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Friday, March 28, 2008

My update today...

Cliff was sick... please visit him in his room... it is my children's diary I made long time ago but never publish it. I will start blogging about their life there. The 'children's room' is still under construction... but I guess I have postponed it too long to start posting there. I plan to move some children posts from here to that blog, but still have no time to do it...

Remember that my old maid left already because she got sick? Now I only got one maid and she kept 'warn' me to find a friend for her. See? Here in Bandung, maid doesn't like to work alone! We must have 2 maids because they need a friend not because overload works! This maid stops working and can sleep at 8 PM, I don't force her to work all day long. She said her hands hurt because of washing the clothes.... she got her body ache... and so on.. and so on...

I told her that I am not an inconsiderate employee.. I gave her bonus because she works alone here, 25% of her salary. I don't know if she is happy enough or not. :-P all I know that she said she didn't feeling well this morning.. oh my... will not bloghop today ok?

I am praying for a new maid... still no answer yet. :-)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Favorite picture of the week

I love this picture very much! This is taken looong time ago, when we tried to get good shots for photo competition. Though Clifford never won any competition, I am glad we have some great shots of him.

I made this scrap and really looooove it! Thanks to Marlies K. for the spring butterfly kit, to Pam Lefors Designs for the butterflies, and Dawn fairy kit for the fairies...!

Help me to add the title for this picture please? What comes to your mind when you see this picture?


Uncle Lee said 'Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination'
LB said '"Goo goo gaa gaaa... goo? Gaa gaa!! Gooo... GOO!!" LOL LOL LOL...
Amel said "Watching the world through children's eyes: the possibilities are endless"
Madamoiselle said "Aaaah! That lady is my future wife cause she's catching my dreams!(butterfly)"
Emila said "A child's world is full of dreams and fantasies"
"I know that the little fairies are whispering to you, my baby".
"twinkle twinkle little fairies
how i wonder why you so small
let's have some chocolate cookies
and together we will grow tall!"

Thank you! It's fun! How about yours? What do you think?

Monday, February 25, 2008

8 Random Facts about Clifford

This is from Janice's Zac! 8 Random Facts about Clifford....

If you want to know about Clay, his brother, you can read this post.

1. Kristheoren Clifford Teja in the name of our youngest son, Cliff. Kristheoren means a follower of Chris who reigns, Clifford means cliff at the river crossing. Teja is my hubby's family name. He is also called Cliff, as parents we hope he will be strong as a Cliff in facing this life.

His name is contradictory from his brother Clay. We hope Clay to be easily mold by God, while Cliff has to be strong to stand on the Rock. Why? Because when Cliff was conceived, we were in grief, deeply saddened by my dad's struggle against lung and liver cancer. That shocking news were received just a week after I found out that I was pregnant... my sister was also found pregnant as well in the same day we heard about that bad news. 3 months and 3 weeks after that were the longest, the hardest, the saddest months in our life... we are fully aware that mom's emotions could affect the baby, that's why we gave Clifford for this baby's name. We hope Cliff, as a follower of Christ, will be a cheerful and strong person though he may have to face difficulties later in his life.

Both of Clay and Cliff's initial is K.C. Teja, K.C. for my father's name and Teja for my hubby's family name.

2. Clifford is also our 6th wedding anniversary gift from Big Daddy. Born normal, weight 3,82 kg and 54 cm on Saturday night, 21:46, 25-09-2005.

baby clifford

Credit scraps to:
paper from mossa the rusty look (
embelishment from:
"Addon On the road" par MissVivi (
Barb Derksen @2007

3. We thank God that Cliff is a cheerful little boy.. very cute and full of smile. He laughs a lot! You can see from these pictures below... I just love his grin a loooot....

4. Cliff also loves to look himself through the mirror...

5. He loves to sit on our backs, just like riding a horse...

6. Clifford loves to wear something the same with his brother... "Baju sama" (the uniform)

or his dad's swim suit... LOL...

7. Clifford loves it when we took his pictures.

8. Here's a prayer for us, the children... Clay and Cliff... My parents hope God gives them wisdom, patient and creativities to nurture us and at the end we can be all we were meant to be according to the Master's plan.


credit to:
Jill D-Zines at {}
Zestaw "StarDust - Freebie" at
frame by Kimb's designs

This tag goes to:
Angie for Jeremy...
Joanne for Wayne...
Josephine for her little Esther...
Sue sue for Le Ann
I hope you enjoy this post, Happy Monday!

