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Thursday, November 8, 2007

To All Teachers In This World...

Yesterday I am talking about KUMON, how frustrated I am to motivate my son to learn math, well today I met his KUMON teacher and asked her to help me solving our problem. Actually I find a blog which is so mathematical! I am amazed of how some one can be so dedicated to math! Eat your maths is written by teacher Fong. On his sidebar Mr Fong describe himself as a dedicated, sports-loving Maths tutor that aspires to teach students how to confidently step up to kick the PSLE away into the soccer goal, and score! What a special vision he has for his blog!

Being a teacher or a tutor is not easy, we really have to give ourselves for our students. Mr. Fong also has his own struggles and difficulties dealing with both students and parents, but I also read his satisfaction and joy as he found his students successful to reach their goal. He also blogs about his holidays... teachers are human being they need a break! :-)

Among many personal blogs I find this math blog unique and definitely has an interesting concept! I wish good luck to you Mr. Fong... teaching is also learning... learning to understand our students and learning to make them understand the subject. It is an honored vocation especially if we do it with responsibility and dedication.

Mr. Fong, this is for you...
Blog of the day - Eat Your Maths

Dear Big Daddy,
Thank you for all teachers You provide me in my life... You have called them and equipped them with special skills to teach and guide their students.

Thank you for my Dad, who has taught me perseverance and giving...
Thank you for my Mom, who has taught me creativities and enthusiasms...
Thank you for my teachers, who has helped me to study...
Thank you for my friends, who has taught me to play and work together...
Thank you for my sister, who has taught me to share our lives...
Thank you for my parents in law, who has taught me to take care of my family...
Thank you for my hubby, who has taught me to smile...
Thank you for my Clay, who has taught me to be consistent...
Thank you for my Cliff, who has taught me not to worry about everything...
Thank you for my blogging friends from all over the world, who has taught me to write better posts and share so many information I never knew before...

Dear Big Daddy, I find so many teachers everyday and I am so grateful for that!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Smart Woman Behind the Blog

A woman behind this blog is a great woman... she can maintain 5 blogs altogether well and make cling cling cling from her blogs! She is so serious in doing her job, both writings and doing great lay outs... I always find a neat, well organized yet beautiful lay out in every of her blogs. I love the animation she added on her title post! Hm.. I think I want to make over my blog again... hm...

Besides, she is a nice, friendly, supportive and helpful. Though she often punched her hubby when she is sleeping, I think she doesn't mean to do that purposely... hahahaha... She helps me to work on my lay out problem ( not solved yet though *sigh* blogger outage took so long today! I can't modify my template) and we had a great time doing our writings together last night! Dear, we have to do that often I love to work together!

Can you guess who is she? Yes! She is...

I went to Breadtalk several weeks ago and bought a delicious chocolate bread named Lady Lava! It reminded me of her! :-) I try to take the picture of the bread but my little Cliff couldn't stand to eat that bread, no matter how quick I tried to take that Lady Lava picture this is what I got.. Cliff is faster than me! :-D

This 30 days with 30 blogs means that I will review a new blog a day, a really new blog I find these days. Yeah Lady Java is not new for me, but only several days ago did I find her other blog: Being Woman, Make Money Online, Free Downloads and Cat Tales! Go take a look at those blogs and find out how she can make so much money from her blogs (yes, I think it is much! hahaha). Congrats and way to go, girl!! Here's for your BEING WOMAN BLOG!

Blog of the day - Being Woman

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Be Strong and Courageous...

Amel's friend Livingsword has so many interesting posts to chewed. I am swallowing Graffiti vision 2020 that just like a tap on my shoulder to keep me aware of something might happen in the future! Livingsword reminds us that on February 20, 2020 at the time: 20:20:20, the date will read 2020-02-20 20:20:20. Awesome, isn't it?! :-) I read many nightmares, realities and dreams about this world on the post that really really make me cautious!

There are some series post I found in this special blog as well, Survivor China series and Politic and Religion Series that states Livingsword's point of view in detailed. Although I don't know much about Livingsword yet but I can clearly see an intellectual person behind the writings!

Livingsword, this is for you:

Blog of the day - Livingsword

Learning so much things from Livingsword, I want to thank God for His protection as He holds the future of my family. Those coming days will not be easy, challenges, troubles and never ending global problems are waiting for us! I am so grateful that I can surrender every fears in His Almighty Hands. He has beautiful plans for my children, I believe that and I pray that my descendants will be used for His glory in every situation of their life. Amen.

Be strong and courageous. Be careful to obey all the law of God, don't turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. - Joshua 1:7

Monday, November 5, 2007

Learn not to take for granted in every thing.

Meet Boogiemum today, who has the idea of 30 days of thanks and own this lovely badge below. She has many interesting projects on her place. It seems that she never runs out of ideas to make this world a better place. Never heard about gas challenge before? The challenge was over now, but I still love to read and find her great mission to save our world!

Boogiemum this is for you

Blog of the day - Boogiemum

Looking at this picture is heart breaking, dear Big Daddy. However I see a strong will and perseverance in him that I might not have.

I thank you as You are our Provider and You provide our needs and bless us everyday abundantly. Bless this man and all people in sorrows and needs, O Lord and make us Your Hands to reach them with love and care.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

30 days with 30 blogs - no. 4 - Isanyoneoutthere?

