Cowboy Show

I am back home from a very short holiday… We visit Taman Safari again, just like last year. :-D This time we (my family) met my online buddy’s family at Puncak, and went to Taman Safari together.


Last year, baby zoo was our highlight in Taman Safari, but now Cowboy Show was really impressive! We watched 30 minutes interactive show and it was free… They all Indonesian but they wear Cowboy and Indian costume. (Halloween is coming, have you prepared your Halloween costume? Being a sheriff will be fun!) The show is full suprises… SPLASSSSHHH… BYUUUURRRRR!!! And I was wet, unexpectedly wet!! hihihi.. just like watching 4D show… the benches have holes that can spray the water to the audience… SURPRISSSSEEE!! and you are wet! hahaha.. so fun! They include sheeps, horses, dogs, cat, pigeons, white mouses, turkeys, chickens, lama, and even a vulture in the show too! So cool! Yeah, I know it’s nothing if you have watched this kind of show at Disneyland… but it’s the first time for me, so I am so impressed!


Cliff was sleeping in the car, and my hubby stayed with him while me and Clay watched the show. At the middle of the show, Cliff was awake and my hubby hurriedly came into the show to watch…. but of BANG…BANG… BANG… DUUUUAAARRRR!!! The sounds were really loud and made babies cry… Cliff was scared and insisted to go out of the show.

If you happen to visit Taman Safari, make sure you watch this show! They perform at 2 PM from Monday-Saturday, and at 1 PM and 3.15 PM on Sunday and Holidays. Clay was a little bit afraid but he could stay and watch the whole show… way to go, boy!

Cheaper Than Dirt Discount Codes: The Newest Way to Save Money When Buying Guns Online!

Are you interested in buying a gun and you haven`t decided yet because of the high prices available in the firearm market? Now you can go online and use a Cheaper Than Dirt discount code to get a good price for your gun order.

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A discount code released by CTD is nothing more than a few numbers and letters put together which customers can use into a promo box on the shopping cart of a website to get a specific discount on their gun order.

There isn`t much difference between discounts codes and promotional codes or coupon codes released by Cheaper Than Dirt. In fact, they provide pretty much the same thing – a discount from a specific order, no matter if we are talking about from a bulk order that includes several items or a particular gun product.

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Cheaper Than Dirt Discount Codes

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Revenge of the Slow, Fat Triathlete’s Comeback

A couple of years ago I attempted my first triathlon, despite not owning a bike, having no clue how to swim and relying on my old-man-going-to-the-bathroom-in-the-middle-of-the-night shuffle in lieu of running.

After finishing the race I vowed to continue my training, which lasted until I got an ear infection that landed me in the hospital. This was followed by an infection in the other ear that haunted me for nine months. I had to avoid getting water in my ear for the duration of my condition, which meant taking a lot of baths and wearing earplugs at the hairdresser’s sink.

Although I was given the all-clear to swim in July, it wasn’t until this past weekend that I dared to don my bathing suit and attempt a few laps. At the peak of my training, my son’s swim coach had me powering through 1,800 metres (that’s 72 lengths of a standard YMCA pool, thankyouverymuch) in under an hour. I was like the Little Mermaid in a sea of Red Bull.

Alas, that was then. On Sunday I vowed to begin training in earnest. I dusted off my swim cap and bought fancy silicone earplugs the size of quarters. I shaved my legs (above the knee) to improve my aerodynamics in the water. I warned my husband that I could be gone for a couple of hours if things went well.

Before I could test my aquatic mettle, I had to find the stupid pool which, despite having trained there for months, proved challenging. My non-sense of direction had me in the wrong parking lot and then the wrong building (who confuses a high school with a swimming pool? Um…me?).

I proceeded to narrowly escape being kicked off the premises when I moseyed into the change room via the pool deck (big no-no) and then badgered the lifeguard for a kickboard until he pointed to the stack beside me (the earplugs sealing off my hearing didn’t help—I had more silicone in there than Pamela Anderson has in her entire body).

The pool was blessedly empty aside from two uber-fit ladies in the adjacent lane, one of whom had Olympic rings discreetly tattooed on her ankle. This explained why I almost drowned in her impressive wake when she surged past me a few minutes later.

After 40 minutes of trying not to barf in the slow lane, I’d managed 600 metres; far less than my best effort, but in the words of my husband, “At least you made it out of there alive.”

It wasn’t the most auspicious start, but it was a start. Tomorrow I plan to hit the pool before dawn: my bag is packed, the GPS is pre-loaded and I’m considering sleeping in my bathing suit. Why so early? Because my face needs a few hours to recover from the goggles/swim cap combination:


Nobody said fitness was pretty.

