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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bali pictures for my dear Karen.

Hi friends, I am sorry I can't visit your blog these days as my internet quota has been over limit! *blush* This is the 3rd times I exceed my limit quota... and thank God my dear hubby is really understanding, he does not grumble nor complaint about this at all. He offered an unlimited internet service instead. *love you dear* So until the service is changed, I will have to control my internet usage tightly.

Anyway, I want to thank Uncle BokJae for helping me spreading the story about Yah and Wan to make it possible to get more people to pray for them. Thank you for Shinade, Karen and Janice for your prayer as well.

Karen asked to see Bali photo in my Shoutbox as I gave the link to Janice in her post about scuba diving. Here's the link to my prior posts about Bali pictures:
Bali pictures, Leila and Balinese girl - interesting pictures, and a review about Made's Warong.

I also posted a series of Bali stories at Food and City, especially about my cuisine tour at Bali. You have to visit it especially if you have a plan to go to Bali!
- Bali Travel Day One - Flying with a small child
- The Explorations Begin from Kuta Bali
- Sukawati Morning Art Market… a Heaven for Shoppers!
- Ubud Cuisine Tour - a Delightful Experience
- Enjoy the end of the second day

This series will be continued so make sure you subscribe the feed if you find it interesting.

Hope these postings can be entertaining and useful for you...

8 hugs:

Simple American said...

That looks neat to swim with the dolphins. I went on a tour to do that but the dolphins were busy that day. :P

Look forward to you getting unlimited internet access too.

Iko said...

Asiknya bisa berliburan di Bali....

Ditunggu cerita2 yang lain yaa, Mbak...

WaterLearner said...

Hi Trin!!

Your Bali trip looks super fun! How did it feel swimming with the dolphins? I once spent about five days in Bali, Ubud. A nice quiet town. Ummm.. looking at your pictures, i might think of going Bali again!


Jen said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

J@n!ce said...

Trin, thanks so much for this post. I visited Bali too now that you posted it up. I felt like traveling back to times again. I've left a few comment all over your link there !! :)

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jam said...

Been dreaming of going to Bali one day. Just worry about the personal security thingy after the bombing incident last time.

ed said...

Lovely husband... soon you will be able to surf unlimited. But unlimited doesn't mean go sleepless ya!? Haha.

Zara's Mama said...

Hi, came over from Simple America's.

Your Bali link went to the an error page.

I wanted to check out what is there to do in Sukawati because I went the other time and found it has not much to offer and wonder if we missed some fun.