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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clear Water Spring

Last holiday we visited this water spring. I was just returned from here when I blogged via handphone and showed you beautiful green farm area.

Scroll to see the whole picture please... you can see there is a large cave on the left... we can swim into the cave, but it's dark and the water is deep....


We have to jump over the water fall to swim in the clear fresh river...
Look at the last picture and see Clay was swimming with hubby there!


Where's Cliff? Cliff is here.... please click to see my other wordless wednesday entry!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Share The Trick on Papua Theme

Here's how to blend the picture with the background using photoshop cs3. I hope I can explain the step by step to you.. I am sorry if I am not good at this.....

1. Put the picture you want to blend above the background (see the picture). Click add vector mask (see the red arrow)

2. Click the gradient tool on the left tools sidebar, and choose the black to transparent color.

3. Drag your cursor (+) from outside to the picture (from no. 1 to number 2). Do this several times and you will see your picture fading away. That's what I do if I want to blend pictures.

Last Sunday, I was asked to be a photographer by my close friends... can you believe that? hahahha.. This couple have enough guts to ask me and risk their son's birthday party documentation into my hands hahahhaa... I said wokay as long as they aware what they asked from me... I am not professional and I am not trained enough in photography! And they said yes.. kekekekeke...

Here's the result... I'll let you peek my job... *grin*

I use Turtle KIT and Nature KIT to make this scraps.

The party theme is Papua because my friend works for Freeport at Papua. They really made a lot of effort to decorate the room with Papua's ornaments and statues. They even provided unique hat made from feathers directly from Papua!

Next project, my best friend's wedding!! I am asked to design the invitation card, and become her wedding organizer! *fainted* I hope I can give my best for this lovely couple... next December... still have a lot of time to prepare everything, including bridesmaid gifts...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Please Click, Please Smile, Please Help

So many things in mind now... my mojo (what is mojo anyway?) is back I guess.. but, this computer makes a loud noise!! So uncomfortable to work with, feel worry this computer will broken... may be I my hubby needs to clean the inside of this PC.

I am so into digiscrapbook now, so I spend lot's of time making it hehehe... I also participate in PHOTOHUNT today about Water, PLEASE CLICK HERE to go to my Children's Diary to see the picture... T H A N K Y O U!!

Here's one of my favorite scraps for you today...

Word Art by Elegant Word Art (not exactly, I made some modification)
Paper is VanillaHush_SpringCaprice
Swirl by Scrappie Bluestone Design

He is my uncle, my dad's older brother.
This picture was taken by my hubby at the family reunion... so cute isn't it?

I have one more cute picture but still have no idea what words can perfectly blended in this design... please help me to put a caption on this picture! Pleassseeee....


Paper: marianne_bg3_rustic
edge ornament from NS Love in Paris
chairs set from Paper boutique design

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look What I've Got!!

A Family!!!

Quickpage page by Rinakroes

4 generations! Can you help me to count them all?
I never finish counting them!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Freeze!! Seize the day!

I really enjoy watching this video! My hubby sent this to my facebook and it's just too cool and amazing! Watch this...

Just love the young man tying his Ecco shoes, a man dropped some papers, and that man who poked a freezing girl talking with her handphone? So hilarious!! I browse some more...

More people freezing in London... waaaa so many people!! See two people hugging each other, gave high 5, confused people walking... what a feeling!!

and here is in Time square Hongkong! Many chinese people taking pictures and video, hahaha I wish I be there, freezing is cool but I wanna feel the confusion as well!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've been there!


This post should be worldless but I can't stand myself from writing! hehehehe

When I visited my best online buddy Ami in Bali last year, she took me to Bedugul and showed me the exact place we see in our money! We had fun take pictures as similar can be as the money... can you find me there? We even found the real boat near by the temple, just perfect! Ha ha ha ha do you think this money will be interesting enough for sale ? *wink wink*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kids Galore


click to enlarge

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mary loved her little boy as I do...

Happy Mother's day to you, your moms, your wife or may be.. your daughter.. :-)


Early Photohunters can be seen here

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brotherly Talk


Visit my kid's room to hear their conversation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Cute glasses

Due to narrow space, please scroll... :-)


Thanks to:
Frame by Hannah - regenbogen kit frame
Scrap Vanilla Hush Kit by Cinnamon designs

Monday, March 3, 2008

Favorite picture of the week

I love this picture very much! This is taken looong time ago, when we tried to get good shots for photo competition. Though Clifford never won any competition, I am glad we have some great shots of him.

I made this scrap and really looooove it! Thanks to Marlies K. for the spring butterfly kit, to Pam Lefors Designs for the butterflies, and Dawn fairy kit for the fairies...!