Psst, there is a really cool billet grille for a jeep or car! I just peep when my dad's browsing the internet... cool!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cliff's Hair Style.

This is a quickpage design by Lliela. Quickpage is very useful when we only have short time but we want to get gorgeous presentation.. :-) Thanks lliela!

My hubby and I always love this kind of haircut for Clifford. He looks like a cute button... ha ha ha... we call it 'bowl' hairstyle, as the style is like we put a bowl on his head and make a pattern of it when we cut his hair.. hehehehe... (hope you understand what I mean).

Actually my father in law hates this style.. he likes neat and short one... he often asks us to cut Cliff's hair... one day I cut it by myself and Cliff refused to be cut... he kept on shaking his head and as a result, his hair is really really terribly cut!! Shame on me! Ha ha haha ha... I think you can't see how terrible it was from the picture..but it was!! I felt very pity to him and hurriedly brought him to the hairstylist...


Friday, January 11, 2008

Clifford update again...

Hi... sorry for updating Cliff's condition so slow.. hehehe.. got stucked in doctor's waiting room, waiting for 50 kids before us to see the doctor! Cliff was the patient number 107, and he was the last patient... closed the registration right after Cliff...

Cliff has been ill-felt to see the doctor now... poor boy.. since Monday we have seen the doctor 3 times plus being pierced twice by the needle for blood test. So he cried and cried hysterically refused to enter the pediatrician's room. He really hates when the doctor forced him to open his mouth by the stick to see his throat. Awful feeling indeed! When he woke up this morning he said the nurse was naughty, making his little finger bloody.

The pediatrician said the throat infection has not been better! He wondered why the medicine is not effective to cure Cliff. :-(( I am sure he added more dosages of antibiotics for Cliff, do you think so?

Thank you Jo-N, Amel, LB, Jeslyn, Sam Chan, Livingsword, Ingrid, Hazel, LJ, Karen, Nyumix, Chin Nee, Sue-sue, Jam, Marzie,Emila, Juliana, Dawn, Crystal, Bobby, Janice, Madamoiselle (sorry if I miss someone) for your comments, care and prayers as well... I think I won't answer the comments one by one as I need to use my time to do some blog hops... I will visit yours one day at a time, please be patient ok...

Sorry about the word trombosit I used, I have no time to look up my dictionary to search the right word at that time... what I meant about it is thrombocyte, the blood platelet... if one is suspected dengue, we should check the thrombocyte and hematokrit ( I can't find the right word for this medical term!)... hematokrit is how long the blood was coagulated. The first blood test showed that his thrombocyte was only 132.000 (should be over 150.000) so we had to check the blood again the next day. If it was decreased again, that means Cliff should stay in the hospital. Thank God the second result showed it was 155.000!

I find God is good... and He has been always good to me and my family.

Today, after return home from the doctor, I took Cliff to bed for a nap. He just fell asleep for awhile but then woke up again, looking for me, asking me to sleep beside him. I accompanied him hope he could sleep soon. After 30 minutes I began to worry as I had to pick Clay from school before 2 PM. I prayed in my heart, asking for my Big Daddy to help me, to make Cliff sleep soon... and I got help! Cliff was sleep in 5 minutes. I smiled and thank Him... and picked Clay happily to school...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cliff update

I am on the way to the hospital to have Cliff do blood test again. His fever is better already, he is sleeping in the car now. We have brunch to let Cliff sleep longer.

I pray for the good blood test result but have prepared for the worst. Have brought all clothes needed if Cliff has to be hospitalized. We are covered by insurance already, so budget will be fine.

Boy I really hope for good news!

Best regards

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

wah... Cliff has done blood test!

The result is not too good... must do the test again tomorrow to see whether he has to be hospitalized or not.. still have high fever...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Update fresh from my bedroom.

I read your kind comments from this handphone. Thank you so much for the encouragements. I do feel so low and sad. Right after I sent my previous post my maid told me that she wants to quit. She will be purposed and her fiancee to be wants her to work nearby. I find it too exagerated. My house is not far at all from his, 15 minutes by any vechicles. But I wont argue, just choose to react like Job, 'the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?'

