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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lunch with family...

Here we are, having lunch together. This is Bubun's family.. From the left: Bubun and his wife Sioe Tjing, Evi (wearing white) and Gigih, her hubby... and their kids are Michelle and Hansel. They are my cousins... The Liem Djie San's descendants.

Here they are... my dad's siblings. From the left: Siang Hoa, My mom, Ooh Ninih, on the right: wearing a hat, Liem Kok Tjoen, Liem Djie San and his wife A-em Yoe Lie, wearing green is Cim Acin... her husband, Liem Kok Tjoe is my dad's younger brother.

The third pictures. Most of them are Liem Giok Loan descendants... Samuel, Stefanus, Iin and Lilies' family wearing whites. Glory wearing pink and Henny, her best friend wearing orange. My dad's brother Liem Kok Loen is the one wearing dark green shirt.

Below is Liem Kok Tjoe, we call him cek Ociu... I think he was very happy having lunch together with all his family, because he ate alot! The empty bowls and plates were the evidence! hehe..

I thank God for this precious opportunity, to be together with my big family. That reminded me to my happy childhood. We often have a family gathering at our Grandma (ema Enok) in jalan Gabus. And almost every Sunday we visit her house and I play with my relatives...

Now, the 3rd generation have kids, and the 4th, even the 5th generations has born! As a family we shouldn't be separated because sooner or later we are too big to know each other. For this reason, I build a genealogy website for our family. Hope this can be useful to trackback the anchestors of our family... this site is dedicated to the next generation. May you all pass it to your kids and grandchildren... so they can know where they come from... :-)

God bless you all... May the Lord Jesus be The Keeper of the Liem Family!!

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