Help me to add the title for this picture please? What comes to your mind when you see this picture?


Uncle Lee said 'Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination'
LB said '"Goo goo gaa gaaa... goo? Gaa gaa!! Gooo... GOO!!" LOL LOL LOL...
Amel said "Watching the world through children's eyes: the possibilities are endless"
Madamoiselle said "Aaaah! That lady is my future wife cause she's catching my dreams!(butterfly)"
Emila said "A child's world is full of dreams and fantasies"
"I know that the little fairies are whispering to you, my baby".
"twinkle twinkle little fairies
how i wonder why you so small
let's have some chocolate cookies
and together we will grow tall!"

Thank you! It's fun! How about yours? What do you think?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bed Time at Auntie's House

This scrap is made by freebie from Hannah... thank you very much for the KIT!

Early in January we spent a nite at my sister's house. We had a great time! My mom stayed there as well, so all of her grandchildren were gathered and playing together. These pictures were taken when my mom read a bedtime story to the kids. They listened to her very carefully... (pictures on the right below) After reading time, they were having fun with photo sessions hahaha.... they just love to be taken some shots! Moreover, they became more and more active, raising legs together including my mom... hahaha... after being so tired playing with the kids, Clay and Cliff gave their grandma a massage by walking on her body.... she loves being massaged by them!

(click the picture to enlarge)

I let my children spend a nite with their relatives, so they have a great memories in their happy childhood. Being with grandparents are also very important for them, as they can make their grandparents very happy as well... We thank God for this great moment!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best Memories of 2007

Juliana and Judy tagged me to share my best memories I got in 2007. For me, this is a time to count my blessings! As you enjoy the pictures below, I want to tag Janice, LadyJava, Sam Chan, Bobby, and Mr. Fong for this meme. I hope you are not too busy these days... anyone who interested in doing this tag, don't hesitate to tag yourself ok! It's perfect for the end of the year!

I try to make a 2007 kaleidoscope from my picture documentations, and as I made this montage, I feel really blessed as there are so many things every months to remember. There were indeed sad moments, sickness, loss of beloved relatives, and troubles but all of them are nothing compared to God's protection, love and He really always be with us. He always gives the best for His beloved children.


You can click this thumbnail below and open it in your new window to see a larger picture.

~ Start Copy ~

Rules :
1. Copy from "Start Copy" until "End of Copy".
2. Before "End of Copy", share your best memories of 2007 include your name and your URL blog.
3. Share this tag to your friends.

For me, the year 2007 had a lot of happiness (and hope for 2008). Happiness because i see my son, grow and grow day by day. I have a great husband. I met lots of new friends from around the world via blogging ^_^ - Juliana RW

In 2007, I become happier than before because my hubby’s got promotion and sure his salary had been increased. This had made my life more comfortable but everything seemed to cost an arm and a leg nowadays. The happiest memory is I see Nelson’s tummy becoming bigger and bigger, he can now count number 1 to number 10, by my guidance. He loves eating and he enjoys every meal. He gives us a lot of happiness by the way he mimic our talking style and making such lovely faces. At first, I was so scared to look after him but now I hope he can be with me all the time. Even I feel tired everyday but I feel my life is meaningful. Hazel

Looking back at 2007, it signifies a few milestones of my life.. the major one of course being the birth of baby zen.. awwww... He was absolutely a delight, though there were times when we were so worried he was not getting enough milk.. as he wasn't gaining weight as much as he should. Now, looking at him, we feel that we had done something right in our lifetime to deserve such such a wonderful baby.. Thank you hubby for giving us baby zen :-) sting

This year has been another roller-coaster year for me. The best memories are the time when Aldrin uttered words of promises to me that things would be better this year onwards although until end of the year nothing much has improved. Also the best memories when I first got my pay slip and saw that it was true that I got a 47% salary raised from my lowly unjustified old salary. I am also happy to see my beloved sister happily got married and watching Jojo (my dog) grow up to be an adorable, beautiful and obedient 2 year old ;p - Amidrin

Year 2007, is where I fully carry out the roll of being a mummy to Terry. I begin to learn how to appreciate the love and care from my parents and try my best to repay them. No other things that so meaningful than I brought up Terry completely healthy and happy as who he is today. Accompany him to grow is the priceless moments - the moment he turn 1 year old, starts to walk, all the cheeky gesture, happy laughing and etc...He has brought us a lot laughter and happy moments at home. I'm so proud of my boy for he have gain lots of praises and pat everywhere he went for being good in an overall. For myself, I'm happy that I can make a good payout in blogging and glad to know many good friends out there. Most great is that I able to help many in blogging. ~ lemonjude

As I count my blessings, I am amazed at God's kindness to my family. We have so much time to be together as a family in 2007, meet some old friends and family, start blogging and make new friends, and even given a chance to meet 2 blog buddies personally. We also visit some great places and have the best holidays we've ever had. Clay and Cliff are healthy, hubby and me has been given some opportunities to serve Him in some ministries. Thank God for everything, more than words can say, I have received and enjoyed His grace abundantly. ~ Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

~ End of Copy ~

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hey you! See here!

