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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When Trials Come... (mini series eps.2)

Last episode: Dwi, a young man who has an obsession to be a pilot. A strong willed man who managed to be accepted in aviation academy to make his dream came true. Bethania, his girl friend, was rejected by Dwi's mom because she was Ambonese and Dwi's mom (Javanese) hated it as she thought Ambonese was rude and harsh. Dwi and Bethania kept their relationship, and Dwi promised to bring her to the cockpit and fly together with him.

January 28, 1997...
It was 3 months before he got a chance to be recruited in Garuda Airlines. Around 6.30 AM, using the brand new plane from France, Dwi and his instructor flied 2000 feet from the ground. The weather was not too good at that time, the instructor said,"Let's continue our exercise." Dwi was exercising instrument preparation, so his head was covered and he only drove the plane by looking at the instrument in front of him. He was doing it for 30 minutes.

Suddenly the instructor said,"ok, have control." That means it's time for the instructor to take over the control. Dwi took off his head coverage, and give to hand the control to his intructor. He was so surprised... at that time their plane was in a very thick clouds... they could barely see anything... it was all white. In a second, their plane crashed the Mt. Gede with 150 km/hour speed!

They were fainted, Dwi's head bumped the dashboard... at the same time, the sparkles met the leaking gasoline, and BUM!! A very big fire filled the cockpit, surrounded them with fire. They were burnt alive while they unconscious . From the very big fire until the fire diminished by itself, Dwi, sitting there behind his seatbelt, then was conscious and saw the clock, he was burn for about an hour. When the fire was small enough, Dwi tried to get out of the plane and he sprawled out beside the plane.

The place was so remote that it needed more 7 hours for the helicopter to evacuate him the nearest hospital. All that time, Dwi was at that location with 50% of his body was burnt in stage 2 (to the tissue under the skin) and 3 (to the bone), and he lost so many blood. He felt really thirsty... but Dwi said, he was grateful that God has strengthened him to survive, waiting for the help to come.

Next episode... The accident didn't only crash and burn the plane, but also crashed all his dream, hope and his life.... You will see his condition after the accident... don't miss it.

A test for you again: (hehehe)
Guess what time was it, when Dwi finally managed to be evacuate to the nearest hospital... *grin*

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beautiful dreams... (mini series eps. 1)

What will happen when your life is not as well as your dream?
It's about the struggles of life,
It's about a true love,
It's about bigger plans...

He has made everything beautiful in His time.
He has also set eternity in the hearts of man;

yet they cannot fathom
what God has done from beginning to end.

If I may say, every child has a dream... This little boy, Dwi Krismawan, also has a dream. He wanted to be a pilot. Living near an airport, he could see big airplanes flying above him everyday. He always wonders how cool it was to drive a plane, taking hundreds passengers from one city to another. This obsession was so strong in his heart, until he finished his high school in 1992, he really wanted to make his dream came true.

He tried to enroll to aviation academy at Curug. To be a pilot, only 75 students accepted out of thousands registrants all over Indonesia. In 1996, after 4 years attempt, he managed to pass the test and be one of the students in aviation academy. He really thanked God for giving him a chance to be a pilot. He passed each stage seriously, whole heartedly... he got a jungle-sea-survival, to be able to survive everywhere in all insufficiency. There was a time when he could ride a plane alone for the first time (flying solo) and he was so proud of it because not all of 75 students could pass the stage and able to fly solo.

Dwi really had a perfect life at that time. He did well in his study and he got a girl friend that really faithful to him. However, Dwi's mother couldn't accept their relationship. Bethania, Dwi's girl friend, was not good enough for her son. Dwi had a bright future as a pilot, while Bethania didn't come from honorable family. They also came from different tribes. Being rejected by Dwi's family, Bethania tried her best to keep their relationship firmly and faithfully. Thus, Dwi promised her to take her fly up high into the sky one day...

Shall we stop here? To be continued...

A test for you hahaha (If you really read, you can answer this) *wink*
How long did Dwi try to enroll the aviation academy?

If you still want to hear a story... read my bedtime story version one at my kid's room ok?