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Friday, July 4, 2008

Dago Pakar

I went here yesterday...

Another great place in Bandung, just (may be) 20 minutes from Factory outlets and 10 minutes from Sheraton Hotels... I was there with my kids, my sister, my mom and my grandma... we had a picnic together... :-) Clay and Cliff rode a horse together (only Rp.5000,- less than 1$Sin?) And we can visit Goa Jepang (Japanese Cave). This cave was built by Japanese when they ruled Indonesia, in the world war 2.


We only need 2 hours, went from home, enjoy the forest and went back home! Just nice!
Really dark, can't see anything. We can rent the torch (Rp. 3000,-) and be guided into the cave for some locals there... But we didn't get into the cave, the children are scared of darkness..:-)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bandung Culinaire

Short Notice
After this post, I will write about mini series episode 5 and you can chup the post ok? Just be patient, I need some time to write. I also need your help, I want to post the audio file... how to do that? I have an audio file for you to hear... please help me, where can I upload the audio file and post it here?

Ok, let's talk about FOOD!
One fine day, 3 young women (me, my sis and my auntie) asked our grandma and her sister to have a lunch together... and here is our food... yum yum yum... Imagine 5 ladies have a Sundanese Party... waaaa so delicious! We, Bandung people, are Sundanese ethnic... we speak Sundanese as well, besides Indonesian. Just like I told Angeles and LB at the previous comment section, we said 'Mangga...' = please/help your self. 'Sit down please...=Mangga calik.'

Mangga in Indonesia means mango as well... and in Sundanese, mangga is called buah. Buah in Indonesia means fruits.. hehehe... Papaya in Indonesia is pepaya, while in Sundanese is gedang and gedang in Javanese is banana.. confuse already? Ok, let's see the food now!


Ah, we have fried gurame, grilled gurame, and fried chicken... you see the Liwet Rice? It's similar with nasi lemak as it was cooked in coconut gravy, but Liwet Rice has chillies, eggs, salty fish, bean sprouts, served in a jar (see the picture above and spy the Nasi Liwet). You have to try this food when you visit Bandung! The Mango Sambal is sluuuuuuuuuurp....!! It's sour, crunchy, a little bit salty and spicy of course.. perfect!


Do you know Sayur Asem? It's also freshy and yummy... red beans, green 'pumpkin', corn, long beans, added with palm sugar and asam (what is asam fruit in English?) it is not tangerine and I can't find the word! Gepuk is delicious as well.. a beef.. and karedok is like a raw gado gado... in peanut sauce.. see that belachan sambal? Sambal terasi!! Ya! Now I am really hungry!

My hubby protests that I should present the pictures in the same 'style' hahaha.. I said I am not that consistence... I made it spontaneously.. and now, I am too lazy to edit the pictures below.. hahaha... I am sorry!

Yesterday I had lunch with my mum and Cliff at The Valley. This is the restaurant I recommended to Farah before. The restaurant with great foods and beautiful views, night or day. The night view as seen on previous post, though it was taken from different restaurant, but it is similar view as the restaurants are near. The Valley is more expensive but the food is more delicious.... I took some pictures using my Sony Ericsson K800i, here is the menu... the price range is around Rp.35.000 - 120.000... average more than Rp.50.000,-


and the table...

and this is dori teriyaki set menu, we order this and 3 bowls of rice... *grin* for me, my mom and cliff... Rp. 64.500 plus 21% tax and service... So this set + 2 bowls of rice cost me about Rp.84.000,-

Look at the sushi... salmon I don't like raw meat too much so I gave them all to Clifford.. hehehe.. child need salmon for his brain, right?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bandung oh Bandung...

This post is for my friend Farah, who will visit Bandung this May... Friends, you got to believe me that Bandung is a great city to visit and shop... read Farah's post about "I love to belanja in Bandung' to read how many clothes and bags and shoes she got when she visit Bandung last March! Hehehehe.... You got the direct flight from KL to Bandung as well! What are you waiting for? Here's my post about Bandung if you missed it.

Here Farah, the picture of 3 bedroom condominium at Aston Hotel... I've surveyed the hotel for you. Look... the dining living room with a large tv (though they didn't use plasma tv mount but it's nice enough), welcoming you... (Cliff was taking a picture of me who was taking a picture of him.. huehehe) We also got a clean kitchen, complete with utensils and a pan for you to cook, stove, fridge and microwave. A bathroom for 2 bedrooms, one single bed and one double bed... one more room is, the same double bed (I think it's queen bed) with a tv and bathroom inside the bedroom... bathroom with bathtub.