I found something fabulous! If you wanna scrap your pictures visit Christmas around the world to see many Christmas kit! I am there now... ow ow... really great place!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Coolest Wedding I've Ever Seen

Last Saturday I went to Jakarta to attend our best friend's wedding, Matias and Yosephine. Matias has been my hubby's best friend from they are teenagers. They have 5 boys as classmates and they have been influenced to each other in positive ways. They still close to each other after 25 years friendship. Matias has been their best man on their wedding day, 4 times best man until he finally married last Dec 8th 2007. Hehehe.. we teased him, who would be his best man if best man got married! hahaha...

This wedding was one of the coolest wedding ceremony we've ever seen. I brought the camera to show you the pictures... too bad, I failed to catch the most important moment! The ballroom was quite dark and I had to use flashlight. When I tried to shot continuously the camera was too slow because of waiting for flashlight to be ready! *sobs sobs*

Well, I hope this picture can give you clear picture about how the wedding goes... This is too cool to be kept for myself! I can't stand not to shout it to the world! :-D

Here's Yosephine, a beautiful bride... she stood alone at the entrance... waiting for her groom. In usual wedding ceremony, bride and groom entered the reception together, but this time is different. Look at her wedding dress, I love it very much! Soooo gorgeous!

This is Matias, the groom... what was he doing up there? Can you guess? He was holding the harness!

Yes! He came to his bride by flying fox!! Just too cool, wasn't it? It's a pity I couldn't catch the moment when he flied down...

He was arrived, put on his suit and took a bouquet of flowers... came to his bride, gave her a kiss and handed the flower... hm... so romantic! (Click to enlarge)

Here's the happy couple!

The beautiful wedding cake

Champagne toast, wishing all the best for this marriage...

Wedding Kiss

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank You...

I fell in love with Norah from the first sight,
She is cute, adorable and beautifully made,
Norah character has brought me to her creator, a talented illustrator,
and look at my header now is changed with a cartoon version of mine!
If you notice the background has a beautiful needle work,
that is specially made for my blog,
When I receive this I am sooo glad that I want to show it to the world
I think you can guess who is the sweet and kind woman,
that has made this blue header for me...
Yes! It is the beautiful art work of this cute little boy's mom!

Thank you so much Emila, for this awesome header. Emila is the creator of Norah as well... I did this portrait of Yassin, Emila's son, though it is not as good as your work, please accept this as my gratitude for your kindness.

Dear readers, I am sure you love my header as well. You can visit her blog and look many other great work of this artist. On her sidebar, Emila own an online-shop where you can buy her art works. She also did beautiful mugs, canvas paintings for a gift (she just made a wedding pressie for Mariuca's friend), postcards and many more. If you are interested in being illustrated by Emila, scroll down the sidebar and you know how. Do visit her blog now as she is holding a contest and the winner will get a cute notebook with Norah as the cover! Of course you will have to compete with me to be a winner....

Friday, September 7, 2007


My Cliff when he was 11 months old

sure I can sing, play the trumpet and organ... why not?!

Music is creativity.... we can make music from used goods like tins, aluminum cup, water barrels etc. This is called stomp. The picture was taken at general repetition of a music concert.

Music for me is when somebody sing for God... you see that man on the wheel chair... he can not walk but he can praise the Lord... that's will be a beautiful music in God's ears.
Sorry the picture is too small...

and music can make die hard fans histerical! Picture below is F4 concert in Hongkong.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Our GrandMa...

Last Monday was our Grandma's 78th birthday... We have a family gathering to celebrate it.

Here's the pictures:

In her 78th years old, she is very healthy and agile. Grandma is a Grand-grand-ma of 8 grand grand children! So yesterday we were 4 generations having dinner together!

Here's our whole family, only one of her eldest grandson who couldn't come...
I stood between my sis and my hubby... can you recognize me?
my mom was the one who wore a gray blouse,
sitting beside my grandma.

I love the moment like this!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Cheerful Closet

If you happy and you know it clap your hands! :-)
I am happy because Emila won the prize to Genting!
I am happy for
Marzie who has a great weekend in hotel stay...
I am happy with all Malaysian in this
Independence Day...

This is a picture of Cliff, so happy watching traditional games
in our neighborhood
last 17 Aug 2007, it's our Independence Day..

And now I would like to share my happy son...
so cheerful on the closet!

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