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Monday, December 17, 2007

Travel Update - part two

I need more time to upload this travel update as I want to do some scrap to the pictures... This is my first time to scrap by photoshop cs 2, and I am so occupied in it! I did the Slide... Show... and Smile picture below until 1 AM last night! Okay, let's continue the travel update...

We spent our day two at Vivo City

... not much shopping..actually no shopping... hehehe... lunch at Food Republic... I really like the place decorations! Unfortunately I didn't take some pictures of it as we were too busy giving meals to the kids in that super crowded food court. We hardly could find some seats! Cliff was sleepy and kept nagging. Not a great start to have lunch... thank God Cliff loved to eat Clay's spaghetti so at least he ate quite well in the end. I had to give him wet tissues to play with!

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After lunch We spent some time at Page One, bookstore... I saw moleskine as I told you on my last post. Hey why don't you give me some opinion about what you think? That is not a sponsored post... so go answer me there.. . Cliff and Clay loved to see the 'colorful monorail train - Sentosa Express' which passing by the Vivo to Sentosa Island. I spent time taking care of the kids, read some tractor books for Cliff and went to the restroom to and fro because the kids wanted to unload... hehehe... although I didn't have time for myself, I think I enjoy the whole day at Vivo. My dear hubby also only had a little time for himself, seeing some books at Page one while I was with the kids... after that he dedicated the rest of his time for us... he carried Cliff while he was sleeping, he was taking care of kids at the playground while I met my blog buddies, Winston and Jojo... he really was thoughtful hubby! Thank you dear... xoxoxo

From Page One, we saw Guardian... we need to buy some medicines. Cliff was sleeping on my hubby's arm so he just sat on the convinient bench in front of Guardian while I bought Zyrtec. Both of my kids has allergies so I have to prepare several bottles of Zyrtec. I also bought Biotine, Olbas and diaper rash lotion. Cliff slept more than an hour! Enough time to go to the market place (Giant) and Crocs. :-) Actually Vivo City is very huge mall that offers so much things, from Christmas decorations to chemises, from toys, foods, books and even wet playground for kids to swim for free!

We went to the playground after Cliff was awake... They played sliding and enjoyed their time for hours! Do you notice that Clay and Cliff has the same shirt motive? Cliff played with the water and got wet. So he has to change his shirt.

Slide...Show... Smile

I met Winston as well over there.... My honey bunny hubby was taking care of the kids while I chatted with Winston. He went directly from the airport to Vivo City. He rescheduled his holiday trip to Thailand just to meet us... how kind! Thanks for your time to meet me, my friend! You really have made us feel special. He showed me some pictures he took with his dad at Thailand. He has a very great dad I can tell! His dad always supports and encourages him, he even saw my blog! *waving to Winston's dad*

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Winston went to movie while I met Jojo nearby a very beautiful Christmas tree. Jojo came with JR...they are a perfect couple! JR is nice and easily to talk with, he knows Vivo city quite well so he can show us the way to find some food... hehehehe... Jojo is friendly and sweet. My Clay loves to be near her... Clay walked beside Jojo while we walked around the mall. It was dinner time, most of famous restaurant were full. We decided to eat at Burger King to avoid long queue. Again, JR did us a help to find seats for us. Thank you JR!

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We met Winston again at the playground after he went to see the movie. Here's the picture of us! Three musketeers... LOL... (btw, this picture is my first scrap yesterday. I just found out that I can use special effect brush to make snow stamps and decorate the pictures!)

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Before we went home, Jojo gave me some cakes she bought near her office. Thank you dear! We love them... yummy! Thanks again JR for carrying the cakes all the way.

17 hugs:

Mummy to QiQi said...

Trinity, u are really enjoying there. Can see from your nice :)

Amel's Realm said...

So that's Mr. FONG?!?!?!?!?!?! I imagined him to be someone who would be MUCH older than that he he he...and that's Jojo? Nice to meet blogger friends HE HE HE...and I LOVE your scrapbook as usual. LOVE all the pics. MMMMM...;-D

Wen said...

wei, beautiful scraps with beautiful ppl in it.. u r creative... i wanna go singapore too!!

LadyJava said...

I love what you did with the pictures Trin.. absolutely brilliant!..And you guys looked like you had lotsa fun. Am so happy for you!..ohh your kids on zytec as well? they are an absolute miracle aren't they.. one pill and all allegies gone.. perfect for travelling!..

And what cake is that?? never saw that one b4??

L B said...

You're such an expert with PS now!!! :-) These are great Montages!! Lovely, and it's so good to see lots of faces too, in Blogs, unlike mine!! LOL.. Glad you had such a brilliant time with good buddies.. and family!

Trinity said...

LJ, I think it's pia... hm.. I'll ask JOJO about the cake... yes, zyrtec is really useful... and we can't find it in Indonesia.. :-P

Trinity said...

LB, your blog is great and interesting! I loooove the pictures in your blog... :-D

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Ah Trinity...I LOVE Singapore. I lived there for a time when I was 17-18 years old. (LONG time ago!) Glad you're having a great time...

(on my blog...the boy in the black t-shirt is my oldest son)

J@n!ce said...

Trinity, you have just taken a beautiful picture of the X'mas tree at Vivo n nice words to go along. Totally capturing. I love it. I can imagine a hectic trip over here you have to manage the 2 young boys. Thumbs up to you n hubs for doing it all so well. :)

The Bimbo said...

Yup I really love what you did with the pictures too!!! And I'm so sad I wasn't here.... I would have LOVED to meet you!!

bokjae said...

Welcome back trinity and waah so clever! Can do Photoshop CS2 liao! Have a Blessed Christmas!

Ed said...

Hope you have had a great time here. Sorry I couldn't meet up with you.

Merry Xmas!

Juliana RW said...

Hi Trinity, i can see that you have many great time when you visit Singapore ;) And you getting better and better with CS2 hehehe.. I think i will try to use this program also ^.^ I don't when but i will try ho ho ho...

Sue Sue said...

Wow u r having a real great time in Singapore. I wish I am in Singapore too but got to postponed the trip cos me and hubby just got back from Bangkok.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sue Sue said...

Wow u r having a real great time in Singapore. I wish I am in Singapore too but got to postponed the trip cos me and hubby just got back from Bangkok.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Trinity said...

Chin Nee... yes holidays are always great, aren't they?

Amel.. surprise!! what did you say to Mr. fong? :-) He seems to be disappear from my comment box.. :-D Mr. Fong!! where are you?!?!

Wen.. hope to see you someday..wherever.. in Malay, in Singapore or Bali..

Janice, thanks dear.. hope to see our picture there but sadly we couldn't meet..

Bobo... hugs to you..glad you are back from Beijing and have a great time! Love your pictures as well..

Uncle BokJae..thank you.. my hubby and my sister taught me Photoshop.. they did it for me when I was lazy..hehehe..but this time I do it by myself and enjoy it very much that I can't stop!

Ed.. yes..where are you friend?

Jul, come on..try it.. it's fun!

Suesue.. wah so glad to see you here... hm..Bangkok is not bad at all... I love Bangkok.. love shopping there hehehe..

mr fong said...

Trin im here! The photos very nice... :-) Hehehe. want me send u my neoprint photo w my dad??

It was nice going w u, it was unfortunate im not good with mixing with young and cute kids ;p However, very nice to see u and hubby and kids! Ur kids are really so cute. So nice to see youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!