The hotel is located and connected with Braga City Walk, where you can find a food court with many choice of delicious food and the playground for your kids to kill the time... you got swimming pool as well in the hotel! So, are you happy with this one? *wink*

I still want to show you the restaurant, where Clay had a piano concert... here is the outdoor area while we can dine under the starry night... Clay was actually playing the piano inside the room...
And this is the Bandung at night, viewed from the restaurant... Isn't it great and beautiful? I always dream that someday I could have a house with this kind of view!! :-)


And next time, I think you will like this kind of Sundanese food, I got more more delicious food pictures but have to edit and resize them first! Waaa I am hungry now..


Monday, April 28, 2008

A Tale of One Bacang

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have a great time at my blogaversary party... (still not sure whether it is blog iversary or blog a versary hahaha...but since it's my blog, I do what I want to do.. kekekeke). So sampat! I think some of us really need to go to drug treatment center to get healed from sampativitis... hahaha...

Here is my answer for the lormaikai picture... yeah my Bandung's lormaikai is no. 4 and 8! Bravo to Mr. LB, the author of Lormaikai Encyclopedia, who managed to sniff sniff and smurf smurf square lormaikai from Bandung. The rest of lormaikai pictures were taken from Littlemissmay, GiddyTigress, and someone I don't know.. hehehe... none of them from LB's blog except you share the same pictures with your friends, LB... *grin*


And this picture, is Bacang Ketan (Glutinous Bacang) just like lormaikai but different filling, and it is triangle.. hehehe...
One day, there is a turtle who wants a lormaikai so much, but he only got one triangle fake lormaikai name Bacang....

He excitedly open the banana leaf to see what is inside...
aaah... looks so shiny yummy!

Look at his eye ball on the background!
All he wanted was open his mouth widely
and ate it all, all at once! HAP!


Ok, back to blogaversary, I met new friends yesterday, thanks to Husia, Chev, Doreen, Samantha, GiddyTigress, Andie Summerkiss and Sandy C, for coming here to wish my blogaversary... thanks for those who has let me steal your lormaikai... hahahaha... forgive me ok?

Big Thanks to JoN, Jemima, LB, Lisa, Angeles and LJ who has played the chup treasure hunt in my blog! What a CHUPALOOZA (borrow LB's word)! Thanks for wanting some more Chupalooza games again next year... I hope it didn't give you too much trouble, BUT FUN FUN FUN! The result will be up on the first of May!

For those who still blurred about the CHUP things, it's okay... you will get it sooner or later and enjoy the fun. It took me some weeks to make my mind 'click' and 'cling' about the CHUP game at the Chup Headquarter.

I want to say thank you to all The Honorable Top Ten Commentators:
  1. L B (47)
  2. JO-N (45)
  3. mama of 2LittleFellas (39)
  4. LadyJava (38)
  5. angeles (31)
  6. Jemima (26)
  7. Mariuca (17)
  8. Juliana RW (11)
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Thanks to all faithful readers and visitors, and also my subscribers who always read my posts through emails, thanks to you all who has spent your time to read and follow my mini series... Hope you love to read them till the end! Thanks for teaching me to be creative, crazy and sampat and thanks for your sincere friendship! THANK YOU BERI BERI MUTCH!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

And The Result is...

The result of piano mini concert is here

Yesterday Clay played piano in front of so many people at the restaurant which has gorgeous Bandung view. I will take you, blog buddies, to this kind of place if you have time to visit me in Bandung. Farah, here's the view you can see if you go there again... could be better view as the sky was no so clear yesterday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another side of Bandung

Last Thursday we went to Lembang - a highland on the north of Bandung. There were a wedding anniversary invitation from 3 couples over there. I was so excited to go there as it was my favorite place ever! The place's name is Girindah, (Beautiful Mountain) and I used to work in a cafe there before. I've seen so many beautiful phenomenon over there... from the thick white midst, many beautiful sunsets, a gorgeous rainbow in one lovely afternoon (I even can see the edge of the rainbow!), the stunning Bandung at night scenery and a really wonderful bright fullmoon over there!! Can you imagine, one place could be so beautiful? We have the motto : Expect the Unexpected when we run the cafe there... I really love this place sooo much!

Come one I'll show you the mountain panorama... do scroll to see all the picture..


