a Prof. Glenn Doman’s card to teach a baby to read. We only have to take a few minutes every day to show 5 cards and read them to our baby. 1 package contains 100 words, so we got 100 cards with big red letters on it. Just try for several days… no clue yet.. *smile* After reading session, Cliff put the cards on his favorite bike and bring the cards travel around the house!

In my opinion reading is essential. I try all my heart to teach my children to love books. If the children love to read, their knowledge will grow. Reading books is like looking through the window of the world. The more we read, the more knowledge we receive. So we have to be a good reading tutor and provide the tools to grow the love to read in our children’s life.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I used to have a wish list... do you?

Hi there... how are you today.. my morning is delightful! I hope yours too...

Do you have a wish in your life...? I have lots of wishes...! I'm sure you do too!
When I was teenager I wrote down a wish list in my diary.. too bad I can't find it now.
I listed some transportations I want to try, including riding an elephant, a camel, a submarine, a cruise... :-) I also wish I could sing.. but I can't... haha.. so I think I should accept it.. :-) Anyway, My friend sent me a link about Connie Talbot, a little girl with awesome voice. Really impressive so we could shed a tear to hear it! When I saw the video, it reminded me to my wish lists.. *smile*

Here's the video... enjoy it...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

My partners in my early life...

One day, I accompanied my big brother doing his homework...
He looked so confuse seaching his pencil, so I thought I myself who would help him doing his math homework... I am ready!!

The next morning, my bro and me were going around the neighbourhood and passed the Bronx area... Unfortunately our motor's machine got off! Ugh... thank God I had a very nice brother. He pushed my policemotorcycle along the way home... I think he even can fight with the gank!

In the evening, my niece Melody came to our house... we were doing bussiness together, putting our money in the right place...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sebuah SMS...

Cling... kurang lebih begitulah suara handphoneku, tanda SMS masuk...

Kamu patut bangga. Kamu dipilih Tuhan untuk ngurusin
3 mahluk yang jail, tengil, ngeselin, ga pernah dewasa2,
ga bisa serius, tapi lalucu. Praise the Lord!
................ Aunt Lika, 29 Apr 07 - 6:58pm

Hm... aku tersenyum. Senang. Siapa yang gak senang kalau keluarganya dibilang menyenangkan begitu... (jail tengil ngeselin ga pernah dewasa ga bisa serius... itu menyenangkan bukan?!)

SMS itu datang kurang lebih 2 jam setelah kami pulang dari rumah Auntie... Aku, Clay dan Cliff datang mengunjunginya karena mau minta minum... rumah masih 15 menit perjalanan, dan Clay ribut haus..mau minum... kebetulan Cliff ikut, dan pasti pintu rumah Auntie terbuka lebar untuk para jagoan kecilku.

"Hm... pasti kedatangan kami membuat mereka senang" pikirku pe de. Minta minum... ngemil-ngemil kue snack ini itu... dan bawa pulang sedikit bekal... sudah menjadi ritual acara setiap berkunjung ke sana... hahaha... makanannya banyak!

Setelah dikonfirmasi via telpon bahwa orangnya ada di rumah, dan minta ijin berkunjung... lewat 2 lampu stopan kemudian, belok kanan, lurus dikit dan sampailah kami di rumah 'penuh makanan enak' itu... Hal yang pertama dicari Clay, jelas, minum. Sementara aku langsung mencari tuan rumah, dan sang tuan rumah mencari Cliff...yang dicari sedang berjalan perlahan dengan kaki-kaki kecilnya... sambil tersenyum-senyum. Mungkin dia baru saja melihat ke kandang tikus putih yang ada di halaman belakang Auntie Lika. Dan... seperti yang sudah kutebak... dan yang memang sudah jadi ritual... suguhan pertama langsung hadir... sirup jelly, agar, rumput laut dan selasih jadi satu!

Belum lagi aku masuk ke ruang keluarga, sudah ada 'tawaran' lain dari dalam...
"Lapar gak? Ini pastelnya enak banget loh... Clay, mau lemper?"
Hm... maunya sih diet.. lapar pun nggak... lagi makan sirop berdua dengan Cliff pula. Jadi aku jawab saja, "Gak lapar ah..."

Gak lama kemudian kami masuk ke ruang tengah... ada Uncle soalnya... Cliff shake hands sama Uncle... rupanya lagi nyemir rambut biar ubannya gak keliatan. Biar rambut kelimis teuteuup bisa bercanda dengan Cliff dan Clay.

Di ruang keluar Sitemap