Yesterday I found this fine blog, isanyoneoutthere? Albie Wong, or LB is the Author of this creative blog. I was impressed of his creativity, make a post about hug hug club! I'm still not really sure about this hug hug club as I only visited his blog twice but I am sure it is fun and hilarious! I think LB gives every commentator a point and count all of them, he even gives names his readers with Superheroes and have special birthday posts with some super interesting pictures... What an interesting idea to appreciate his readers!

LB, I think you are a great designer and I admire your designs very much! However I made this simple badge regarding this 30 days with 30 blogs project, please kindly accept this:

Blog of the day - Albie Wong's blog

30 days of thanks

Dear Big Daddy, thank you for friends from my childhood. Today we have a little reunion and I meet some friends who have known to each other since we were 5 years old! We have been friends for about 30 years and always be good friends till death do us apart.

Thank you for opportunities to keep maintaining old friends, they just like brothers and sisters as we grow together. Thank you as well for the beautiful chance to see them happy with their families, and please grant us sensitivity to support and pray for each other as life do has problems and struggles.

Dear Lord, I pray for Little Michael, a son of Tedy - my school friend, who has just heart-operated last Oct 31 . Please give Michael a healthy and strong heart so he can grow to be a blessed man... and give his parents strengths, wisdom, comfort and faith in You as they take care of Michael.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

30 days with 30 blogs - no. 3 Cooking Momster Corner

Let's visit Cooking Momster Corner today and see what did Sue sue bought at Europe ! This busy lady like a bee loves to cook and I think her fried udon looks good! I love how she made stars from carrots... and I will try her recipe this week.

Sue sue lives in Kuala Lumpur, she is a working mom with 2 kids, Lee-Ann and Ee-Thern. This little Ee-Thern is actually like twins with my Cliff! They were born on the same day and year and almost same time! Cliff was born on 9.46 pm while Ee-Thern at 9.50 pm! What a wonderful coincident that their moms met in blogs!

Sue sue hope this post can brighten your tiring days! I made this badge for you, just in case you like to put this in your side bar so your friends can read this post. But it's really optional, you are free to use it or not.

Blog of the day - Cooking Momster Corner

30 Days of Thanks

Dear Big Daddy, I want to thank you for my mom. Today she visited us and stay a night here and we all have a great time together. Every one of us, including my maid, love her presence in our home. She really makes our home warm and cheerful. We even have a nap together, 4 of us in my bed!

Thank you Lord, You allow my kids to know their grandma and have a lot of memorable experiences with her. They listen to her story about naughty monkey, they play and sing Barney's songs with her, they are cuddled and hugged in her loving arms, encouraged and comforted by her words as well... Thank you, Big Daddy for my mom!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Blog of day - no. 2 Acquire Wisdom

I like Sam Chan's blog very much! All this time I often see his comments at Waterlearner so his avatar is so familiar, but not until Mr. Fong told this good blog do I actually visit him. Acquire Wisdom, what do I find? Inspirations, wisdom, comfort, advice and encouragement as well! If you never read his posts, go check him now and let me know if you do not fall in love with this blog! This blog is a kind of blog you will dig and find many treasure in it.... I will subscribe it as I want to learn how to write good posts like his. One more thing, Sam Chan, Happy belated birthday! It's on Oct 30, isn't it? God bless and use you to bless others.

30 days of thanks... Day Two.
What are you grateful for today?

Do you feel grateful today? I hope you do... I feel grateful for the ability to enjoy my blessings...

I am a kind of person who can really enjoy delicious food while may be, for other, is not too special. I am not picky... my auntie even said that it is useless to ask my opinion about some food, I will surely say it is delicious! LOL... thanks God my hubby is similar with me in this matter... we can enjoy something no matter how simple it is...

I want to thank God for giving me a chance to learn how to cook these days... :-) Since my 'cook' maid left us I have to cook for my children and me ( not really for my hubby--my hubby seldom eats at home thanks God for this as well! LOL). Cooking is not my specialty nor my hobby but I want to thank God for this chance to serve my family food for their bodies, and as well as for their souls and mind!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wanna Join us in NaBloPoMo?

View my profile on NaBloPoMo

I sign up today though I am not so sure how it works... but I like the idea of blogging about something everyday for 30 days! I visited Sabine and Patricia today and they just start this National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. To join this, we only have to blog everyday this November, starting today. I think it's a good way to begin our November! Hey you guys, come on join me!

Let's start now!

Blog 01 on 30 days with 30 blogs is....

Everydayhealy, a mom of 7 months daughter, baby Elizabeth. I impressed with her because she willing to read my long post about what I do all day! I see that she starts blogging from April, exactly the same with me and she got PR4, congrats!! I think she is from Penang Malaysia, as she post some video about Penang Gurney Drive, and she has two maids! We have so much thing in common indeed... :-) Go greet and visit her, and see her great header! Tell me what do you think that header means... I think it's about being courageous to jump high from our comfort zone (that actually not comfort at all) and find a bigger place to explore! Or... may be it's about be brave to take a first step, be the first one, as a leader, to find a better place.... what do you think?

Healy, this is for you...
Blog of the day - Everydayhealy

Today I want to thank God for a better atmosphere in our house. Thank God for my maid in this past 3 years, for her dedication and love to my Cliff. I pray for a new good maid to help us but I know that we all have to learn how to get along with each other. Thanks Mr. Fong, GIGI, everydayhealy, Ladyjava, Jam, Jo-N and Amel who have given me encouraging comments!