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I am back!! Home sweet home... After leaving this house and computer, now I sit again here finally... hehehe.. I would like to thank you to all of you who has come here when I was away.

Amel, LadyJava, Janice, Miss Kurdapya thank you so much for your kindness. Your feedbacks were very useful for me as I can't see the result of my posts directly from my handphone.

Dawn, thank you for helping me to tell photo hunters fellow that my entry was up. Thank you very much, you are a really kind and helpful blog buddy!

Karen and Jam, yeah I was in time machine so the posts' date were November.... hahaa... I even didn't know that my handphone's date was wrong! I have fixed all posts now.

Actually I was at Bandung on 17th Oct, but we didn't come home directly. We stayed at my hubby's parents house for a day then we moved again to my sister's house for a day! :-) I couldn't blog until my maid came back to our house. Yesterday she arrived, thanks God. I still need one more maid, you know why? To accompany her so she can be happier! Don't know why she always be so gloomy if she works alone, I think she is so sanguine that she always needs a friend around her.

I will post about my vacation bit by bit because I have so many things to do, at home and at this blog as well... plus, visiting some blogs that I always love to read...

By the way, the contest will be closed tomorrow! So if you still interested to join our celebration, you still have one day to do the entry!