I don't know the name of the mountain on the left, but on the right (scroll to the right), you can see Tangkuban Parahu (the upside down boat) Mountain, because the shape is just like an upside down boat... can you imagine, the afternoon yellow sunshine ray make a bright spot on one side of the hill with many beautiful houses on the estate there? I saw the edge of the rainbow over there! Really unforgetable... (too bad I didn't have a good camera at the time)

Let see Bandung from the top! Hm... it's rather hazy though... but you can imagine how beautiful it can be at nights! *can't wait to have a chance to take the night pictures*


The problem is... my children often gets sick after we went there... oh boy... Clay got fever as soon as we reached home from Girindah.. it was so windy over there... I remember I bought 3 months old Cliff to stay a night there, for old and new family gathering (new year 2006) and I had to carry him all night long because he got a cold, couldn't breath and sleep well.. I didn't dare to bring him and spend a night over there again! Not yet.. but I will...

Let's see the food now!! Tutug rice! If you remember my email address is tutug.rice, here's the rice!! LOL... the rice fried with oncom (type of fermented soybean cake having red color).. and the dishes were juuusssst puuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrfect!! Green tomatoes sambal, salty small cuttlefish, tempe balado, dendeng (beef cut into slices and dried) balado (chilly and spicy), steam tofu (in a banana leaf)... that is a tutug.rice lady... ! HA HA HA HA


Below is nasi gudeg from Yogyakarta, Javanese food. These are sweet,tasty, and spicy too.. I can't explain them here but I will take you to try these kind of food if you visit me someday!
Oh, that was an icecream wedding anniversary cake... taste yummy as well as a dessert!

Not only having a delicious lunch together, we also watched tv together. We just sat on the floor and coaches there, no special home theater seating... :-)

We watched recorded tv program - 3 wishes. It was a really touching series! All of us were so touched and wiped seeing the 30 minutes clip! It's about a young man who was born stuttered,( a stammerer). His mother came to the 3 wishes program and asked them to buy an earing aid for her son so he can speak normally again. Their wish was fulfilled and the son could speak so fluently! He was sooo happy that he kept on reading everything to enjoy his fluent speech. He had nominated himself to be a school president and his family came to hear his speech. They were very surprise to hear he could deliver his speech so fluent! What a touching moment I can tell...

From the clip we learnt that we really have to be grateful because we can speak fluently, not stammer. How we have take it for granted! We also learn that family support is really important for someone. Anthony, the stammerer, has a good self confident even though he was a stammerer because of his family, his mom, his grandpa, and he said they never thought he was a handicap because of that. One person he really want to meet and show that he is healed now, is his grandpa, which was passed away two weeks before he was healed. He said, his grandpa accepted him as he is... and always support him in all things he did.

Question of the day:
Please share one little thing that you think you've taken it for granted, that you should have be thankful...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bandung - Favorite Places

Wah, blogging do make me rich! Do you? I am rich now because I have so many friends out there! *wink* In my eyes, friends are priceless treasures... and I am getting richer and richer these days because more and more friends around the world I have found! What a blessing!

I have met Mr. Fong and Jojo last December when I visit Singapore...

JulianaRw is in Indonesia these days. She went to Bandung yesterday, unfortunately we haven't managed to meet yet. We still have time to arrange our meeting next week, as Jakarta and Bandung is not too far to go through.

Then Farah (Malaysian blogger) will visit Bandung as well this monday!! Oh wow! How wonderful, Farah! I will try to put some lists of activities here for you to do in Bandung ok? Need help to book the hotel? Just tell me where you will stay in Bandung so I can tell you some places to go nearby the hotel as well.

Putri aka Nyumix will go to Indonesia in July as well, right Putri? Amel will be here, in her hometown, on October... WooHooo... I should mark my calendars to make sure I can meet you all here! Yeepeee...

I am not a shopping type person, so may be I don't know exactly where to shop... but hey, I have a loooong list of FoodMap in Bandung for you! I have marked my favorite in red, and red+bold are the best one!

