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Clay needs a new pair of shoes and he needs it ASAP! Boys' shoes change so often no matter how 'heavy duty' the shoes are... if it is not because they are 'hungry' like the picture on the left, they are become too tight as their feet are getting bigger so fast!

Not only boys' but my husband also bought several shoes every year! LOL.. he loves shoes and boots, and his eyes just can't control his legs which always walk into a shoe store every time he sees SALE! Two weeks ago he called my handphone and told me he was buying a new pair of sport shoes for jogging. He already has various shoes actually, from Steel Toe Boots that really great as work boots, dress boots, basket ball shoes, jogging shoes, futsal shoes... Oh well...okay... LOL...

I browse about shoes and find this shopping online store that offers so many great shoes and boots! They even offer free shipping if our order is more than $100! Oh my husband will like that Dr. Marten's and I choose Converse Crosstrainer is really suitable for Clay! I don't have much time to go shopping so this online shopping is perfect for me right now!