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Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Family Reunion...

Family is everything to most of us... Family gathering is always be my favourite one...

Our family is a very big family.. I just finish making my family tree for 6 generations and there are 170 people in it! Some of us never been seen each other again for years... And most of us meet only at weddings or funerals... too sad...
Last 16 May 2007, we lost one of our family at 85th years old... Her name is Liem Giok Loan. We attend her being cremated as seen on the picture.

She is the oldest sister in my dad's family....

We also dag and cremated our grandma and grandpa's sceletons to be spread together with her. I will attach the pictures later.

On June 3, 2007... 20 people of our family went to Cilincing (the sea used to spread the dust of our relatives). You can see Glory held our grandma's dust and Lilies held our grandpa's dust, while Liem Giok Loan's dust was in the pot behind the red bag.

So, their dusts have been gathered here, at Cilincing sea... my dad had been there two years ago.

After the spreading dust was done, the big family had a lunch together at Kepala Gading Mall 3, Jakarta. I really enjoy this time..... I really love being surrounded with my love ones!

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