 a. Borobudur, Jl. Setiabudi
 b. Sumber Hidangan, Jl. Braga
 c. Braga Permai (porsinya gede!)
 d. Daerah Gerlong, dekat rental Prambanan
 e. Toko Yu, Jl. Dipati Ukur (dekat RS boromeus)
 f. Jl. Bahureksa - depannya SMPK 4 BPK malem doang...
 g. Nasi Goreng Bejo, kantin Fisip UNPAR
 h. Nasi Goreng JL. Rajiman malem kwetiauw...
 i. Jl. Sadewa
 j. Jl. Kresna ( depan salon, deket lapangan )
 k. Nasi Goreng Ohar di dalem pasar baru ... yang ini juga enak kalo ngga tau tempatnya tinggal minta tunjukin ama pedagang Adi tentang nasi goreng Ohar, pasti ditunjukin deh..
 l. Nasi Goreng Jl. Kresna (depan Salon, deket lapangan)
 m. Nasi Goreng di Abadi (dulunya teh Tanabe), Jl.Setiabudhi
 n. Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, di Kafe Batu, jl. Burangrang
 o. Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, di Gerbong Antrik (alamat lupa)
 p. Nasi Goreng Jl. Pasirkaliki di sejajaran Gereja Ka Im Tong,sesudah  melewati jl semar nah di situ khan banyak orang jualan, cari salah satunya... enak loh and banyak .....
 a. Borobudur, Jl. Setiabudi
 b. Baso Panghegar Jl. Holis
 c. Kingsley, Jl. Veteran, Bungsu (@ Rp. 900)
 d. Baso Tahu Tegallega, deket Gg. Jaya, pas didepannya Jl.Otista(malem doang, @ Rp.700,-)
 e. Jl. Rama
 f. Baso Tahu Sari – tersebar di mana-mana, murah=meriah=gambreng!!
 g. Baso Tahu Tulen is the best... suka lewat depan rumahku haha

 a. Jl. Purnawarman (deket pintu keluar parkir Gramedia)
 b. Jalan Cibadak (depan toko buku Merauke)
 c. Batagor RIRI Jl Burangrang, di Martabak San Fransisco
 d. Jl. Bungsu (deket toko kue 10 Satu)
 e. Batagor di Simpang Dago dan Kopo
 f. Batagor 99, Jl. Pasirkaliki bawah, sebelum stopan =pajajaran