I have to search new helpers and start all over again. For those who have no maids this rambling is too much I am sure. Hehe. But frankly speaking, I feel terrible, do I sound like complaining? Hehe. Sorry!

Cliff's fever has not been better though I gave him paracetamol. Hope it is not dengue but I have decided to forget Lee Hom's concert.

I lost my normal cheerful days I found my maid is thoughtful enough not leaving me suddenly. I still have time to find someone to fill her position.

Anyway, do I make you bored? Hehe. Woman needs to talk a lot to ease her burden you know. Hahaha. Though I realize that burden is just how we react n how we see the situation, still- I need to make myself smile. I save your comments in my handphone and read them over and over again to make myself smile! What a pity.

I also lost ability to connect with internet. I found:
1. I still can blog and keep in touch with you from my mobile, but without your email address I cant reply your comments.
2. I have some (many) friends who encourage me. Thank you!

Argh this post is so boring! Gimme your email address so I can bother you with my mumblings.

Best regards

Cliff is ill again

I just came back from doctor. Cliff got hi fever, cough, sore throat, stomache, refuse to eat and drink milk. He is sleeping,so weak and urges me to be with him all the time.

I cant be online I guess. Cant go out from the bedroom too long.

Anyway I have much time to read and pray. I am reading Purpose Driven Life. I will mention your name in my prayer ok. Thank you for visiting and reading. You are in my thoughts.

Lost and found:
I lost my private time to blog due to Cliff's sickness,

I found more time to reflect, read a good book and pray.

One more, yesterday my maid went out with her friends. She met my ex-maid who used to work together with her for 3 years here. She said that maid has become prettier, whiter, her hair is being bounded (how to spell that hair treatment?) and got her nails mani-pedicured! Cant you imagine that? My maid came home with gloomy faces I think she feels so envious. She told me several times that she wants to bound her hair but I said it is not suitable for her. She will have to get hair treatment after that or else her hair will be dry and damaged, besides it is expensive I think she should be wiser in spending money. I told her that sincerely because I care. I hope she doesnt feel unhappy work for me. Maid things has always been the source of worries for me! I try to respect her and give her freedom to make her wishes come true,allow her to have handphone and give her time to socialize. I take the risk that she will get bad influences and quit working for me.

Lost and found:
I lost my secure feeling about the maid,

I found that I always can depend on my Big Daddy to provide my needs one day at a time.

Best regards

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Uh oh...

My Cliff has a running nose today... uh..oh.. uh ... oh... tomorrow we will fly and I do hope he will not have earache on the plane.. please..please pray for our safety trip!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who's on the wedding

Here's Clifford, so sleepy and tired... he always put his pointer fingers to his cheeks every time I say 'cheese...!!"

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I also met my dear brother Alvin and sister Lita, Alvin was the best man on this wedding. They are not my siblings but they has been so dear to me. I stayed in their home several times 9-10 years ago and their father, Mr. Robby Chandra, was my spiritual leader. It was so great to meet them again after 10 years!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Memorable Moments...

This Thursday my friend will deliver her first son by caesar and my mind flies back two years ago and even 7 years ago when I delivered Clay and Cliff.

Both of my son born naturally, not by caesar. Though during unbearable pain I always cried to get a caesar instead, I managed to hang in there 14 hours and deliver my babies. Yes 14 hours of pains!

Clay was 3.5 kg 52 cm and Clifford was 3.82 kg 54 cm when they were born. Such a big babies, indeed.

In Chinese tradition we always gave 'ManYe' or gift to our friends and family who has visited our babies, 30 or 40 days after the babies were born. We usually send a cake with two red eggs on it as a symbol that our baby is a month old already. With these cakes and red eggs we usually attach photo birth announcements, with the babies name on it. This ManYe tradition just like our thanksgiving that the Lord has given us a healthy baby.

For these memories, here's Clifford when he was born! It was me, in pain... and my smile right after Clifford was born and tucked in my arm! Look, you still can see the blood on my shirt!

Here's my favorite picture... what cute little tiny feet he has!

When Clay was born, we didn't have a digital camera, so I have to look for his photographs and get them scanned first.