Money Saving Tips How Coupons Can Help Families

OK. I’ll say it. Having a family sometimes is a tedious task! You need to make a budget for everything to have things in order. But sometimes, with all the tricks that you do with saving your money, it’s still not enough to meet the family’s needs. This can sometimes be depressing, especially if you can buy your child’s needs or wants. Good thing there is one smart way of saving money and that is couponing!

Well, you surely have heard of this strategy already, since more and more moms are getting into this fever these days. There is even a reality TV program wherein moms show off their couponing skills and see what they are bringing in home, huge grocery bags that would fit in a month of the family’s consumption. Now, it’s your turn to feel how great it is to use coupons and if you’re still not into it, here are some ways in which couponing can help you and your family.

How Coupons Can Help Families?

• It helps you find great deals on groceries without spending money.

Yes, there are coupons that allow you to spend very little and get some grocery items that you and your family needs like food, toiletries, or even on dog foods and much more. However, there are coupons that allow you to buy one and take two items or get the next item free. It just depends on the type of coupon that you have.

• It lets you dine in at a fancy restaurant for less or free.

What could be a nicer family activity than dining out for a change? Almost all families love to dine out and eating at your favorite restaurant without having to spend anything, or even just paying half of your bill will do wonders for the savings of your family. So, you better check out which restaurants offer coupons in your area now! A top tip for this is to be willing to go at non-peak times such as a weekday or at earlier dining times (or even lunch).


• You can get discounts on car maintenance.

In order to do this, sign-up for coupon mailing lists of the car shop or dealer in your area to get coupons that can help you save on oil change or other services they offer. A $10 – $20 USD saving at your end is surely a great deal for the family already. This saving can be used towards a family day out or used on the day for a little treat.

• You can get savings when you rent out movies.

Going to the theater with the whole family will surely cost you a lot most especially if you have a big family, which is why most families spend their weekend renting movies. Do you know that you can still save money with your coupons in renting movies? All you have to do is to get video rental cards where you can have your coupons or check the internet on how to rent movies online.

If you wanted to experience all these and have a change in your budget, then all you have to do is to use coupons every time you spend on something. Now, you surely won’t be having a problem where to get the money that you will need in some financial emergency situations, since you can have greater family savings for the family with the use of coupons.

How to Avoid Breaking your Kids

Recent studies have shown that there are a lot of reasons for which children may experience dysfunction, relationship issues, stress, academic issues, anxiety, acne or bedwetting. A group of experts have made a list of 50 reasons for which kids may experience all these problems.

    • 1. Midwives
    • 2. Obstetricians
    • 3. Breast Feeding
    • 4. Bottle Feeding
    • 5. Giving solids before 6 months
    • 6. Giving solids after 6 months
    • 7. Working outside the home
    • 8. Working inside the home
    • 9. Not working at all
    • 10. Getting divorced
    • 11. Getting married
    • 12. Sending them to preschool
    • 13. Not sending them to preschool
    • 14. Having siblings
    • 15. Being an only child
    • 16. Time-outs
    • 17. Groundings
    • 18. Consequences
    • 19. Absence of consequences
    • 20. Home schooling
    • 21. Public schooling
    • 22. Private schooling

kids playing

  • 23. Going to all their soccer games
  • 24. Going to some of their soccer games
  • 25. Going to none of their soccer games (note: may substitute “baseball games,” “ballet recitals,” “piano recitals” or “sleepovers.”)
  • 26. Helping them with homework
  • 27. Not helping them with homework
  • 28. Giving them chores
  • 29. Not giving them chores
  • 30. Giving them allowance
  • 31. Not giving them allowance
  • 32. Tying allowance to chores
  • 33. Not tying allowance to chores
  • 34. Keeping them home when they’re sick
  • 35. Sending them to school when they’re sick
  • 36. Being honest about your past
  • 37. Being dishonest about your past
  • 38. Having a past
  • 39. Letting them see you drink
  • 40. Not letting them see you drink
  • 41. Letting them drive
  • 42. Making them walk
  • 45. Teaching them to talk
  • 44. Teaching them to read
  • 45. Letting them stay up all night
  • 46. Making them go to bed early
  • 47. Helping them make choices
  • 48. Letting them decide for themselves
  • 49. Seeing you hold it all in
  • 50. Seeing you let it all out

Remember: The surgeon general has determined that children are the leading cause of parents. So let’s be careful out there.


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