 a. Jl. Lombok deket EEP ( pindahan dari jalan Banda )
 b. Jl. Surya Sumantri=A0 (sejajar museum Barli)
 c. Gudeg Kabita, Jl. Jend Sudirman seberang rest.Phoenix
 d. Gudeg Jogya Jl. RE Martadinata
 e. Jl. Ksatriaan (dulunya gudeg Capitol) -> pagi =doang
 f. Jl. Semar dekat gereja Ka Im Tong (adanya ampe =siang)
 g. Gudeg di deket SMA Aloy Jl.Sultan Agung
 h. Jl. Ciumbeluit di deket tukang tambal ban...katanya sih gudeg ex Banda
 a. Jl. Cihampelas, deket wartel/St. East (sore jam lima s.d. malem)
 b. Jl.Rajiman antara Likmi dan SD Paulus
 c. Jl. Cipaganti (dekat Mesjid Raya Cipaganti 
 d. Warung di Jalan Surya Sumantri (buka pagi-siang) sedikit di bawah Maranatha, sebelah kanan kalau masuk dari Terusan Pasteur. 
 e. Sekitar Mesjid Istiqamah Jl. Citarum (antara Rp. 1000 - 2000)
 f. Bakso malang Jl. Burangrang deket restoran Sedep malem (sore jam 4)
 g. Bakso Malang Jl. Karapitan
 h. Bakso Malang Jl. Riau di depan SMA Taruna =Bakti
 a. Depan Hotel Panghegar
 b. Baso Panghegar Jl. Holis
 c. Mie Baso pangsit, Jl. Lombok deket prapatan Aceh
 d. Baso sapi/pangsit/wonton udang kuah di Bakmi Ayam Jakarta, Jl.Cihampelas Gang Kebon Karet ( Jl. Otista seberang Danamon disini semacem Pujasera lah ada juga makanan yang laen
LONTONG KARI (atau Kupat Tahu ?)
 a. Deket Gubernuran, masuk gang (alamatnya yang persis ngga tau, kalau ada yang tahu !!)
 b. mentok Jl. Semar (masuk lewat Paskal) -> pagi doang
 c. Gang Kebon Karet ( Jl. Otista seberang Danamon) disini
 d. Persis depan Bakmi Kejaksaan adanya jam 8-10 pagi doang
 a. Mie rica Jl. Kejaksaan (sebelah =dekat braga)
 b. Gg. Bapa Supi
 c. Gg. Luna (sudirman - andir)
 d. Jl. Balonggede (masuk dr dalem kaum, sebrang Palaguna Plaza sblh kiri) ada es Duren juga
 e. Mie Naripan, di perempatan Jl. Sunda dan Naripan
 f. Baso Panghegar, depan Toko You, jl. Hasanudin
 g. Mie Akung, Jl. Lodaya
 h. Jl. Kebon Tangkil ( Yamien asinnya uenaq )
 i. Mie Jl. Astana Anyar
 j. Mie Kejaksaan (kata Pak Lucky ini dari jaman baheula ampe sekarang rasanya masih sama persis)
 k. Kupat Tahu, Lotek, terus ama Mie Ayam ... jalan Alketeri ini juga enak tapi yang  nyebelin kalo lagi jam makan
 l. Mie Abadi (dulunya Tanabe), Jl. Setiabudhi
 m. Mie Akim, Jl. Rama (baso, baso tahu, nasi tim nya juga enakkkkkk)
 o. Mie 123 di Emong 
 p. Mie Encek di jl. Guntur
 a. Jl. Banteng
 b. Jl. H. Akbar, depan Kartika Sari
 c. Mie kocok Jl. Sunda deket Biliard Manhattan
 d. Jl. Semar ( masuk lewat Paskal --> pagi doang
 e. Jl. Sunda (deket Manhattan Billiard)
 a. Jl. Suwatama
 b. Jl. Kalipahapo
 c. Jl. Gardujati ( Restoran Utara )
 d. Lian Hoa Jl. Astana Anyar
 e. Jl. Gardujati, sejajar dengan restaurant Dunia Baru
 f. Lomie di Jl. Rama ... yang jualan Kwo Tie tuch
 g. di Dalam komplek Kelenteng, jl kelenteng.
 a. Jl. Gardujati (deket GII)
 b. Jl. Rajiman (warung artomoro)
 c. Jl. Astanaannyar seberang Bank Prima Express
 d. Jl. Sadewa
 a. sate ayam jl. maulana yusuf, seberang Gereja
 b. sate jl. kejaksaan (jl.Tamblong ke kiri) samping binatu
 c. sate kambing pak karjan jl. pasirkaliki
 d. sate di depan mie naripan (sore aja)
 e. sate Madura di jalan Anggrek (masuknya lewat Riau)
 f. (sate & gule) Warung Tegal di deket jalan Tol Pasteur (lewatnya dari Maranatha ke paskal)
 g. Sate Hadori di seberang Stasiun KA ( pangkalan Angkot ) masuknya lewat Jl. Kebonjati  setelah liat Jl. Dulatip,belok kanan
 h. Sate kambing Jl.Balonggede ... ( seberang Palaguna Plaza ) masuk lewat  Dalem Kaum .. sebelah kiri
 i. Sate Ayam Jl. Gatot Subroto ( pujasera )
 j. Jl. Karang anyar (Bareng tukang juice)
 k. Jl. Aceh (blk. tukang besi, 100 m dari stopan)
 l. Sate ayam Blora, Jl. Pasirkaliki. dari selatan, sebelum perempatan Pajajaran- PasirKaliki sebelah kanan....di trotoar, malem
 a. seberangnya Gelael Dago
 b. Cibadak deket tukang Jus / milk Shake 
 a. Jl. Panaitan (Ayam Goreng Nikmat )
 b. Jl. Semar & Surya Sumantri (Ayam Semar)
 c. Jl. Ayam Goreng Brebes, arah ke Lembang (pas belokan ke kanan,sebelum pom bensin).
 d. Ayam Goreng / Bakar + usus + lalap + sambel "NgudiRahayu", tempatnya di Jl. Lombok depannya RCTI ..
 e. Ayam Suniaraja (Pojokan, depan Hotel Panghegar)
 f. Ayam Goreng Tepung Lamping, Jl. Lamping, Cipaganti
 g. Ayam goreng Ma Uneh, Pajajaran (sore jam 5) deket tempat buta
 h. Ayam Goreng Facktoy (Warung di Suniaraja), deket Hotin
 i. Ayam Jogja Jl. Putri dan Jl Kejaksaan
 j. Ayam POP Ciumbeluit atas, sesudah UNPAR....
 k. Ayam rica di Jl Setiabudhi (masuk gang) kira-kira 200m setelah ENHAII sebelah kiri
 l. Sebelahnya ayam goreng Brebes dan sebelahnya ayam goreng 2001,Lembang....(sambelnya lebih enak dari Brebes)
 m. Ayam goreng Raben, Ciumbeluit
 n. Ayam bengawan solo

