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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I should learn to accept myself...

I was looking for Yah pictures in my albums. I saw my pictures and took notice of my size…of course I looked thin at my honeymoon… and a little bit bigger after my first son was born. But compared to now, after having 2 sons, I looked good at that time. *wink* However, what bothered me so much is that all my life since I was in high school, I never felt satisfied with my own body size! I always think I am too fat! It is so pity because now I looked back and see that I was not fat at all at that time… huaaa…

This is my picture at wedding day... I tried very hard to get slim at that time but as you see, I just have to be thankful,right?

I am a person who can’t loose weight without any effort. I often envy to people who can’t gain weight. I have to ‘suffer’ to loose two or three kilos! May be it is because I lack of information about calories and how to count calories as well. Fortunately I found a calorie counter from Dawn’s blog. I even know my basal metabolic rate estimation according to my current weight, height, and age. The BMR calculator shows that I burn 1,280 calories/day if I do nothing. The site also provide not only BMI calculator to let us know whether we are over weight or not, but also many information to count the calorie in what we eat and what we do for exercise. Really useful, isn’t it? If you need this information you can visit myfitnesspal and it’s all for free.

From now on I think I have to be thankful in whatever size I am now (ugh very hard to do it!)while I add a new healthy habits to walk more instead of sitting in front of my computer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Diet Day Two

Actually... it is day one again... after a few weeks... hhh... diet is not so exciting, infact I don't like it. Anyway, I know it is worth trying as I will be rewarded really great... being thinner.. ha..

So, in these 3 days, I only eat veggie and fruits... actually I have to exercise but have no idea what to do..

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May is my power month! I want to loose some weights...

Your Birthdate: February 14

You work well with others. That is, you're good at getting them to do work for you.
It's true that you get by on your charm. But so what? You make people happy!
You're dynamic, clever, and funny. And people
like to have you around.
But you're so restless, they better not expect you to stay around for long.

Your strength: Your superstar charisma

Your weakness: Commitment means nothing to you

Your power color: Fuchsia

Your power symbol: Diamond

Your power month: May

What do you think? *smile* As for this month is my power month, I will join the May Day Weight Loss Challenge! Hope to be success... Lol. I get this challenge from Denise.
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Hm... tomorrow I will start it... I will try type blood diet for 7 days. Oh well, I also have to get a book about allergy diet according to type o blood.... Here's Blood Type Diet/ Nutrient Value Encyclopedia just incase you need it.... And they are also many recipes! The challenge will end on September 18.... I want to loose... hm... 20 pounds ideally... 10 pounds rationally!