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I've been tagged by someone for the first time! Before this, I didn't understand what been tagged mean... but now I know... thanks to MissQuotes Fion for tagging me. I feel honored!

Here's my list of 10 Things that Happened to Me :
  1. Making bible study series for teenagers
  2. The saddest things in my life : last days with my dad
  3. I have a guarantee for my next life
  4. Meet my little friends again after 20 years
  5. Unforgettable birthdays : twice...
  6. Participating in theater and drama
  7. Got a wonderful hubby
  8. Being a mom is so beautiful
  9. I am a die hard fans of F4... LOL
  10. Learn to blog and make money
Okay let's get detail about my list...

1. Making a study bible series for teenagers

After I graduated from Faculty of Letters, I worked in curriculum department at my church. We made bible study series for teenager and I helped them as a creative and graphic designer. For teenagers, bible study should be fun and attractive. We realized this, so we put some games and many creative activities to help teenagers like to study the bible. I think it was a valuable and important ministry, so that the teenagers can learn about Him in a creative way. We have 12 books in that series.

2. The saddest things in my life : last days with my dad

Last January 2005, my dad was detected to have lung and heart cancer. My sister and I were pregnant at that time. The day my sis knew she was pregnant, the same day we also knew about the cancer. This will be a very long story, full of struggle and tears. I really want to write a book about this... but have not had a determination to start writing. My dad has returned to God's side on May 21, 2005. We have 3 months of unforgettable grief and great memories with him. Until now, we still miss him very much. My dad is a great man. Many people love him and hope he is still alive... I love you dad.

3. I have a guarantee for my next life

I am sure that when I am died I will be going to heaven. I am sure I will meet my dad again someday. Our life is short and all of us will die sooner of later. But do you know where are you going after this life? Don't die before you are sure you are going to heaven.

4. Meet my little friends again after 20 years

Last year was incredible. I got an email from my ex-elementary school friend, Mulky. Soon we collected our school friends that had never met for 21 years! You can imagine that.... we talked about our wonderful memories in our childhood.... every little things are funny and memorable. We even have a nostalgia book now.... inside the book was written all of memories we recall... Glad to have them as my friends, they all are part of my life...

5. Unforgettable birthdays : twice...

Still talking about friends, I have two unforgettable birthdays. Back to 1992, when I was at university, I have some funny creative friends who love me and gave me a surprise birthday party. I will never forget their kindness and effort to celebrate my birthday. I will write the story in my other blog at Inspirationsbank. Though the blog is still under construction, I hope you will bookmark it as it will be a great blog, I promise! Thanks to Yeny, Patricia, Maya, Agus and Enrico for the birthday surprise. Because of them I can make an Inspirationsbank now.

After that unforgettable birthday, I always try to celebrate my friend's birthday in many ways. Since then, I know that it is so wonderful if I can write something memorable in other people's life. There was a friend who has never blow a birthday candle in his life before... other friend said she never been celebrated before... so it's so wonderful if we could remember other people's special day... we can make them feel special as well! As a result, many friends wanted to make 'revenge' to me... and celebrate my birthday so unexpectedly! Wait for the details on !

6. Participating in theater and drama

I've mentioned before in my posts that I participated in theater and performance. It's the ministry I love to do at my church. Last saturday I also played a skit in Marriage Enrichment meeting. Next November I will ask my hubby to play a skit with me... *wink*

7. Got a wonderful hubby

Through many heartbreaks and searching for a soul mate, I finally was found by someone! :-)
When I was very young I prayed to God and asked specific things for my husband to be. I wrote them down and prayed. Apparently this prayer list was the one who confirm me and make me sure that God has delivered a husband to be to me, right in front of me! *smile*

This man, told me he like me but I was still not sure that I want to get steady with him. One day, in front of my house, he smiled at me as saying goodbye... and BUM!! I suddenly realize something! Just like being strike by lightning it came to my consciousness : he has dimple in his cheeks! As if I heard a voice : "You asked a man with dimple in his cheeks to Me before, didn't you My child?" hahaha.... after he came home, I thought a lot. I then remembered that I also ask God for a man who had never has a girl friend. And 'this' man has all requirements I prayed about. Yeah, I know my prayer list was kind of silly though there were some other things on the list I don't reveal here, but it really helped me to make sure that my hubby is really God's gift only for me!

God is good and He answers prayers.

8. Being a mom is so beautiful.

Being a mom is one of God's way to mend us. Many times many was I come to God asking for wisdom and patient. Children are precious responsibility. As parents we pray a lot for their spiritual health, striving not to hurt their feelings and help them to grow as God want them to be.

9. I am a die hard fans of F4... *blushed*

May be you don't know F4... They are Taiwanese Celebrities. Last 2002, I watched Meteor Garden and madly in love to F4! hahaha... whatever... I collect Pepsi can with their pictures on it, from Thailand, Hongkong and China. I also collect hundreds of vcd about their news and activities.
Above all, when that madness fade away, I still have good friends who used to be die hard fans as well. That's the most valuable bonus from my madness! LOL

10. Learn to blog and make money

I blog from May 2007 until now. Still learning, searching, trying and getting confused... Actually I blog in xanga since 2000, but not too serious about blogging. This year I try to know and learn more. I also bought domain name and try to self host my blog with wordpress. But you know, all these things need to be learned. I am glad I have some friends I can ask about these internet things, but the one and only friend who is capable in wordpress has gone last week. I don't know where he is and what happen to him. I can't contact him anymore. So sad...

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