 a. Jl. Asia Afrika (deket PR)
 b. Gg. Kasmin - Jend. Sudirman
 c. Jl. Jend. Sudirman, di Andir, jl Gabus 
 d. Perempatan Pasteur-Paskal, deket rumah makan Naya
 e. Mang Ole, Dekat RS. Sumber Asih, depan lapangan, di depan Jl.Hasan & H. Wahid (daerah Dipati Ukur)
 g. Jl. Pajajaran
 h. Rest. Hongsin 
 a. Pempek Rama, Jl. Rama --> cobain pempek bakarnya !
 b. Jl. Karang Anyar, sedikit di bawah pempek Setiabudhi masuk lagi ke dalam gang.
 c. Pempek Pak Raden juga enak .... Jl. Rama. (beda dengan yang a loch)
 d. Pempek di pertigaan Kalipah Apo- Otista...di sebelah kiri..tempatnya kecil..
 a. Jl. Gardujati 'DUTI'
 b. Jl. Kote ( daerah Jl.Sudirman ) .. tapinya harus malem
 c. Jl. Kasmin (daerah Sudirman)
 d. Jl. Jamika (malem)
 a. Jl. Burangrang, Martabak San Fransisco
 b. Jl. Alketeri , Asia Afrika ....
 c. Jl. Sumatera ( seberang bioskop Regent )
 d. Jl. Kebon Jati, Kembang Tahu, Cakue & Kue Bantalnya juga enak, deket Phung Tailor (malem aja)
 a. Lotek Kalipah Apo, Jl. Ciguriang - sebelah King Shopping, ada rujak, dan kolak beserta keluarganya yg laen (sagu ambon, jojongkong, biji salak, dll)
 b. Jl. Moh. Ramdan, dari arah Jl. Pungkur sebelah kiri
 c. Di komplek Sumber Sari, seberang BCA
 d. Jl Macan
 e. Jl.Kelenteng
 f. Jl.Mahmud ( jam - jam Sekolah ) ada nasi bakmoi ama rujak, masuk dari SMPK/SMAK I BPK Pasirkaliki
 g. Jl. Haji akbar ( deket Kartika Sari )
SWIKE (frogs)
 a. Jl Cibadak pengkolan jl Cibadak-astanaanyar.
 b. Jatiwangi Jl. Cihampelas.
 c. Jl. Gandapura, sebelah Next Computer
 a. Pasar Sederhana (alamat lebih detil ???)
 b. Di pinggiran Jl. Cihampelas banyak yang ngejual
 c. Cimahi (jl. Lurah)

 a. Dekat Kingsley, Jl. Veteran, Bungsu "Es Campur Bungsu" asal mula es campur OYEN.
 b. Es 'campur' di Sultan Plaza lt plg  atas.
 c. Es Campur Jl. Putri
 a. Es Cendol Elizabeth Jln Cihampelas, deket Sapu LidiJeans.
 a. Aneka jus (hit: sunquist, marquisa,duren, fruitpunch) di Bakmi Ayam Jakarta, Jl. Cihampelas (sebelah Karya Umbi)
 b. Warna Sari Kantin, Jl. Taman Sari
 c. Kantin Sakinah, belakang pasar Simpang, JL. Tubagus Ismail
 d. Cibadak , Milkshake jus (tempatnya tukang jagong, pengkolan gang kasmin)
 e. Jl. Gardujati
 f. Jl. Kalipah apo
 g. Jl. Astana anyar ( jeruk kelapa nya enak )
 h. di Jl. Rama (jus markisa plus jeruknya muanteppp)
 i. Jl. Setiabudi, kantin X-O factory outlet (juss strawberinya campur yoghurt, oce banget)
 a. Jl. Cisangkuy (rekomendasi: fresh strawberry juice, kentang + susis goreng)
 a. Di ujung Jalan Banceuy, seberang restoran Hotin. Namanya Sop Kaki/Babat Jakarta.
 b. Di seputaran PLN Asia Afrika....yang tempat nyari buku bekas....(malem)
 a. Warung Jepang, deket simpangan Karang Anyar - Astana Anyar
 b. Hanamasa, Inazuki, Miyazaki 
CHINESSE FOOD (Ngga tau halal / tidak)
 a. Phoenix, Jend Sudirman
 b. Chinese Food, Jl. Sunda, persis seberang Yogya Dept. Store
 c. Jl. Paskal, depan Hotel Familie II (sidewalk alias pinggir jalan)
 d. Masakan Mandarin di Jalan Yo Soen Bie... yang enak sapi cah kailan,ayam nanking.
 e. Rose, Jl. Ahmad Yani (rekomendasi : cah = kangkung, ayam cah Shantung)
 f. Dunia Baru, Jl. Gardujati
 g. Siong, Jl. Kebon Kawung (sejajaran denganmartabak Canada)
 h. Masakan Kong Hu (daerah Tegallega) ** tidak halal **
 i. Bakut (pork ribs) Ahon, Pasir kaliki deket radio Chevy, ato di Kebon jati dan astana Anyar (kios roda kalo malem aja) ** tidak halal **
 a. Road Cafe, di Jalan Cilaki
 b. Chiba, Jl. Dr. Rum
 c. Pasadena, di daerah Sukajadi. Dari bawah (arah pasirkaliki)lurus terus sampe pom bensin,trus ada perempatan, belok kiri,langsung kiri lagi,udah nyampe.
 d. Tomodachi
 e. (STEAK a la Jepang) Ichiban, Jl. Abd. Rahman Saleh
 f. Di sebelahnya ENHAII, d sebelah bawahnya....agak masuk tempatnya.
 g. Taboo, Jl. Burangrang. Kalo nggak salah di sebelahnya Wartel, & rada deket sama BankBali.
 h. K'One El's - ada di belakang Unpar (favorit anak arsitek kalo lagi studio) Yang ini mah ada chicken steak, mie premix,nasi goreng, Bitter Ballen, Lumpia
 i. Tizis, Jl. Kidang Pananjung, Dago
 j. Maxis, daerah Ciumbuleuit
 k. Jl. Sadewa lumayan juga .... cuman suka rameeeee
 l. Bayou steak
 a. Jl. Tengku Angkasa, Dipati Ukur
 b. Jl. Kalipah Apo , tempat lotek Kalipah apo (lihat bagian lotek)
 c. Jl. Kelenteng
 d. Jl. Macan
 e. Rujaknya sumber sari 
 a. Pasar Balubur, di belakang tukang buah, persis pinggir Jl. KebonBibit, depan apotik
 b. Jl. Putri ( ujung )
 c. Tahu Yun Sen, Jl. Jendral Sudirman
 d. Kupat Tahu di Jl. Gempol Wetan (deket pasar,pagi doang)
 e. Kupat tahu petis di pertigaan Jl. Reog dan Jl.Angklung
 f. Kupat tahu petis di Jl. Pungkur, di sebelah Bengkel Teknik Willy's....
 a. Soto Bandung dan Aneka Jajanan Buka Puasa Jl.Macan, Buah Batu
 b. Soto Po Jl. Kelenteng
 c. Soto Po Jl. Veteran ( sebelum Jl. A.Yani, setelah Jl. Sunda )
 d. Soto Banjir Jl. Astana Anyar
 a. La Belle, Jl. Dago, Kroket Kejunya OK banget
 b. Bawean (d/hSweet Heart), Jl. Bawean dan Riau, Nougat Cake & Wafer Coklat
 c. Rasa, Jl. Tamblong (Ice Cake, Black Forest)
 d. Abadi, Jl.Purnawarman, Bagelen Basah-nya wow....!
 e. French, Jl. Braga, semua rotinya uenaq......
 f. Sumber hidangan,  
 g. Kartika Sari - pisang molen

h. Primarasa (brownies bakar)

i. Amanda (brownies kukus)

 a. Kuo Tie Santung, Jl, Pasirkoja (tapi mahal pisan,tapi 
 b. Kuo Tie di Jl Cibadak, semuanya enak.....
 c. Kuo Tie, Jln.Martadinata
 d. Kuo Tie Utara Jl. Gardujati
 e. Kuo Tie Jl. Rama
 a. San Fransisco Jl. Burangrang
 b. Martabak Jagung Jl. Sudirman deket pasar Andir
 c. martabak Capitol Jl. Sudirman deket Capitol Plaza ( dulunyaa..)
 d. Martabak Canada Jl. Kebon Kawung
 e. MARTABAK HOLLAND Jl. Cibadak *GRIN* (katanya yang ngejaganya cakep lho..)
 f. Gg. Kasmin - Jend. Sudirman
 a. Restoran Shantung Jl. Pasirkoja
 b. Restoran Rose Jl. Ahmad Yani
 c. Restoran Mustika, Jl. Ciumbuleuit (rekomendasi Kepiting Padang,ati2....pedas pisan, tapi enak ho)
 d. Seafood Jl. Sulanjana
 a. Inti Laut ( Restoran ) Jl. Pasirkaliki
 b. Pancoran ( Restoran ) Jl. Terusan Pasteur
 c. Nelayan ( Restoran ) Jl. Terusan Pasteur
 a. Jl. PasirKoja (dari arah terusan Pasirkoja trus ampe 10 m deket STOPAN Astana anyar ) harus sore / malem tapinya...
 b. Jl. Gardujati ( deket tukang juice ) harus malem sore juga
 a. Warung Kemuning (mirip-mirip Warnasari lah..) di Jl.Kemuning deket Gereja Kemuning
 b. Warnasari....masa 'gak tau sih
 c. Jl. Kenari.....tempat makannya anak-anak UNPAR - Ekonomi
 d. Semacam Pujasera di Jl. Sumatra...sebelum Regent sebelah kanan (malem)
 e. Rupa-rupa Es Goreng di Jalan Pasteur (200 meter-an dari pertigaan Cihampelas Pasteur)
 e. The Peak.... masuk dari sebrang Terminal Ledeng, didalam komplek apa gitu (café di atas bukit, view nya oce… hawanya dingin)
 f. Kampung Daun.... masuknya sama ama The Peak, Cuma beda komplek, nama kompleknya juga lupa (rumah makan diatas bukit dgn setting saung-saung di samping air terjun)
 g. Ada Café Garde di daerah Dago

Besides all yummy food you can find, you have to visit (we often bring our guess here):
1. The Valley : have a dinner with Bandung at nights scenery... so beautiful!
2. Shopping at factory outlets : Rumah Mode (jl. Setiabudi), Heritage (Jl. Riau - has so many outlets along the way).
3. Bring your kids to ride a horse and minibecak (at drink yoghurt and french fries at Cisangkuy)
4. See Gedung Sate - my mansion.. LOL

5. See unique jeans shop at Cihampelas.

1. Paris Van Java (many yummy resto here)
2. Cihampelas Walk.
3. Bandung Supermall.
4. Bandung Electronic Center for computers and gadgets.
5. Istana Plaza for ice skating and shopping.
6. Bandung Trade Center for cheaper shopping.
7. Pasar Baru for cheapest (but low class) shopping.

If you have time, you can go to Lembang... there are many places to go there:
1. Eat at Kedai teteh - Sundanese food.
2. Visit Sindang Reret for outbound and Sundanese food as well.
3. Vila Istana Bunga for sight seeing, many beautiful villas, flowers...
4. Kampung Daun restaurant.
5. Tangkuban Perahu (crater)
6. Tea walk
7. Sariater Hot Spring, go there at night - soak yourself in a hot spring water! So great!
8. Go to Dago Pakar (forest and visit some Japanese cave)

Or go to Ciwidey, read my story about it here
1. Kawah Putih
2. Situpatengan

Here's some site I browse about Bandung as well... here

Oh I loooove Bandung!! hahahaha...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Plant Supermarket

Last Friday we brought my parents-in-laws to a plant supermarket at Lembang. Lembang is a highland, around 30 minutes from Bandung. The temperature is so cool and fresh, we love going there on Sunday to get fresh and clean air. Here's the pictures I took for you too see...

The place is so huge and we can get various plants and flowers to make our garden beautiful. My father in law loves gardening, I am glad that I know what he likes so it is easier for me to make him happy. Let's have a tour...

My favorite place is the flower area... instead of green leafs collection, I love flowers better!The pink flower on the right is the candidate to be planted on my canopy's carpot! Now we will see many orchids! My father in laws love orchids and really proud of his blooming ones!

There is cactus area as well... I bought some for my father in law, he is collecting cactus these days..

I bought a pot of cute little cactus on the right below... just like a pearl necklace. The bigger picture is on the left. I love that fresh green one as well! you see? The more I see its picture the more I like it.. oh I will buy one when I go there again!

Now let's take a look at my garden at home!

This is my flowers collection... not much and I can't name them one by one... the picture is supposed to be bigger than this... not sure why it becomes so little.. anyway.. I think it's enough lah..

Leaves collections

This is the whole garden when my canopy was still beautiful with white flowers...

Hm.. sorry for the inconsistency of the pictures presentation... hehehe.. I am not patient enough to stick to one style of design! Anyway, it's my blog and I can do whaeva I want here! hahahaha..

Oh btw, I call a gardener once a month to take care of those flowers... I don't take care of them by myself! So I have no credit for all the beauties you see here... *grin* I am the same with you, just enjoy the beauty of nature!